Saturday, December 13, 2014

Shiloh 2014 Special! meet a 50 year woman who just got married for the first time in life!!!!

There has been a harvest of amazing testimonies at the just concluded Shiloh 2014 Organised by Living faith church Nigeria. With 'Heaven-on-earth" as the theme, and as at the time of this post,participants are already living a heavenly life on earth. It has been a mountain of solutions. The lady in the picture below shared her testimony on the altar and we found out  that she remained single all through until at  50-year-old! And God surprised her at last

what's wrong with this photo?

...the fashionista and designer  here want you all to see  how creative he was,that he's the first person to come with this.... some that has not been done before in the fashion industry thus want your suggestions on his you think its ok to come up and make it available the market?..