Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Brown University Revokes Cosby's Degree

Bill Cosby's mantel is almost bare, because another university has stripped him of an honorary degree.
From what we heard,this time around,Brown University has joined 2-other universities to revoked Cosby's doctorate of humane letters it bestowed on the comedian in 1985. The University Prez says Cosby's admission he drugged women is "contrary to the values of Brown."
This is the third college to yank degrees from Cosby in less than a week. Fordham and Marquette also rescinded their honorary degrees.(tmz)

Here's a smart money making Job opportunity in Amazon for you...check it out!

Amazon today launched a new service that pays part-time drivers in exchange for delivering packages. The service, called Amazon Flex, launches today in Seattle, and will soon come to Manhattan, Chicago, and seven other US cities, according to its website.
As The Guardian reports, Amazon Flex appears to have taken its cue from Uber and other "gig economy"-based services. Drivers will be paid $18 to $25 an hour to deliver packages ordered with Amazon Prime Now, the company's one-hour delivery service, though the site suggests it will eventually expand to include other Amazon deliveries. To qualify

Jack Warner banned for life from football by FIFA

Jack Warner

Trinidadian Jack Warner, once one of the most powerful men in soccer, has been banned from all football-related activities for life, the ethics committee of world governing body FIFA said on Tuesday.
Warner, 72, was one of 14 soccer officials and sports marketing executives who were indicted in the United States on May 27 on bribery, money laundering and wire fraud charges involving more than $150 million in payments.

In the latest twist in the corruption scandal, Swiss authorities said

Taiwan has been hit by a terrible Typhoon(photos)

News reaching us says,a terrible storm  has slammed coastal areas of northern Taiwan with winds gusting to at least 150 miles per hour, based on weather observations and storm chasers who were in the area at the time. Tens of thousands of homes on the island lost power. Nearly 3,000 people, mostly tourists, were also evacuated from two popular resorts on outlying Green and Orchid islands off the coast

18 years old girl, reveals how she was tortured for eight hours by thugs who carried out horrific attack as a 'birthday treat' to one of them

Teenager, 18, reveals how she considered jumping out of an eighth floor window to try and
Summer Gregg, 18, (inset after her attack and main image this week) was spat on, beaten and repeatedly slapped by the trio, who also attacked her with metal chain and forced her to act like a dog as they filmed her ordeal at the Doncaster, South Yorkshire. She was also urinated on, punched in the face and even overheard Jay Blades, 20, James Canning, 20, and 21-year-old Amy Gaines (right, top to bottom) discussing how they would kill her during the degrading assault, which left Miss Gregg with horrendous bruising, a fractured elbow and burst blood vessels in both of her eyes.....
.....What a horrible ordeal! I hope they get what's coming to them. How on earth do people find that sort if thing 'fun'??
but on a serious note,if you're her brother or sister what would your reaction be? lets have your views

Breaking news! Yemen air strike, over 100 people confirmed dead!!

Death toll from air strike on Yemen wedding party now up to 130, UN says - Saudi-led coalition denies responsibility
This breaking news story is being updated and more details will be published shortly. Please stay with us for more updates.(bbc)

Here's a special Dutch recipe from Netherlands...ch-check it out!

Here's Very tender roast, wonderful rich gravy recipe from the Netherlands,its essentially meant to be  Served with mashed tatters or French fries. Wonderful as left over for hot pork sandwiches. a recipe that has been for over 50 years!...to partake in this special food,join us shortly after the cut for the required ingredients

Take a peek into Wayne Rooney's £300k-a-week world home (photos)

Wayne Rooney's documentary reveals he writes poetry for Coleen!
Inside Wayne's £300k-a-week worldTV show takes a peek inside Rooney's home and reveals sons' lavish games room, caravan den and soccer pitch... and that he writes poetry for Coleen!
Wayne Rooney, 29, has turned his Cheshire mansion into a giant playground for his family. The Manchester United captain allowed cameras a glimpse of his off-field life for a documentary to mark his achievement of becoming England's greatest goalscorer. Inside his house there is

US launches air strikes on Taliban in a bid to retake Kunduz

Afghan special forces arriving in Kunduz, 29 September 2015
Afghan forces have begun an operation to retake the city of Kunduz, after suffering a major military reverse when it was seized by the Taliban on Monday,as a result of that,Security forces have cleared the area around the central prison and the police headquarters, officials said.
 meanwhile,The US said it carried out an air strike on the city early on Tuesday

Revealed, the 'hit list' of Britain's most wanted ISIS jihadis,including a woman

Britain's most wanted ISIS jihadi recruiters including Sally Jones, Mrs Terror
Those named on the government list of the most dangerous British recruiters for Islamic State will have their assets frozen and be put on 'no-fly' lists as part of a UN sanction scheme. Government officials said they want to identify IS suspects as a deterrent to others - but it will also be seen as a potential 'hit list' of individuals targeted in drone strikes. Those named are believed to be leading figures calling for home grown terrorist attacks rather than frontline fighters. (Pictured left to right, the four Britons named on the list: 'Mrs Terror' Sally Jones; Omar Hussain; Nasser Muthana and Aqsa Mahmood.(mailonline)

Paul Walker's daughter Meadow files wrongful death lawsuit against Porsche claiming he was killed due to design flaws in sports car

Paul Walker's daughter Meadow files wrongful death lawsuit against Porsche
Paul Walker was still alive when the Porsche he was a passenger in caught fire after the horrific crash that took his life, according to a lawsuit filed by his daughter Meadow. The 16-year-old, whose father died in 2013, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Porsche claiming that the 2005 Carrera GT Walker was riding in had specific design flaws that contributed to his untimely demise. The lawsuit claims that the Fast & Furious star was not killed on impact after the driver of the vehicle hit a concrete lamppost and two trees but was in fact alive when the sports car caught fire, reports TMZ .