Tuesday, January 6, 2015

if you are a woman given to tobacco,then there's something for you here...check it out!!!!

According to research, the best time for women to quit smoking is immediately before their period. File photo
So far so good,Women hoping to quit smoking should really rejoice this time as new research also indicates their decision is the right thing to do expecially during period

Life Partner!...

Uhn!!!!..: Daughters film their devastated mum's tearful reaction to news Steven Gerrard will leave Liverpool

A video of one mum's reaction to news that Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard will leave the club has gone viral. Hayley Masterson, 44, from Lisburn in Northern Ireland, was filmed weeping at the dinner table after being told the devastating news. And of course, her not-so-sympathetic daughter Lauren was on hand to capture the outpouring of..it may interest you to know that Two goals from Steven Gerrard saw Liverpool defeat AFC Wimbledon 2-1 in the third round ... see the video after the cut