Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The 'terror' attack on New York cops that unfolded in just seconds: Smiling policemen were photographed just before hatchet-wielding Muslim radical attacked and left one of them critical

Officer Kenneth Healey, 25, and his three comrades are all smiles in a portrait taken by Dominick Williams last Thursday afternoon. Seconds later, Zale Thompson ran up to the cops - who where standing against a wall in Jamaica, Queens - and started swinging a sharp hand ax. Mr Williams says he scrambled for safety as the officers wrestled with Thompson. He hacked one of the cops in the arm before smashing Healey in the skull. The other officers opened fire, killing Thompson but also accidentally shooting and gravely wounding a bystander who was caught in the crossfire. 

NASA! Unmanned cargo rocket explodes just six seconds after taking off for International Space Station

NasaThe Antares rocket was set to blast off at 6.22pm - but exploded six seconds after leaving the launchpad in Wallops, Virginia. A mishap has occurred. We have lost the vehicle,' controllers said. Officials said there were no casualties from the explosion -and the damage was contained to the launch facility.dailymail

S Africa photos show Meyiwa suspects

Composite images of the suspects in the shooting of Senzo Meyiya

Police in South Africa release images of two men suspected of killing footballer Senso Meyiwa, shot after intruders entered his girlfriend's home.

Strange!!! bride wore a hidden camera The moment a journalist snared a bogus groom during documentary about how easy it is for immigrants to marry Europeans to gain a British visa


Walking up the aisle in their wedding finery (centre image), they look like any other nervous couple about to tie the knot. But this blushing bride has a secret camera hidden in her bouquet - and is about to expose the marriage as a sham. Playing her part in a TV sting operation, due to be aired tomorrow night on Channel 5, undercover journalist Harriet Morter helped to reveal how easy it is for immigrants to marry Europeans for UK visas. The sham ceremony was only called off at the last moment, when a fellow undercover journalist revealed it was a sting. Ali was then seen fleeing from the register office (right) during the dramatic footage.dailymail