Monday, September 7, 2015

Love in Tokyo.....what's your take on this?

Raunchy: Professor Green, 31, has proved that his marriage to Millie Mackintosh, 26, is very much still on track after he posted a photo of them naked in a bath together on Sunday eveningHappy couple: Speaking to the Daily Mail's You magazine, Millie said:  Obviously it is stressful having things written about you, especially when they're not true, but I don't get that upset about it'
Tom Cruise is it?.....
in the picture, which has garnered 38k likes in just a few hours,dailymail revealed the former Made In Chelsea star Millie is seen make-up free as she looks away from her husband, who rests his feet on her bare breasts.
But ironically, this draws attention to the fact that his gorgeous wife is far more tanned than him, which he makes light of in the caption
Professor Green shares raunchy snap of himself and wife Millie Mackintosh NAKED in the bath... with only his feet to cover her modesty.....
......but in real sense,do you think its cool? she supposed to  take it as a joke, that her supposed loved one 'kicking' her boobs?...lets have your views please....

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