Friday, October 31, 2014


Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa’s Son Wigs Out
Model Amber Rose is focused on playing the role of single mother amid a publicized split from rap star Wiz Khalifa and showcased their son Sebastian on social media this week.
Rose posted up a new picture of Bash donning her Halloween wig onto Instagram Thursday (October 30).

Too bad!!!! See How this remarkable 25-year-old was left on the brink of death by a car crash that shattered his skull into 30 pieces - but defied the doctors to graduate, write a book and live an independent life

deathJack Martindale, 25, (pictured left this year) has like many others just completed a bachelor's degree and started the process of working out what to do next. But less than five years ago, in the early hours of New Year's Day 2010, he was hit by a car that careered off the road and shattered his skull into 30 pieces (x-ray pictured, inset) and ended up in a coma. The crash near London's north circular motorway killed his 20-year-old friend Carrie Maclaren instantly. His new love interest, Chelsea Cannon, 19 (pictured together, right, in 2009), never woke up from her coma. For more than three months doctors repeatedly warned his parents that Jack would probably wake up but could never lead an independent life. On a scale of one to 15 - worst to best - his coma was rated three: the lowest point at which you have a chance of survival. He suffered a diffuse axonal head injury, which left him with severe amnesia and ataxia, which affects muscle coordination and speech. Incredibly, after a bitter legal battle and years of intensive therapy, he has a degree, his own place and has written a book about his journey battling a brain injury.


Melyssa Ford Sued Geneva Thomas
 star Geneva Thomas is suing her co-star for $25 MILLION ... claiming the woman got her falsely painted as a violent criminal.
 this incident occurred when Thomas claims Melyssa Ford defamed her after an ugly fight on a boat last week while shooting their show. According to her, Thomas grabbed a glass bottle and shattered it over her head. Ford had to get 3 staples in her head to close the bloody gash.
Apparently authorities disagree ... meanwhile,Thomas was arrested after the fight and she's been charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon.TMZ

revealed!!!: the deadliest places in the world to be a journalist

Syria is the deadliest place in the world to be a journalist, as this graphic from Statista using data from the Committee to Protect journalists shows. In 2014 40 journalists have been killed.i100

Gobe!!! One missing and at least four people injured after explosion at fireworks factory

Emergency services were called to the Baswich Industrial Estate in Stafford at about 5pm and the blast is believed to have happened at the SP Fireworks factory on Tilcon Avenue. At least four people are said to be injured - two of which have been taken to the major trauma unit at University Hospital North Staffordshire. Another has been treated for severe burns. Nearby residents reported hearing a 'loud bang' before seeing plumes of thick black smoke rising from the factory. Staffordshire Fire and Rescue have described the fire as 'escalating'.dailymail

Meet the woman who took on Facebook and won

Quick, somebody call the lactation police: a mother has shared a photo of herself breastfeeding her child!
Emma Bond has stood up to Facebook after a photo of her breastfeeding her severely premature baby daughter was removed from the social network for apparently breaching its nudity guidelines. The 24-year-old mother was astonished to receive a notification saying “somebody reported your photo for containing nudity”

Meet the world's oldest primate

The adorable-looking tarsier is the oldest surviving primate on Earth - but it isn’t easy to find. The BBC travels to the Philippine island that the animal calls home.

ouch!!! Queen Latifah cancels interview with Bill Cosby just days after woman comes forward saying the TV legend 'drugged and raped her'

Queen Latifah

Just days after rape allegations against comedian Bill Cosby resurfaced, and one woman bravely shared her story, the comedian has gotten the boot from one of America's most popular talk shows.
It is being reported that Queen Latifah has decided to scrap an interview she had planned with Cosby for next Monday.
Production sources told TMZ that the higher ups at The Queen Latifah Show did not want to be 'associated' with Cosby in the wake of these stories.
Do think that's good reason enough for Queen Latifah to cancel a very important interview??....

Boston bomber's widow and three-year-old daughter out in New Jersey as they settle into their new life

Stony-faced as she carries out her daily chores, Katherine Russell has been pictured out and about in North Bergen, where she is reportedly living with her Tamerlan Tsarnaev's sisters. At her side is her smiling three-year-old daughter, Zahara, who was just a baby when her father caused unthinkable tragedy on April 15, 2013. As the images show, Russell, 25, continues to wear a hijab, proving that she is still living a strict Muslim life despite rumors that her family was pushing her to embrace Christianity after the attacks.dailymail


Whirled Up Wednesday. It’s a whirl wind today so why not get things started with Christina Milian throwing a fit over Lil Wayne? Speaking of female R&B divas, did Cassie suffer a face-changing accident? With beauty still on your mind, did Kim Kardashian and Kanye West try to rally the Los Angeles Lakers to a win last night? All this coming up in SO do you  Think???

Hehe!! Is this how to carry on a holiday romance footballer style? Soccer ace Neymar, sends private jet to collect Serbian model to bring her to Barcelona after pair met in Ibiza!!!

Champions League star Neymar, 22, reportedly sent a private plane for Serbian model Soraja Vucelic to bring her to visit him in the Spanish city of Barcelona. Tabloid Kurir reported that Soraja, 28, and the footballer met last summer in Ibiza and since then she and the Brazilian national football team star have reportedly been chatting frequently via Skype.dailymail

Bursted!!! 'I’m not lonely. I’m not looking': Taylor Swift talks about her dating strike

Taylor takes over! The 24-year-old, pictured here on the Hungarian cover of Cosmopolitan, will appear on 23 international editions of the magazine The dating hiatus continues:  ‘I’ve learnt that just because someone is cute and wants to date you, that’s not a reason to sacrifice your independence and allow everyone to say whatever they want about you'
Gorgeous. She doesn't need to be encumbered with a relationship right now. She has the rest of her life to deal with that.
She’s currently celebrating the global success of her latest album 1989.
And Taylor Swift’s world-wide domination continues to reign supreme as she graces the cover on 23 international editions of Cosmopolitan including Britain, France, Italy, Spain, South Africa and Korea

Nigeria: Here's NYSC Call Up Letter Online Printing Procedure for Batch "C"

Nysc Call Up Letter is now available. The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) wishes to inform all prospective Batch “C” 2014 corps members that they can now print their call-up letters online.
How To Print NYSC Call Up Letter:
All Prospective Corps Members are required to visit for the printing of call up letters.
Once on the NYSC portal, click the Print Call-Up Letter link and login with your registered e-mail address and password to access your call-up.
NOTE: Batch ‘C’ printing of call up letters starts on Wednesday 29th October and ends Wednesday 5th November, 2014.

Forever young & Still living in a material world! Madonna, 56, shows her cleavage of which it took THREE people help to lace up her new Givenchy boots Living like royalty!!!!

Nothing stopping her! The Lucky Star singer, pictured in Toronto in January, has been working on a new album with the likes of Avicii and Diplo

Until another female artist can sell 300 Million plus records then they will be the Queen of Pop. Until then, MADONNA reigns supreme. Those are the facts I'm afraid.
The 56-year-old singer shared a snap on Instagram on Thursday of her laying on the ground while getting her boots laced up by three other people

warning graphic image Massacre of the tribes!!!: 228 found murdered in just two days as ISIS militants exact bloody revenge on Sunni leaders who sided with Iraqi government against them

Sickening: ISIS militants lined up 30 Sunni men in a town west of Baghdad and shot them dead yesterdayThe Anbar faction of ISIS is led by Abu Waheeb (centre) whose notoriety stems from the filmed murder of a group of Syrian lorry drivers in Iraq last summer. His band of militants are known as the 'Al Anbar Lions'

Based on the report from dailymail,its says The bodies of 228 tribal leaders have been found in Iraq after militants from the Islamic State exacted bloody revenge on Sunni leaders who have been organising resistance movements against them.
150 members of the Sunni Albu Nimr tribe were found in a mass grave near Ramadi in Anbar province this morning, while the corpses of another 48 members were discovered near Hit

Apple CEO, here's what Everyone should read on what Tim Cook has to say about sexuality

Apple CEO Tim Cook has publicly spoken out about his sexuality for the first time, writing in an essay for Bloomberg “let me be clear:saying: I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me.”
Cook writes that while discussing his private life publicly was not an “easy choice” he is speaking out as the CEO of one of the world’s biggest companies amid a climate where “public figures who have bravely come out have helped change perceptions and made our culture more tolerant”

Timberlake attends amfAR Gala solo... and sits next to Rihanna (who has a wild night splashing $135,000 at the charity auction) hope nothing???..

Eyes front Justin! Rihanna splashes $135,000 at amfAR Gala auction ...and parties with a solo  Timberlake on Wednesday evening Sorry, am I distracting you? Rihanna went for a wild outfit choice on Wednesday 
She is certainly wild when it comes to her fashion sense, turning up the amfAR Gala on Wednesday evening almost baring her chest.
And it seems when it comes to her spending habits, Rihanna is similarly out of control.
The singer - who was seen partying with a solo Justin Timberlake

RAF jets scramble to intercept Russian bombers over North Sea as Nato reports dozens of planes in European airspace


Some 26 Russian aircraft ran 'significant military manoeuvers' in 24 hours to yesterday including two Tu-95 Bear bombers which had to be followed by RAF Typhoon jets from RAF Lossiemouth in Moray, northern Scotland. Other countries which scrambled jets included Germany, Portugal and Turkey. Nato said the planes near Britain did not file flight plans or contact air traffic controllers, adding: 'This poses a potential risk to civil aviation as civilian air traffic control cannot detect these aircraft or ensure there is no interference with civilian air traffic.'
powerful isnt it?

Not always him! Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli at centre of Twitter storm after 'turning up at House of Commons for drugs debate' - but it turns out to be a lookalike

Guy Opperman was so sure he'd spotted the famous footballer (right) that he breathlessly tweeted his 5,000 followers: 'Mario Balotelli has popped in to Commons gallery'. The tweet, sent during a debate on the merits of decriminalisation, said he was donning 'a sharp suit, pink shirt and a poppy'. The apparent recognition sparked excitement in the house, with members of the press craning their necks to catch a glimpse of the player. But they soon realised Mr Opperman was mistaken - and it was actually a 55-year-old with a similar mohawk. It turned out to be Ken Hinds (left), a dancer and activist who has worked as a mediator for Scotland Yard.dailymail

Now the power station is reborn as a place for the super-rich...check it out!!!

For almost half a century, it stood as a totem to the nation's strength and ambition: a palace of power, providing a fifth of London's electricity. By the late Seventies, however, when dirty, expensive, coal-fired plants were replaced by cheaper and cleaner forms of energy, its output dwindled and, in 1983, the lights went out for good. Battersea Power Station fast became a sadly different sort of symbol. With its 338 ft chimneys visibly cracking and its six million soot-stained bricks crumbling, it was an emblem of Britain's decline.dailymail

against 2015,President Goodluck Jonathan Picks PDP Presidential Nomination Form

President Goodluck Jonathan Picks PDP Presidential Nomination Form
President Goodluck Jonathan Thursday picked the PDP presidential nomination form at the party's national secretariat, Wadata Plaza, Zone 5, Wuse Abuja.
It was announced yesterday that the President would pick the nomination form today after receiving a donation of over N100 million from party supporters and well wishers.ait

Bursted! U.S mother launches campaign to remove 'sexualised' Kardashian Kids clothing from Babies 'R' Us

Kansas mom Amie Logan is calling for the retailer to remove the offending garments, which are designed for baby girls aged 0 to 24 months. The campaign follows a recent decision by Babies 'R' Us' sister store Toys 'R' Us agreed to stop selling a range of Breaking Bad toys over fears that they were promoting drug use. The clothes are in American stores and caught be bought online from the UK.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

kim opens up what's really happening jenner's lips

mmh... the piteousness that comes along with the viewing with this video is a sad side effect, but the actual watching is necessary, trust. Kim Kardashian flounders to explain Kylie Jenner's massive lips, and you won't believe how she tries to evade the question, and how the answer actually ends up coming out. 

Kim ... we love you. We really do. But there's just nobody telling us that this effect is achieved by some non-descript lipliner that is just that hard to formulate words about: 

'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Producers Take Sides FIRE 2 Castmates


Benzino and fiancee Althea Eaton think "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" should air on Animal Planet ... because they think producers are making them scapegoats.
Production sources tell us the couple was given the boot Wednesday AM ... with no explanation.
Benzino says it's obvious he and Althea are being blamed for the fight between them and castmates Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J ... a brawl that proved irresistible for other cast members

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT! horror as vile dog meat trader butchered two frightened pets at my feet then boiled them alive': Horrifying defiance of dealers who murder man's best friend

: Simon Parry confronted a dog meat trader in Vietnam over the slaughter of family pets for food - then the trader taunted him by calmly pulling two dogs out of a cage and knifing them before throwing them alive into a vat of boiling water to loosen the fur for skinning. Traders never kill dogs on the street in broad daylight and the brutality of the act shows the enormity of the task facing campaigners against the dog meat trade

ouch!!! Katt Williams & Suge Knight Arrested for Stealing Camera From Female Pap???...why naw???

Suge Knight and Katt Williams got busted today for allegedly snatching a camera from a female photographer in Beverly Hills.
according to TMZ,The alleged incident went down back on Sept. 5 outside a studio ... according to the L.A. County D.A.
Katt was arrested this morning when he showed up in court for an assault case -- and TMZ obtained Suge's mug shot ... taken after he was nabbed in Las Vegas. They were booked for robbery.
.... as a result the D.A.'s Office says Suge could face 30 years to life in state prison -- while Williams could be nailed for up to 7 years.
...Too bad!!!

video:meet The woman from the anti-harassment video is now getting rape threats

Shoshana Roberts, the actress who volunteered to spend 10 hours walking through New York in silence to expose street harassment, is now being threatened with rape.

The subject of our PSA is starting to get rape threats on the comments. Can you help by reporting them? 

is there any problem? Angelina Jolie goes blonde with a retro wig as Brad Pitt comforts her on set of By The Sea in Malta

Angelina Jolie
Now the first pictures have emerged of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie shooting their highly anticipated love story.
The Hollywood power couple were spotted filming on Wednesday a tense scene on the idyllic island with Brad offering a comforting embrace to his real-life bride as she stayed in character.

Eminem Starts Up The Chainsaws, Recruits Big Sean, Royce Da 5’9, Danny Brown & More For “ShadyXV”

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem has raised the stakes for his upcoming ShadyXV album by relying on Royce Da 5’9, Big Sean, Sia, Yelawolf and more for guest appearances.
The double-disc album’s tracklisting sprouted online Wednesday (October 29).

White leader appointed in Zambia after the death of President Sata.

Zambian Vice-President Guy Scott has been named acting leader following the death of President Michael Sata.
Presidential elections to choose a permanent successor will be held within 90 days, Defence Minister Edgar Lungu said.
Mr Scott, who is of Scottish descent, becomes Africa's first white head of state for many years.

On Minimum Wage TUC Gives National Assembly One-week Ultimatum To Clarify Issue

The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria, TUC, Saturday gave the national assembly one-week ultimatum to clarify the true position of the national minimum wage in the on-going constitution amendment.
President of the TUC, Bala Kaigama says any attempt to deregulate minimum wage will be resisted by the Labour

Kim Kardashian shows off her toned midriff in tight white dress at family get together for Bruce

Watching that waist: Kim Kardashian allowed a glimpse of her toned midriff in a tight two-piece ensemble as she arrived at Geoffrey's in Malibu for Bruce Jenner's birthday celebration on Wednesday Kim Kardashian

The proof  to Kim's waist Waist training was in the reality star's ultra toned, tiny torso that peeked out from a sexy two-piece outfit as she arrived at Geoffrey's in Malibu on Wednesday for Bruce Jenner's birthday party.
Kim was dressed provocatively in a clingy crew-necked white crop top that left little to the imagination, along with a form-hugging white maxi-length skirt
The mother-of-one was proud to show off the results of what she calls 'waist training,' in which she wears a steel-boned corset for several hours a day to help trim that hard spot

Hot deal!!! Martins signs new deal with Seattle

Nigeria striker Obafemi Martins has signed a contract extension with Seattle Sounders, tying him to the Major League Soccer club until 2017.
The 30-year-old said he was delighted to commit to a club he believes can build on recent success.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The 'terror' attack on New York cops that unfolded in just seconds: Smiling policemen were photographed just before hatchet-wielding Muslim radical attacked and left one of them critical

Officer Kenneth Healey, 25, and his three comrades are all smiles in a portrait taken by Dominick Williams last Thursday afternoon. Seconds later, Zale Thompson ran up to the cops - who where standing against a wall in Jamaica, Queens - and started swinging a sharp hand ax. Mr Williams says he scrambled for safety as the officers wrestled with Thompson. He hacked one of the cops in the arm before smashing Healey in the skull. The other officers opened fire, killing Thompson but also accidentally shooting and gravely wounding a bystander who was caught in the crossfire. 

NASA! Unmanned cargo rocket explodes just six seconds after taking off for International Space Station

NasaThe Antares rocket was set to blast off at 6.22pm - but exploded six seconds after leaving the launchpad in Wallops, Virginia. A mishap has occurred. We have lost the vehicle,' controllers said. Officials said there were no casualties from the explosion -and the damage was contained to the launch facility.dailymail

S Africa photos show Meyiwa suspects

Composite images of the suspects in the shooting of Senzo Meyiya

Police in South Africa release images of two men suspected of killing footballer Senso Meyiwa, shot after intruders entered his girlfriend's home.

Strange!!! bride wore a hidden camera The moment a journalist snared a bogus groom during documentary about how easy it is for immigrants to marry Europeans to gain a British visa


Walking up the aisle in their wedding finery (centre image), they look like any other nervous couple about to tie the knot. But this blushing bride has a secret camera hidden in her bouquet - and is about to expose the marriage as a sham. Playing her part in a TV sting operation, due to be aired tomorrow night on Channel 5, undercover journalist Harriet Morter helped to reveal how easy it is for immigrants to marry Europeans for UK visas. The sham ceremony was only called off at the last moment, when a fellow undercover journalist revealed it was a sting. Ali was then seen fleeing from the register office (right) during the dramatic footage.dailymail

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Nigeria face new Fifa suspension

FIFA Gives Nigeria Monday As Deadline Or Face Suspension
For the umpteenth time this, FIFA, has given Nigeria Monday (today) as deadline to avoid suspension from international football.
On Saturday in Windhoek, Namibia, CAF President Issa Hayatou told Nigeria’s Sports Minister, Tammy Danagogo in clear terms that the world was fed up with Nigeria’s incorrigibility in the area of football administration.

Bursted!! Cadbury announce they will no longer produce their gold-wrapped chocolate coins... two months before Christmas

Traditional: Cadbury replied to a consumer on Twitter today informing them they had 'discontinued chocolate coins'
No more: The confectionery giant will not be selling their sacks of chocolate coins this Christmas
It is the moment many young children dream about - waking up on Christmas morning to find a bulging stocking full of treats hanging on their bedpost.
But this year some youngsters may find one traditional bag of goodies missing, as Cadbury has announced they will no longer be making their beloved sacks of chocolate coins.
The company dropped the bombshell on Twitter today, replying to a consumer enquiry with: 'Chocolate coins have been discontinued however we have lots of other chocolatey treats to try'.
The comment was met with shock with many on the social media site questioning the decision to abandon the Christmas favourite.
One user, Mark Cobley, posted the dramatic message: 'NOOOOOOOOOOOO This is a horrendous decision and @CadburyUK must reconsider.'