Monday, October 26, 2015

American Basket Ball Legend Michael Jordan Is Trying To Sell His $15 Million Dollar Mega-Mansion In The Most Michael Jordan Way Ever...

michael jordanFor a man who has become an icon for demanding perfection from himself and everyone around him, it should come as no surprise that his attempt to sell his $15 million Chicago suburb mega-mansion supersedes the way you tried to sell your $15 million mega-mansion.
According to TMZ,
The 56,000 square foot property had been on the market since 2012 — but didn’t move — so Jordan recently kicked the listing over to Kofi Nartey at The Agency … the real estate group headed by ‘Real Housewives’ star Mauricio Umansky.
Kofi decided to go full balls to the wall to get the word out about Jordan’s home — so he called in a production crew and made a series of blockbuster quality video after the jump

Is Legging thesame thing as pant? cos some one is saying they are!

Jamie Higdon Randolph's Leggings Ain't Pants Facebook video goes viral
Jamie Higdon Randolph from Cleveland, Tennessee, has gained hundreds of thousands of fans after posting a sassy video message on Facebook directed at women who like to wear 'leggins' - as she labels them in her Southern drawl - as pants, entitled simply Leggings Ain't Pants and now so many leggers are on her neck for that single statement...
so we want to there any difference between pant and this body hug under wears?...let your comment show it...

Tattoo fans show off their extreme bodywork at international festival in China

Tattoo enthusiasts gathered in China to showcase body art at an annual festival
Tattoo enthusiasts attended the annual international show in Nanning, China, a three-day event which brings body art aficionados together from all over the world. Contestants posed in underwear as they showed off their colourful designs on various parts of the body, while spectators gathered to take pictures. The festival also gave tattoo artists the chance to exchange skills and work on new designs. In past shows more than 100 top tattoo experts have travelled from different countries, including France, Germany and the United Kingdom to attend the annual event. you love tattoo?

70 blood-splattered hostages are freed from the clutches of ISIS by US special forces in Iraq

ISIS raid footage 'shows raid in which Delta Force sergeant was killed in Iraq'
Dramatic footage has emerged which seems to show the join Delta Force and Kurdish peshmerga raid on an ISIS compound in northern Iraq (left and right) during which Master Sgt Joseph Wheeler (inset) was shot dead. The video, shot from the helmet camera of one of the soldiers, shows a group of around eight men moving room to room through a compound which has a large ISIS flag hanging on the wall. The group appears to be a mix of American soliders and Kurdish troops, as they can be heard talking in both English and Arabic. While gunfire can be heard during the footage, the moment where Wheeler is hit is not shown.