Sunday, November 9, 2014

Face book owner Mark Zuckerberge explains why he's always wearing grey.coloured T-shirt everyday...see details inside!!!

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg  was asked recently for wearing his signature grey colored T-shirt everyday.....and emm...During a recent Question & Answer session at the Facebook Headquaters, amazingly the 30 year old  billionaire , explained the reason why

Belgian chocolate brand" ISIS" forced to use new name because of terror group known as "ISIS"!!!!...

In a way the adage "prevention is better than cure" is really working things out in some people's minds,the proactive ones!... one of such is the body in charge of Belgian Chocolate known as "ISIS"..sounds familiar right??...that's the reason for this post...Well according to latest news reaching us,we heard that,the Belgian chocolate brand 'ISIS’ has changed its name....that the new name is ‘Libeert’ this is because of: sharp fall in sales brought on by its name and because of its association with the Islamist terror group, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS)

Apply now for NLNG Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme 2015

The 2015 Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Postgraduate Scholarship application has commenced.
Applications are now being accepted into the Nigeria LNG Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme for entry into Masters Programmes in the United Kingdom in September 2015.
How To Apply

If not for God,everybody would have forgotten about this lady....see the story in full....

Amber Vinson, right, a nurse who was infected with Ebola after treating a sick patient, gets a hug from former President George W. Bush on Friday at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in DallasMiss Vinson was pictured last month being transferred to Emory hospital in Atlanta, Georgia after being diagnosed with the Ebola virus =
By the grace of God Nurse Amber Vinson, one of the Americans unfortunate enough to contract Ebola, is finally out of danger and healing fast. But now she has to restart her wedding planning. But then,What more will the fates demand from this poor woman???

Nollywood star and 2015 House of Rep to be Kate Henshaw has a word for you...

Here's what she said

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Atleast by now some of us can now agree with the saying one man's meet is another man's poison...this is because,While some people dream of having big breasts, there can be too much of a good thing  for another.
Relating the quote to a real life experience,we have this byte from PerezHilton where he talked about Kerisha Mark  who's said to have suffered from a condition that made her breasts grow to the bust size 36NNN!
Tired of the situation, she did her homework and got in touch with renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose in Houston.
As a celebration of her 40th birthday, Miz Mark got 15lbs of tissue removed and is happier than ever!

Meet this Congolese man who's specialized in orphanage homes for Gorilla!!!

According to BBC report,there's this Congolese man whose purpose of existence on earth is nothing other than to cater for all the gorillas available!..
In the news,Park ranger Andre Bauma has been taking care of orphaned mountain gorillas at Virunga, Africa's oldest national park, for the past seven years, and he says he loves them as

Pilot who survived Virgin spacecraft explosion tells how he regained consciousness on the way down to earth..

Peter Siebold, a pilot on the doomed Virgin flight, has spoken for the first time about the tragedy which killed his close friend and co-pilot Mike Alsbury (bottom right) in the Mojave Desert. Siebold said