Friday, January 1, 2016

News Flash:while celebrating this glorious 2016 new year i'd like you take a glance at this video do you feel about the whole thing?

....Do you know where your children,relatives,siblings are  and how they are feeling right now?...pls do something!

Here's a very painful experience from ISIS rape survivor...must read!!!

An ISIS rape survivor has revealed the terrible fate she suffered at the
hands of the ruthless terrorist organization.
Nadia Murad Basee Taha, 21, from the Northern Iraqi town of Sinjar was
captured in her home and sold as a sex slave to ISIS militants who
considered her as an infidel and did whatever they wished with her body.
Speaking at Cairo University in Egypt,this her ordeal as  she told students all that happened to her:

Breaking News! Ten killed in a major fire in Ramban district India..details shortly!!!

Report coming from Jammu says aboutTen people - working on a Nashri tunnel project - were killed while three suffered severe burn injuries in a massive fire in Ramban district of Jammu region on Friday.
According to source,The fire broke out in Chanderkote camp where workers and technical staffs were staying. Preliminary inquiry revealed that most of them died due to asphyxiation and burn injuries

Child abuse:Girl, 17, sexted by Simon Danczuk blasts anti-paedophile MP as hundreds of constituents call for him to quit

Sophena Houlihan who was sent texts by Labour MP Simon Danczuk blames him
A 17-year-old girl sent sex texts by Simon Danczuk has blamed him for his 'bad reputation' after the anti-paedophile MP was suspended by Labour
The MP, who has campaigned against child abuse, sexted Sophena Houlihan saying: 'You want me to spank you?' and 'God I'm horny!' Miss Houlihan says she was bombarded with explicit messages for a month after she asked him for a job in his Rochdale constituency office this summer. Speaking to the Sun, she said Mr Danczuk was not 'professional' and that he had been 'flirty' with her.Mr Danczuk was blasted by his Labour colleagues after being suspended from the party
....and all we are saying is...let our girls be,no one should spoil them for us cos together we shall make the society better tomorrow cos we're the leaders of tomorrow!
...but on a serious note,do you think the man went too far?...pls air your view below....

2016 Special Report:icon360blog welcomes you to the streets where there is no shame in UK

Where the streets have no shame: New Year revellers spill out of pubs and clubs after a

It has been a night of wild celebrations and drunken mayhem across Britain as revellers rang in the New Year by hugging police cars, rolling around in the street and, in some cases, losing their trousers
Party-goers packed out pubs and clubs across the UK, with some braving freezing temperatures, while in the Welsh town of Aberystwyth one woman was seen rolling around in the street as she welcomed the arrival of 2016. Another woman was pictured wrapping her arms and legs around a police car (left), while in Swansea a number of revellers looked worse for wear (middle). A man was also pictured being detained by police as his trousers fell down (right)....the mayhem began as drunken revellers across Britain lose their senses!...isnt it funny?....see more photos below

we apologize for the inconvenience.'...WhatsApp apologises as service crashes on New Year's Eve

Thousands of users across Europe, America and Canada are unable to connect to WhatsApp on both Android and iOS new year eve.
 according to report,People were unable to respond to existing chats, start new ones or use the messaging app's WhatsApp web service.
It appears the service went down at 16.28 GMT (11.28 ET) and resurfaced around 45 minutes later - only to crash again minutes later.
According to observer,The main problem appeared to be that the app couldn't connect to the internet, even if

eminent university lecturer reportedly stabbed to death on his London doorstep in broad daylight attack! (photo)

Eminent university lecturer Jeroen Ensink stabbed to death in Holloway
Jeroen Ensink (top), a biologist at the prestigious London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, was killed in an attack outside his home in Holloway, North London, on Tuesday. Passers-by said they saw his killer standing over Dr Ensink's body wielding an eight inch knife, and pointing the weapon at himself as if he planned to stab himself. The man then ran off as bystanders struggled to save the victim's life. Paramedics were unable to help Dr Ensink, 41, and he was later declared dead. Nadja Teich (inset), 37, believed to be Dr Ensink's partner, broke down in tears when contacted today and said she was too upset to talk....
....may his soul rest in peace

Here's 2015's biggest fashion frights!...check it out!!(photos)

Karen Kay on the celebrities whose New Year resolution should be buy a mirror's something to know about,The celebrities whose New Year resolution should be to buy a mirror 
From Anne Hathaway's Star Wars-inspired Ralph Lauren's hoodie dress (far right), to Madonna's rear view (second right) and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini's vampy thigh-high boots (centre), 2015 has been a mixed year for fashion on the red carpet. Even our best-dressed stars - like Victoria Beckham, second left, and Heidi Klum, left - managed to get it wrong sometimes. Here, fashion expert KAREN KAY looks back at a selection of the gorgeous and ghastly looks as worn by some of our most-loved celebrities...surely 2015 was really a great year but not like what we're expecting in the year 2016...the question is,are you ready for 2016?....if yes,then stay focused with your new year resolutions coz its the determinant wether or not 2016 is going to be a great year for youu!!!

Panic in Dubai as inferno rips though 63-storey hotel 500 yards from New Year celebrations ... but miraculously doesn't kill anyone

The Address Downtown Dubai hotel fire disrupts New Years Eve celebrations
The Address Downtown caught fire at about 9.30pm Dubai time, with the flames appearing to reach from the ground floor up another 40-or-so storeys of the 63 floor building. Those who escaped described how people climbed over each other in their rush to escape the burning building. However, the authorities decided to still go ahead with the fireworks display planned at the Burj Khalifa, just a few hundred feet from the burning hotel....isnt that crazy?...well we thank God for deliverance,cos no life was lost!

How The New Year celebration was tainted by terror in Europe...get the full gist how it went HERE!

The UK welcomes in New Year's Eve 2016 with 12,000 fireworks in London
London revellers have been watched over by every available officer at the Metropolitan Police's disposal, including hundreds of firearms personnel. As many as 3,000 officers are working across the capital's centre, as cities across the world heighten security in the wake of the Paris terror attacks. Many revellers braved the intermittent spells of rain ahead of the stunning midnight display featuring around 12,000 fireworks....elsewhere in Germany report has it that,German police have evacuated two train stations  after issuing a tweet warning people to avoid crowds in Munich, claiming that 'there was going be an attack new year eve'. Meanwhile