Saturday, December 26, 2015

3 students on their way to join ISIS arrested in Nagpur,Afghanistan find out how it all happened here!

Re-reporting this news reaching us from India,icon360blog has learnt that,no fewer than Three students from Hyderabad were arrested at Nagpur's Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport while they were on their way to join the banned terror organisation - ISIS.
The men were held in a joint operation conducted by the Telangana Police and Maharashtra Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS). The arrested men were said to be headed for Afghanistan


As paytv market competition continues to witness marketing strategies among its operators to attract more customers,the jungles among them has become matured within a space of time and the momentum gathered seems to be accelerating higher than ever!...the actual truth about this is that, operators like DSTV,GOTV,STRONG etc are the proverbial under dog but Startimes seems to be catching up on the giant  with them in recent times, like GoTv which derives its edge from its parent company (Multi choice) and big sister DSTV.
But as it stands, it seems that the proverbial under dog in this case is beginning to gather momentum and giving the latter a run for its money

World's Most Obese Man is dead,details HERE!

World's Most Obese Man Dies After Weight-Loss Surgery
A man believed to be the world's most obese died on Friday in Mexico, barely two months after undergoing a weight-loss surgery.
Andres Moreno, 38, died of a heart attack and peritonitis (inflammation of the abdominal lining) in Ciudad Obregon, in Sonora state, his family said.
Moreno, who at one time tipped the scales at 450 kilos, had bariatric surgery on October 28, in Guadalajara, Jalisco state, in hopes of shedding the excess weight and leading a normal life

Inspirational: Their Christmas plans were washed away in floods that left their homes in ruins. But read how the families defiantly celebrated yesterday and marvel at their unbreakable spirit!!!

How these families celebrated Christmas after floods that left their homes in ruins
this is what we called perfect peace or better still you can say "joy unspeakable" any wise way you are still right in line with our intentions here...."memba the real definition of peace according to ― Sheila Walsh? she said and i quote.... “Peace is not the absence of trouble, but the presence of Christ.”and Christmas is the birth of Christ!
Well,in the news we learnt,Catherine MacDiarmid, centre right, pictured with her children Suzi, left, Zach and Marcus, right have been forced to move to her mother's home in Kendal while their nearby home dries out, inset. While Margaret McCracken, bottom left, was dramatically rescued from her home on the bonnet of a Land Rover, top left, They have all been forced to move out of their homes as a result of the floods, but they all vowed not to let the disaster ruin their Christmas...see photos and full details of how their Christmas was celebrated after the jump

Do you think Rocco doesnt want to stay with mum Madonna for nothing?....find out the possible reason or reasons HERE!

Madonna's son Rocco Ritchie 'refused to join her for Christmas in New York'
Are these overbearing photos the reason why Rocco refuses to live with Madonna in New York? Teen, 15, is 'fed-up after working backstage on singer's two month tour'!!!...
From photo evidence,we could peep into Rocco's heard to feel what the young chap is feeling that made him wish to stay with dad instead of moma,report had it that,The 15-year-old who has accompanied his mother for much of the tour across the US and Canada, where he worked backstage is said to have grown upset with being on the road for two months. The exact source of Rocco's frustration is not clear but Madonna (pictured together, inset) has posted numerous pictures and videos of him on Instagram that could have caused him embarrassment

Uhn!..what a wonderful president,see how Turkish president Erdogan stops this man from committing suicides...don't you think He's God sent?!...pls Read!!

Recep Erdogan 'talks down man trying to jump off Bosphorus Bridge' 
The unnamed man was thought to be preparing to jump (left) when Recep Erdogan's motorcade was passing over the 211ft-tall bridge, which links Europe with Asia, after Friday prayers. News footage showed Erdogan's bodyguards bringing the sobbing man (inset top right), who appeared to be in his early 30s, to talk to him through the window of his car (inset bottom right). After a few moments, the man can then be seen kissing Erdogan's hand before being escorted to safety. Police had allegedly been trying for almost two hours to talk the man out of committing suicide....
isn't the incident dramatical for a president to stop,come out his executive ride to saving a man from committing suicides....assuming he didnt pass this road what would have been the story of this man today?...