Monday, November 2, 2015

Snapchatters please take note,here's Snapchat Responds To Chatter About Privacy Policy Change

Social media rumors were taken far too seriously this weekend, as word spread around the globe that Snapchat’s recent privacy policy update gave the company ownership over user content, which includes photos, videos, and text messages. The rumors were picked up by publications that included The Telegraph and The Sydney Morning Herald. Snapchat addressed the rumors in fairly plain language this morning with a statement assuring that its users retained control over their content.
In the statement, Snapchat assured users that they were not storing user content indefinitely.
“The Snaps and Chats you send your friends remain as private today as they were before the update,” the statement read. The company further elaborated that while messages were deleted from Snapchat’s servers after viewing, the company had no control over screenshots or pictures taken by their recipients.
It’s worth noting that the updated terms of service were far from ambiguous when it came to content rights, which just shows you the power of unsubstantiated internet rumors.

Historical: Episcopal Church appoints first black leader in the United States


Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, installed Sunday as the first black leader of the U.S. Episcopal Church, urged Episcopalians to evangelize by crossing divides of race, education and wealth.
Curry used the example of his own mother being given Communion at a white Episcopal parish before desegregation, and how that act persuaded his father to join the denomination, and eventually become a priest.
During his speech,He revealed"God has not given up on the world and God is not finished with the Episcopal Church yet," Curry said, during a joyous ceremony in the Washington National Cathedral

Wow that's Nice! Britney Spears Has Been Sending Her Fans Sweet Greeting Cards!

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This is such a great story!
Britney Spears has been performing really simple but meaningful acts of kindness this fall by sending her fans greeting cards with special, personal and handwritten messages — and now, the fans are posting them on social media for all to see!

What started innocently enough by the pop star has taken off, and Brit is getting a lot of credit for her random — and SO sweet — acts of kindness!
..thanks Brit,we all love what you are doing

OMG! Bieber Stops Mid-Song To Scold His Fans About Clapping Off Beat — What Do You Make Of his act??

Well this is inneresting…
Videos like this (above) are floating around the Internet right now apparently showing Justin Bieber stopping in the middle of what looks like an acoustic performance to coach his fans on how they should be clapping!
We don't have much to go on with social media murmurings or in the vid, nor much other context for the performance. Judging by the #BieberEH hashtag in the video, and the Biebs' clothes during the performance, it likely happened in Madrid earlier this week.
So if you know more about this performance, sound off in the comments
For the rest of you… what do U think about his act,is it professional??

Uhn! Sonny Bill Williams is given new World Cup winners medal after handing young New Zealand fan his own one when boy was rugby tackled by security guard for running onto the pitch

Sonny Bill Williams given new Rugby World Cup winners medal after handing young New
After wowing the world of sport with his incredible gesture to a young fan, New Zealand's Sonny Bill Williams has been rewarded by World Rugby with a new medal (inset). The All Blacks centre gave his Rugby World Cup winners medal to child who had burst onto the field after Saturday's win, sparking praise for the heart-warming moment of generosity. And the game's governing body, not wanting the superstar to go without a memento for his achievements on the pitch because of his good-natured actions, have 'dug out a spare' to send home with him.
...isnt that nice?

Funny: a Brazilian man pranked into suncream a woman's bare back and was shocked when she turns over to reveal more than they bargained for

Brazilian men rub suncream into a beautiful girl's back before they see 'bulge'
The footage, which was shot by Brazillian prankster David Mafra, shows a pretty young woman wearing a skimpy bikini asking a series of men to apply some suncream to her back as she sunbathes on the beach. Most of the men clearly can't believe their luck and begin vigorously rubbing the suncream into the young woman's back. But to their horror, when she turns over she has a clearly discernible bulge in her bikini bottoms - prompting some hilarious reactions (pictured).

please help us with suggestions on how this kid can control his eating habits

Birmingham boy aged 6 weighs EIGHT STONE and his mum 'can't stop him eating' 
Kardel Wilson, six, of Birmingham, (left) wears aged 10 clothes and his BMI is in the 99th percentile. His mum Sam (pictured with her son right) admits that when pennies are right they pop to the kebab shop for fried chicken. Any opportunity the schoolboy gets he is in the kitchen raiding the fridge. One morning he wolfed down a pack of egg mayonnaise sandwich filling, while on another occasion it was a saucepan of cooked rice. The problem began when Kardel broke his foot aged four. Unable to move, he piled on the pounds, but Sam claims not to have noticed until his teachers remarked on the change in his appearance when he returned to nursery. Now he can't help himself.
..can you help please?

The most offensive Halloween costumes of 2015

Lamar Odom, Bill Cosby and Caitlyn Jenner were offensive Halloween costumes
This year''s crop of offensive costumes included people who dressed as troubled Lamar Odom and his wife Khloe Kardashian (bottom right), accused sexual predator Bill Cosby (top right) and a Syrian refugee with a baby (center). Others also chose to forego good taste and went as a hybrid of Bruce and Caityln Jenner (left), dentist Walter Palmer and Cecil the dead lion, and even a deceased man who landed on a freeway sign after a car crash. Photos of the tasteless costumes were shared on social media and some drew criticism for being offensive.
do they look offensive to you guys?