Sunday, October 4, 2015

This coat is LOUD!!!.....Do You Like The Look??

Rihanna took some time off in Paris on Sunday morning, opting to visit the Eiffel Tower along side her momma and a bunch of onlookers and tourists!
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And that coat!! Gurl, you know how to stand out!!!
Ri-Ri was in Paris to attend Vogue's 96th anniversary party — allegedly with love interest Travis Scott — but it's great to see she took a little time to enjoy the sights today, too!
Now, about the real sight… what'd U think of her outfit??
Do U Like Rihanna's Look??

Popular blogger,Perez Hilton sparks online backlash after posting picture of him and his son the shower with his son

Perez Hilton sparks backlash after posting picture in the shower with his son
Perez Hilton sparked an online backlash after sharing a snap of himself and his two-year-old son in the shower together (left). The celebrity blogger, whose real name is Mario Lavanderia, posted the picture - where both he and son Mario are grinning widely - on Instagram on Saturday. Alongside it, he wrote: 'Our family motto is: #fun! We try and incorporate fun into as much of the everyday things we do! #Bathtime.' And it didn't take very long for others on social media to react strongly with comments suggesting the scenario is 'kinda creepy' and 'odd'. However, fans and fellow parents defended Hilton, with one writing: 'It's not wrong at all. They are father and son.' Hilton has two children via surrogacy - his daughter Mia (pictured with her dad and brother, right) was born in May this year.

Meet this special human-being who's said to have changed her sex 3-times due to gender dysphoria

Woman who was born a man has changed her gender three times
Unemployed Chelsea Attonley, 30, from Derby, says she has spent her entire life trying to decide if she is a woman trapped in a man's body or a man trapped in a woman's body. As a result of her gender dysphoria Ms Attonley - who was born a boy and named Matthew - has changed sex three times, first becoming a woman aged 18 when she paid £5,000 for 38FF we've got to ask to know what your opinion is about that,is she a woman or a man since she has changed 3-times..does she has womb?

Coach Brendan Rodgers SACKED over the phone by Liverpool's owners ...

Liverpool have sacked manager Brendan Rodgers after three and a half years in charge.
He was dismissed after Sunday's 1-1 draw at Everton, which left the Reds 10th in the Premier League, but the decision was made before the game.
"Although this has been a difficult decision, we believe it provides us with the best opportunity for success on the pitch," read a club statement.
Carlo Ancelotti and Jurgen Klopp are the favourites to replace Rodgers.Former Chelsea and Real Madrid manager Ancelotti, ex-Borussia Dortmund manager Klopp - both of whom are out of work - and Ajax boss Frank de Boer have been linked with the Liverpool job in recent weeks.
"The search for a new manager is under way

Five people have been critically injured after British millionaire supercar collector crashes his £750,000 Porsche Spyder into spectators

Paul Bailey crashes £750k Porsche Spyder supercar into spectators in Malta
Paul Bailey (bottom right with wife Selena), from the East Midlands, was behind the wheel of his Porsche Spyder when it clipped the grass at high speed along an unused airport taxiway in the Hal Farrug district of Malta. Witnesses described the 'chaos and screaming' as the car (centre after the crash and top right earlier this year), which has a top speed of 210mph, skidded out of control, careening into the barriers and crowd. Medics rushed to the scene to treat casualties (top and bottom left). Five of the 26 people injured are in critical condition, while at least nine - including the 55-year-old driver - suffered fractures or cuts requiring hospital treatment, officials said. Earlier this year it was revealed how the businessman was believed to be the first person in the world to own the 'Holy Trinity' of hypercars - with a combined worth of more than £3million. He already owned the £866,000 McLaren P1 and in just one day added the Porsche 918 Spyder and the LaFerrari - tripling his hypercar collection in a matter of death recorded after all
...we wish all those involved a speedy recovery

Here's Sara's Spanish Omelet plus cooking instruction for your learning (photos)

Sara's Spanish Omelet

Here's "A perfectly easy omelet for a Sunday jolly from Spain! This was a favorite in our family for years According to Rebecca,we agree with that,thus came up with the post for both your learning and enjoyment,the good thing about this food is, The results will impress both kids and adults!and apart from cooking it just like this,You may also add garlic and hot sauce for a more jazzy flavor."


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here's a hilarious comedy about Obama and Trump on Debate Advice...have fun!

Since Gawker leaked Trump's phone number, President Obama called him with some advice for the first GOP debate,so in Today's Show we want you to have a nice time with this comic,then tell us what your views are in the space provided for comments below...enjoy!

Kourtney 'laughs' off Scott Disick's 'embarrassing' fling with 18-year-old model(photos)

Grinning and 'baring' it: Kourtney Kardashian cracked a rare smile while out and about with her eldest son Mason in Woodland Hills on Saturday

Kourtney Kardashian cracked a rare smile while out and about with her eldest son Mason in Woodland Hills on Saturday.
The 36-year-old reality star dressed her petite 5ft figure in tiny denim cut-offs, peep-toe booties, and a sleeveless Pink Floyd shirt.
The Keeping Up with the Kardashians stunner put on a brave face beneath her large sunglasses and she wore her straight raven locks down.
As they walked inside an office building, Kourtney's five-year-old boy stretched out his arms for a hug from his mother.
A source told Hollywood Life on Saturday: 'When Kourtney saw how old Lindsay was, she just laughed. She thinks it's embarrassing he's hanging out with such a young girl and shows just how insecure he is'The single mother-of-three happily accepted the warm embrace from little Mason, whose spirits have remained up despite his parents' recent split.
The privileged youngster looked cute in his glasses, which he wore with a grey T-shirt, black shorts, and matching plimsolls.

Boko haram attacks the town of Diffa in Niger Republic killing dozens....details inside

 According to report,A suspected Islamic extremist in southeastern Niger detonated his explosives when confronted by a policeman Sunday morning, killing the officer and wounding civilians in a town targeted numerous times by jihadists this year

Cathriona White's death: A source suspects she may have taken those pills from Carrey's home.

We're learning more about this terrible tragedy.
Cathriona White, the ex-girlfriend of Jim Carrey who allegedly committed suicide last week, was apparently found in her bed with three pill bottles next to her.
Authorities are now confident that White's suicide was caused by an overdose of a combination of these pills, though law enforcement can't yet say for certain what it was until toxicology results come back.
The kicker, though, is where the bottles came from; allegedly, all the bottles were prescriptions written to the same name — a name authorities have confirmed as an alias of Carrey's used to obtain the pills.
The alias itself isn't that uncommon — celebrities often use aliases for things like prescriptions to protect their privacy — but because of it, a source suspects that White may have taken those pills from