Thursday, December 4, 2014

Kate Bosworth is out with A New Role As A Shoe Designer!! Will You Be Buying??

Kate Bosworth announces her very own shoe line!
Kate Bosworth is expanding her résumé!
And we don't just mean with a couple roles in upcoming films, but a whole new shoewear collection!
Collaborating with Matisse Footwear, the actress will be launching a line of approximately ten different sandals, booties, clogs, you name it.
Though it may not seem like a lot, considering Kate's teamed up with Jewelmint and Topshop in the past, we're glad she's not overstepping into this new territory!
Plus, with a slew of other stars and their own footwear lines, she needs to be sure hers stands out!

Bill Cosby's completely in soup,as lawyer demand he must pay $100 million to the women who say he sexually assaulted them - or let them have their day in court!

Under fire: Bill Cosby has yet to make a public statement about the wave of women who have come forward to accuse him of sexual assault 
It seem s like Bill Cosby would not be part of those celebrating Christmas this year because his accusers wont let him,especially now that the judge want part of his fortune sliced!...
In the news,Attorney Gloria Allred today challenged Bill Cosby to pay $100 million in damages to the women who claim he sexually assaulted them.
The lawyer according to mailonline report introduced three alleged victims

Nicki Minaj raps about losing a child at the age of 15??

Teenage mom? Nicki would have been around 15 at the time of the apparent pregnancy, pictured as a teenager 'He's a little angel': Nicki Minaj raps about losing a child at the age of 16, and was once engaged in the slow-tempo song off her upcoming album The Pinkprint, pictured last month in LA 
Nicki Minaj reveals a raw and emotional side in her new song All Things Go, released Wednesday and its just the summary of her past!!!.
The 31-year-old rapper hints that she lost a child at the age of 15, and reveals she was once engaged in the slow-tempo song off her upcoming album The Pinkprint.
In one verse, the former American Idol judge raps about her 'child' who would have been the same age as her younger brother

Revealed!..Here's one side of Dubai that they DON'T want tourists to see

According to what we got from Mailonline...we found out that,there are certain places in Dubai that doesn't look  in any way like The heaven on earth UAE we  we've always known..and we're curious about it, hereby introduce you to it leaving you to judge...then tell us, if that place is actually part of the beautiful Dubai we used to see with skyscraper...
In the news,An Iranian photographer has captured the desperate lives of South Asian labourers who travel to Dubai (inset) in the hope of building a future for their families - but find only squalor, low wages and backbreaking work in stifling heat. Farhad Berahman's pictures were taken in Sonapur (left, top and bottom right), the unofficial name for a work camp on the outskirts of Dubai, located far away from the luxury, soaring skyscrapers and vast wealth that the United Arab Emirates city is renowned for. 'Sonapur' - ironically, the name means 'City of Gold' in Hindi - is home to more than 150,000 workers, mostly from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and China.
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