Friday, October 9, 2015

Sooo hilarious we can't stop laffing!.. see how Parents share hilarious and ingenious notes they leave inside their children's packed lunches!!!

Parents share notes they put in their children's packed lunches on Instagram
Mothers and fathers with a good sense of humour shared their funny notes on social media, designed to persuade their beloved picky eaters to tuck into their sandwiches at school. Clockwise from top left: A mother told her child to 'fend for yourself' after she was 'too tired' to cut up an apple; a father used a simple threat about unicorns; one youngster was encouraged to eat their crusts for the 'rest of your life'; another drew a monster to get their message across; a parent, trying not to shame her offspring, wrote: 'FYI... This was not made with love'; while another claimed their food 'looks weird but tastes pretty good'....i think these parents are really wonderful....lolz!!!!
... but hey,did you parent wrote something like this for you when you were younger or your siblings too?

EastEnders first transgender actor,He used to be a girl but now....

EastEnders cast its 1st transgender actor Riley Carter Millington
Riley Carter Millington, 21, (pictured) is set to join the cast of EastEnders as Kyle. It will be the first time a UK soap has had a transgender actor playing a transgender role. EastEnders is Millington's first professional acting role since leaving education. He said: 'I am extremely excited to be joining EastEnders. I can honestly say that I have now fulfilled my two biggest dreams - to be living my life as a man and to be an actor.'Congrats to her ,but wait a minute,do think singles nowadays are safe? now that transgender is hot cake for both boys and girls? do you think about relationships these days,now that male are changing to females and vice versa?...pls air your views cos your respond can correct someone life for good.

The tragic story of little girl who made David Beckham cry....'memba the story?

David Beckham wept as Filipino child told him about Typhoon Haiyan
The former England captain spoke movingly about the story of Viana - who lost her life when she was ripped from her father's arms in the super typhoon which hit the Philippines in 2013 - in New York last month. He met her family and spoke with her sister (pictured together, right) on Valentine's Day last year. Their story was one of the most devastating he had ever heard in his role as Unicef ambassador, he admitted. MailOnline has now tracked down the family who moved him so much, found out what has happened to them since - and discovered their new joy, another baby daughter called Venice (pictured with mother Trinidad, father Rodolfo and Venus this week, left).
....Beckham is simply a good Ambassador...more grace to his elbows!!

imagine What it's REALLY like and pains people go through to get a tattoo!

Photographer Anne Burlock Lawver shows what it's like to get a tattoo in a New York City
New York photographer Anne Burlock Lawver endeavored to capture the experience of getting a tattoo, embedding herself inside the Washington Heights tattoo parlor Gunmetal Tattoos. Without ever getting ink herself, she became fascinated in the process of those that do. 'The beauty I saw and tried to convey through my work waios both the physical beauty and emotional beauty of the individuals during their private experience,' Lawver told Slate . 'No other situation that I've photographed has given me such an experience, such a thrill.
its just amazing how people love to endure unnecessary pains over unnecessary things that can be avoided...anyway,life's a choice, or what do  you think???

Here's one mysterious humanbeing known as "the bulldozer" whose real and identity ISIS is not ready to you know him???

ISIS's 20st executioner The Bulldozer brings terror to captured Iraqi towns
.....could this be the Goliath???....
The obese extremist known only as 'The Bulldozer' (pictured) has beheaded unarmed men and amputated young children as part of the terror group's 'Chopping Committee'. Despite his notoriety and unmissable, heavy-set frame, his identity has never been disclosed by terror experts or the ISIS supporters who celebrate his barbarity on social media. A 14-year-old Syrian boy recently told of how the mammoth extremist chopped off his hand and foot because he refused to join ISIS. One of the first images of the man-mountain surfaced in June 2014 when he was pictured wielding what appears to be a five-foot-long, Browning machine gun, with armour-piercing bullets.
...the question now is,does such an individual knows he'll die one day?(maionline)

4 Expensive Cars belonging to May weather is said to have caught Up In Flames In Trailer Fire ,details inside

Floyd Mayweather's pricey car collection took a massive hit this week -- when a trailer transporting Floyd's Bentley and 2 Rolls Royce whips burned down to the ground ...
We learnt  the truck was transporting Floyd's rides from Vegas to Miami when something went wrong just outside of Phoenix, Arizona on October 7th at 1:31 AM ... and the entire unit went up in flames. 
You can see in the pics

Things to carry to the beach this weekend

It’s Friday guys…that was waaaay too fast. We can’t complain though because we are dishing out something unique right here on the blog. Most organizations play it safe, and a little relaxed on Fridays as far as dress codes are concerned. It’s always a mix of something official and something completely casual. You can also go off track completely depending on what your work limits allow, but looking at the fact that,its the beginning of weekend,I figured this would be a good post to do for you all in regards to what to carry to the beach later today or tomorrow being Saturday. Sometimes we find ourselves needing one or two things which we forgot to carry. But,With this pack, you can be sure of a good time and everything you need being within reach. For this post, we assume you got your bikini and kimono ready and therefore didn’t include them in the c-checkout for more

Taylor Swift beats Beyonce and Kim Kardashian to reach 50 million Instagram followers

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All hail Queen Swift!
On Thursday October 9, Taylor Swift officially became the most popular person on Instagram with 50 million followers! Congrats!
And boy, did she have some stiff competition?!....absolutely!!!
After the whole thing,Kim Kardashian West placed second with 48.4 million, and Beyonce finished third with 47.5 million!
Sorry Kanye West! Your favorite ladies didn't

Amazing Beauty tips from Brazil on How IPL Hair Removal Actually Work! the first to know!!!

How Does IPL Hair Removal Actually Work?!
We get that it permanently zaps away the hair with fancy laser beams and lights but how does that stop our little hairs from sprouting?
It’s the question on everyone’s lips - how does IPL and Laser Hair Removal actually work?
Don’t worry Beauties - we’ve got you covered! Let us divulge the not-so-secret industry secrets…