Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bobbi Kristina's family 'want to let her die tomorrow' - on the same day as her mother Whitney Houston? must read!

At about 7pm local time, some 500 people filled the Amphitheater at Riverdale Town Center for a vigil in Bobbi's honor titled Shining a Light for Healing. Supporters of the Brown family, some of whom were in attendance, prayed and sang gospel songs together while waving flashlights in the air, asking God to perform a miracle for Bobbi,. The family is reportedly considering turning off Miss Brown's life support after her grandmother Cissy Houston suggested they do so on Wednesday so the 21-year-old could die on the same date as her late mother Whitney Houston.

Two French women who discovered 10 years after giving birth that their babies were switched in hospital blunder are awarded 2million euros by court

Sophie Serrano, now 38, discovered Manon (pictured above) was not her biological daughter after the child had a paternity test when she was ten. It emerged that the child had been switched with another baby after they were both placed in the same incubator at the Cannes-la-Bocca Clinic, in Cannes, shortly after being born. Both mothers had expressed concerns that they had been given the wrong child, highlighting different hair lengths, but they were sent home anyway. The two sets of parents only met their biological daughters for the first time when they were both ten but decided that they should not be switched back. Today a court in Grasse ordered the clinic to pay 400,000 euros to each of the swapped babies, who are now adult women, along with 300,000 euros to each of the parents and 60,000 euros to three siblings. Manon's biological parents have never been identified. Mrs Serrano is pictured, inset, after giving birth at the age of 18.

meet the woman who says her bra saved her from a bullet!

The underwire of a woman’s bra apparently saved her from a stray bullet.According to eyewitness report,Shopkeeper Ivete Medeiros described her “bulletproof bra” as “a deliverance from God” rather than a fortunate purchase from the High Street

the most lenient yellow card in the history of football....must watch!!

Here's the 10 most attractive accents in the world right now..have a look!

“British” has been rated as the most attractive accent in the world, according to a survey undertaken by Time Out magazine.
The Global Dating Survey asked more than 11,000 people in 24 cities across the world to list “hot” accents other than their own.
Here’s the top 10 (shown with percentage of people who listed it as attractive)

comedy by Ricky......enjoy