Monday, September 7, 2015

Breaking news!..Hundreds of Muslim migrants are converting to Christianity to boost their chances of winning asylum in Germany..details here

 Pastor Gottfried Martens lights a candle during a service to baptise migrants from Iran at the Trinity Church in Berlin. Pictured third right is Mohammed Ali Zanoobi who is among hundreds of mostly Iranian and Afghan asylum seekers who have converted to Christianity at the evangelical church in a leafy Berlin neighbourhood
From daily mail came this report that, no fewer than Hundreds of, mostly Iranian and Afghan asylum seekers have converted to Christianity  upon getting to Germany,at the evangelical Trinity Church in a leafy Berlin neighbourhood. LIke Mohammed Ali Zonoobi, most say true belief prompted their embrace of Christianity. Germany expected about 2,500 refugees to arrive in the country by early afternoon today after some 20,000 came in over the weekend.

Love in Tokyo.....what's your take on this?

Raunchy: Professor Green, 31, has proved that his marriage to Millie Mackintosh, 26, is very much still on track after he posted a photo of them naked in a bath together on Sunday eveningHappy couple: Speaking to the Daily Mail's You magazine, Millie said:  Obviously it is stressful having things written about you, especially when they're not true, but I don't get that upset about it'
Tom Cruise is it?.....
in the picture, which has garnered 38k likes in just a few hours,dailymail revealed the former Made In Chelsea star Millie is seen make-up free as she looks away from her husband, who rests his feet on her bare breasts.
But ironically, this draws attention to the fact that his gorgeous wife is far more tanned than him, which he makes light of in the caption
Professor Green shares raunchy snap of himself and wife Millie Mackintosh NAKED in the bath... with only his feet to cover her modesty.....
......but in real sense,do you think its cool? she supposed to  take it as a joke, that her supposed loved one 'kicking' her boobs?...lets have your views please....

is it good or bad? be the judge!!!!

Eight-months-pregnant woman stands on train as man refused to leave booked seat
This Eight-months-pregnant woman  was forced to stand on train for more than half an hour because businessman refused to get out of the seat she'd booked,and we are not happy about it,and am sure you felt thesame too... 
According to mailonline report,Mhari-Claire Doolan (left), who is 34 weeks pregnant with her first child, boarded the train from Birmingham New Street (right) to Manchester Piccadilly around 5.30pm on August 26. The 29-year-old showed the man her ticket, which had proof of her reservation on, but claimed he then 'laughed in her face' and refused to move until he got to his stop. Miss Doolan, from Manchester, said she was left embarrassed and concerned she would have to stand for the entire hour-and-a-half journey.

15 years old Schoolgirl committed suicide after being put in detention because she refused to tie her hair up

Schoolgirl, 15, was found hanged in her room a day after being handed a detention by
Elizabeth Gresty's body was found in her bedroom a the family home in Sale, Greater Manchester, by her father John, 52, when he went to wake her up for school on the day she was due to be given the detention.According to daily mail report, The 15-year-old Year 11 pupil was said to have been struggling with her GCSE revision at the time of her death and going through a 'teenage phase'. This led to the detention for answering her teacher back and putting make-up on during a lesson at her school, Ashton-on-Mersey High, in Sale, an inquest into her death heard. Recording an open conclusion, Miss Kearsley, the coroner, said: 'We know she was at home and it might have been a cry for help that has unfortunately gone tragically wrong. adding that,There isn't evidence for her to say she intended to end her life.its so unfortunate that,she just passed at the time she's needed most.
...may her soul rest in peace

NO WAY!..says Justin Bieber,as he rebuffs fan lawsuit for $50,000 in damages

Sued: Justin Beiber pictured performing in Philadelphia as part of his 2013 Believe tour. Fan Sandy Ricketts has filed a suit claiming $50,000 in damages for injuries she sustained after tripping and falling at the event
Justin Bieber is asking a judge in Philadelphia to toss a lawsuit brought by a fan who is seeking $50,000 in damages after getting hurt at one of the singer's concerts.

Music Star,Chris Brown hires extra bodyguards to keep daughter Royalty safe in custody bid

Legal causes: Locked in a custody dispute with Royalty's mother, Nia Guzman, Chris (above in May) has been accused of providing an unsafe environment
He's serious!
Chris Brown is not playing around when it comes to the safety of his daughter, Royalty.icon360 learnt that,Over the past few months, Chris and Nia have been embroiled in a custody dispute over the child, who was conceived during a fling between the two...see details after the cut..

the best way to peel water melon...YouTube star reveals how to skin it in four steps...

The melon then appears to be skinned and can be taken to a party as an impressive edible centerpieceVideo blogger Mark explains that this trick can be used with a watermelon of any size
YouTube star Mark Rober has revealed a clever way to skin a watermelon. The four-minute clip on his channel Creativity, Science, Design has received more than 18,000 views. However, the video demonstrates that you actually need two watermelons, using one for the flesh and the second purely as an outer casing.see video after the cut

meet the woman who is OUTRAGED because her daughter was sent home from school for bizarre leopard-print hair styles

Sheffield girl with leopard print hair is sent home from school
Lauren Mcdowell, left, has her head shaved on one side which is dyed brown and blonde in the pattern of a leopard's skin. On her first day of the new term, Forge Valley School, inset, in Sheffield, told her to leave classes. The school says it has a 'very clear uniform policy' which includes hairstyles, but Lauren's mother Yvonne, right, believes it breaches her human rights and is refusing to change her daughter's hairstyle.

Victoria Beckham gives us a sneak of her new sexy wears

Victoria Beckham debuts chic new side fringe as she flashes her slim legs in a thigh-split black dress from her own collection on London shopping tripsaying...'I love being a Z-lister'

Stars who had their first break on Casualty:actors who went from the hospital ward to Hollywood

Celebrities who had their first break on Casualty revealed ahead of the 30th series
As Casualty celebrates its 30th series, we wind back the clock to reveal those indebted to the drama, without which some might never have found fame. Among them is (from top, left to right) Orlando Bloom, Kate Winslet, Christopher Eccleston) and (from bottom, left to right) David Walliams, Martin Freeman and Minnie Driver.

Photo:Tyga and Kylie grooves in a Ferrari on her birthday

He was spotted refilling the car with fuel as Kylie sat inside...and Despite all the bashing about leasing his $270k Ferrari gift to Kylie,Tyga stepped out with the 18 year old in the sleek ride ....isn't that cool peeps?

Exerpt from world's most dangerous prison...the prison that is so dangerous even the guards won't go in

The Mara Salvatrucha was founded in Los Angeles area by El Salvadoran immigrants, and has since been brought back to their native country following repatriation
In Penas Ciudad Barrios, a maximum security prison in the El Salvadorian capital of San Salvador exclusively housing prisoners who are members of the notorious Mara Salvatrucha gang, inmates control their own miniature society. British photographer Adam Hinton, was granted access to the squalid gangland prison, originally built to house some 800 inmates, but now home to around 2,500 Mara Salvatrucha members....more photos after the cut

weird!..Archaeologists discover 2,800-year-old 'burial jars' in Turkey?

Turkish archaeologists find Kingdom of Uratu  pithos tombs during excavation
Historians believe they have uncovered a series of burial chambers in Turkey dating back to the Kingdom of Uratu, which ruled the country from the mid-ninth century until its defeat by the Medes. Archaeologist are now carrying out the painstaking task of unearthing the pithos chambers, which are like large ceramic jars (above main). They have been discovered in the town of Vans (inset), which was the capital of the ancient kingdom.

So sad!..student killed herself after being raped

Family of Keele student who took her own life after 'rape' say university failed to
The body of Hannah Stubbs, 22, was found at her parents' country home six months after she was allegedly attacked at Keele University in Staffordshire. Her grandfather Peter, a retired businessman, said the former private schoolgirl had been left deeply depressed by the assault. He condemned the institution for providing 'inadequate support' for Miss Stubbs and said he was speaking out to try to protect other female students. A Staffordshire Police spokesman said: 'A suspect was questioned by detectives and a file was compiled for consideration by the Crown Prosecution Service for a charging decision.

See how El Chapo's Son Accidentally Reveal The Location Of His Father On Social Media!!!

Someone's getting grounded!
El Chapo has been making international headlines after he escaped from his Mexican prison back in July, but authorities may have just gotten a break in the case.
That's because the drug kingpin's son may have accidentally spilled his dad's location!..Details after the cut

‘NNPC claims recovery of $9.6billion owed Nigeria’

NNPC Towers
The Nigerian National Petroleum Cooperation (NNPC) has begun the process of recovering over $7 billion in over-deducted tax benefits from JV Partners on major capital projects, the Nigerian presidency has said
Quoting a report submitted to President Muhammadu Buhari by the new Group Managing Director of NNPC, Ibe Kachikwu, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, said the state oil company  had ‘commenced Performance Measurement & Benchmarking as well as Value for Money Review of NNPC.....see details shortly after the cut

Nigeria to begin supply of oil to the United States-Paul Wihbey

Inline with President Buhari's quest for change in Nigeria,HOPE of resumption of crude oil export from Nigeria to the United State of America has been renewed by the president of a Washington-based Global Water and Energy Strategy Team (GWEST), Paul Wihbey.
in addition, President Muhammadu Buhari has been advised to swiftly put in place a new strategic energy policy for export of Nigerian oil to new markets in Asia, while also urging government to resolve the crisis with India, which has expressed its willingness to increase its crude oil import from Nigeria to about $50billion annually.more details after the cut