Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Jay Z takes on Netflix with Tidal to begin streaming its own TV shows

Jay Z' music streaming service took on the likes of Spotify when it launched in March.
Now the rap mogul has set his sights on taking a share of the market from TV streaming services, such as Netflix.The company says it will soon launch original scripted and unscripted programming for its one million subscribers.
According to a report in Variety, Tidal has ordered two new series to be shown exclusively on its service.The group will be streaming the second season of Brooklyn street-life drama Money & Violence in January

That lonely agony of suddenly finding yourself retired - these women reveal

The most TRAUMATIC life change of all is finding yourself retired
The most TRAUMATIC life change of all according to these women is not the menopause or an empty nest, but the lonely agony of suddenly finding yourself retired!!
After dailymail revealed last week how three high-flying women found that retirement was a crushing disappointment, readers wrote in their droves to tell dailymail they felt the same too. They include (top row, left to right) retired legal secretary Chris Walters, 67, from Colchester, Essex, former secretary Rosemarie Smith, 63, from Horsham, Sussex, one-time A&E nurse Jean Walker, 73, from Hull, (bottom row, from left) former university researcher Gwen Marples, 61, from Northumberland, retired community nurse Anne Pinnington, 60, (bottom right) from Leominster, Herefordshire and former customer services assistant Stephanie Field, 61, from Crawley, West Sussex.
And now we we're wondering,does it mean some people want to occupy their offices till death with no space for the upcoming young ones or what?

Tensions rise in German village where migrants will soon outnumber locals seven to one - as first batch of arrivals moan

Migrants will soon outnumber Sumte locals seven to one
Tensions are rising in the sleepy eastern German village of Sumte, (bottom right) where just 102 people live, but where the population is set to rise by 700 per cent with the arrival of more than 750 migrants in the coming days. Sumte's neo-Nazi local councillor, Holger Niemann, (centre bottom row) warns crime will rise and accused Chancellor Angela Merkel of ignoring 'the 300,000 Germans who are homeless' while giving shelter, cash benefits and food to 'anyone who says they are Syrian'. Niemann, 32, from the far-right UWL party, said the migrants are only interested in claiming €500-a-month benefits. He told MailOnline: 'Today it is 100 refugees, tomorrow there will be another 100 and then another 100.' Sumte, where locals (top protesting) will be outnumbered by migrants by seven to one, was chosen as the site for a sprawling refugee centre because it is has empty government offices, with capacity to sleep 1,000. But the village hasn't gone down well with one refugee who called Sumte boring - adding, 'There's no PlayStation and no TV.'

Taiwo Sobamowo who treated Bobbi Kristina Brown During Her Final Days Is Arrested For Fraud!

What disturbing info!
According to sources at the hospice care facility where Bobbi Kristina Brown tragically passed away, a nurse at the center has been fired and arrested for fraud.
Essentially, the former employee of Peachtree Christian Hospice allegedly pretended that she had the credentials to care for patients at the facility.
So scary and awful! What makes this scandal even worse is that the "nurse" even cared for Bobbi during her final days!

Michelle Mone under fire after she is photographed strolling on beach at luxury £1,150 a night Caribbean resort days after voting for tax credit cuts

Michelle Mone photographed at Caribbean resort after voting for tax credit cuts
The Tory peer (right) , from Glasgow, flew to the exclusive Barbados getaway hours after voting to cut tax credits that would have seen three-million British families be £1,300-a-year worse off. She was photographed strolling along the beach arm in arm with boyfriend Stefan Soroka (left and inset) at the luxury Sandy Lane resort, where he works as a golf professional. Baroness Mone - David Cameron's new entrepreneurship tsar - flew half-way across the world the day after using her first ever vote in the House of Lords to support Chancellor George Osborne's plans for brutal cuts to tax credits. As those living on the breadline woke up the next morning to another day struggling by, the newly appointed Baroness was seen soaking up the sun before sipping on fine Champagne in one of the pricey Caribbean retreat's top a result she's now under fire.(mailonline)

lorry driver in UK lied to his family for 15 YEARS telling them that he was an SAS hero tortured in Iraq - and his wife died of cancer still believing him

Fantasist lorry driver lied to his family for 15 YEARS that he was an SAS hero – and hisFantasist lorry driver lied to his family for 15 YEARS that he was an SAS hero – and his
Mark Izzard (pictured top) - of Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire - pretended to his family and friends that he was a decorated SAS veteran who'd been tortured and blown up while fighting in Iraq. But actually, he only drove lorries. The 44-year-old lied to partner Tracey for 15 years that he'd fought for his country and had his knee obliterated in battle. To perpetuate the lie he posed for 'official' photographs in a fancy dress beret while gripping a BB gun, and posted an image on Facebook of genuine Para Lee Crichton (bottom) jumping from a plane, pretending it was him. Izzard even sent himself letters through the post confirming his discharge from the SAS, which he asked his wife to open, as he manufactured an entirely fictional past for almost two decades. Tracey died in 2012, believing she was married to a genuine British the truth has been revealed that this guy was not a decorated SAS but a lorry driver.
now we are asking,what kind of punishment should he receive?(mailonline)

Kate Winslet and Nicole Kidman lead the glamour as stars opt for black and white ball theme at Harper's Bazaar Women of the Year Awards

Kate Winslet, Lara Stone and Nicole Kidman attend Harper's Bazaar Awards
Actresses Kate Winslet, third from right, and Nicole Kidman, centre, were among the A-list stars who opted for elegant black and white outfits as they arrived at the Harper's Bazaar Women of the Year Awards at Claridge's, in London's exclusive Mayfair lastnight. Singer Ellie Goulding, far left, model Lara Stone, second from right, and Downton Abbey stars Lily James and Michelle Dockery, second and third from left, also opted for striking monochrome looks. Meanwhile, actress Sienna Miller, 33, far right, stood out from the crowd in a backless steel blue gown, as she was handed the Best Actress award by the magazine.
are they not looking gorgeous?