Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Is this the speedboat of the future?

Marine engineers from Slovenia, who invented the Quadrofoil (pictured mai

Angelina Jolie For President?

no title
Could we one day see Angelina Jolie moving on from playing detectives and assassins to playing congresswoman or senator?
In an extensive interview with Vanity Fair, the Girl, Interrupted star was asked if she would ever consider running for political office.
Surprisingly, she said
"I am open."

checkout how crowds gather for annual battle of the moustaches at Indian festival

These remarkable photos show a moustache growing competition so revered According to mailonline,its participants spend years growing facial hair long enough to be swung through the air like rope (top right). Contestants for the Pushkar Fair's annual competition - an event hugely popular with locals and tourists - took center stage today to show off their incredible moustaches. Many contestants arrived with their hair curled into buns on the sides of their faces (left) but once released, were revealed to be meters long and touching the ground (bottom right).
Cant stop laughing!!!

ouch! Pro Golfer Tiger Woods Loses Title to Golfer on Coke Leave?? ...details here

Dustin Johnson Beats Tiger Woods Record
Tiger Woods just lost one of his precious golf titles ... to a golfer with cocaine issues.
According to TMZ ... Dustin Johnson shot a 61 last Tuesday at the Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks. That beats Tiger's record score at Sherwood by 1 stroke.
Tiger held the Sherwood record since 2007 and hit that mark again last year.

[Poem of the week by BigViq] My Naija! My Pride!

As Nigeria experienced her independence 54 years last month its expedient to reflect on both past and present with all her struggles and pains ,joy and peace we stay strong believing in Naija-our pride.in this short poem by a covenant university student

T.R-G.O.D Remix

Oh My God!!! FIVE years old kid to be a street fighter for ISIS????? what's UN saying about this???



Checkout this Amazing invention!!!

Romeo Beckham, is unveiled as star of Burberry's Christmas campaign.

RomeoRomeo, the second eldest son of David and Victoria, steals the spotlight in the Burberry Festive campaign, From London with Love. Following his mother into the fashion world, the youngster was hand-picked by the British label's Chief Creative Officer, Christopher Bailey, (pictured with the Beckhams and Romeo, left) for the second time. As well as posing in a series of campaign shots, Romeo also stars in a film which takes audiences on a magical festive journey. In one shot, the youngster poses in a classic Burberry trench and his own monogrammed checked scarf (right), and in another he holds an umbrella as he glances pensively into the distance (centre).
do you think he'll go vry far like his father Beckham?