Wednesday, December 10, 2014

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Although a mobile phone may be internet ready, it will require activation with 3G or GPRS settings before it can be used to browse the internet. In this page, you will find information on activating your mobile phone for internet browsing on MTN, Glo mobile, Airtel, Etisalat, and so on. This is because,For a mobile phone to access internet services, you need to load the appropriate internet, 3G, or GPRS settings.To get all of that at your finger tip,join me as we both shuttles together in a moment after the cut

meet this 10 years old girl who's said to have raised , £32,000 for charity in just eight months!!!

Talented Madison Glinski (pictured playing her violin, left, and with her donation, right) raised the astonishing sum for the Children's Hospice South West by busking on the streets of St Ives and Truro, Cornwall. She ended up raising sixty times her original target of £500. As well as busking Madison who plays grade four standard has also raised money by attending car boot sales and auctioning off her own toys.
Amazed at how inspiring and important her news was Dailymail decides to make it a global news and we the icon360blog crews by way of dissemination hereby push it to your world believing that you too can affect live positively through that little gift or talent of yours

Amazing Tips On How To Get Long Shiny Healthy Hair!

Love in the air!!! The Best Husband Of The Year Award Goes To This Man Who Surprised His Wife With A Trip To Europe For Their Five-Year Anniversary!

Well this guy deserves some medals...for making  his woman the happiest person on earth on the occasion of their 5th wedding anniversary!
 According to how we got the news,source, revealed that one Mr Derrick Paulson whom we're told  loves surprising his wife on video, was quoted to  have had  some trouble trumping this one....why????
That's because he video tapes his wife's reaction when she finds out that they're going on a trip to Europe for their five-year anniversary!
And this isn't even the first time he's pulled this stunt. Derrick wowed her with a Carribean cruise vacation four years ago for their first year of marriage and now take her on a heaven on earth journey!.....isnt that sweet peep?...well, going to do 10 times more to my honey too...lolz!
..but dont you dare ask me of her name cos i wont tell!!!!
Ch-ch-check out the awwwww-inducing video (above)!!!

World Longest serving leader Mugabe sacks his female vice-president over 'plot to kill him'

Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, delivers his speech on the last day of the  Zanu pf 6th National Congress in Harare on SaturdayPresident Robert Mugabe has today fired his deputy Joice Mujuru accusing her of 'plotting to kill him'

President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe has today fired his deputy after accusing her of 'plotting to kill him' following a three-month 'campaign' against her led by his wife.
According to a statement released by the government, Mr Mugabe fired Joice Mujuru, 59, and eight other Cabinet ministers aligned with her, accusing them of corruption

Diddy Punching Drake Memes...what could be the reason?...details HERE!

Diddy's said to have  assaulted Drake early Monday morning because of what is known as  a feud over a song ... 
As reported by TMZ, Diddy was said to have punched Drake at LIV nightclub in Miami Beach, and we were told it was because Diddy felt disrespected by the rapper, and now we know why

24 years woman reportedly died after taking overdose of raspberry ketone slimming pills


Gone too soon!!!
Some times one has to ask,which drink is actually good for the body...would there be side effect if i drink or not,to some,this simple exerscise helped them to others it was too late as they never live to get the answer to their question over the credibility of what they consumed everyday,this exactly the situation with the passed Damsel...
In the news,Cara Reynolds, 24, from Edinburgh was said to have suffered a heart attack after taking a large number of Forza raspberry ketones but died in the process (inset)

Greatest Turnaround ever! stunning pictures show how they rebuilt Indonesia from the mud of the Tsunami

The Boxing Day tsunami in 2004 killed more than 230,000 people in 14 countries, when waves up to 100ft tall swept in over Southeast Asia, displacing millions and destroying infrastructure worth billions. The worst hit country, the archipelago nation of Indonesia, suffered more death and destruction than any other, when the Indian Ocean earthquake was followed by a tsunami on December 26, 2004. Ten years later, communities in Indonesia's Aceh province have rebuilt their homes, towns and villages, rising from the ashes of the single worst tsunami in human history.
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