Saturday, December 6, 2014

Please,Tell Us,What's The Big Frigin' DIFFERENCE?

There's something extra special things about these dreamy Jake Gyllenhaal photos ... we've hidden some differences in the hunky pics for you to get involved with -- can you see past the stud to spot the subtle changes?

HINT -- There are THREE differences in the above photographs! would get compensations by having anything you want displayed on this site from now till january first 2015

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in Terminator Genisys trailer,memba him??

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in action in the newly released trailer for Terminator Genisys, three decades after his cyborg assassin character first declared "I'll be back."
The trailer, released Thursday by Paramount Pictures, starts in war-ravaged Los Angeles with Skynet's terrifying HK-Aerials swooping over a destroyed Hollywood sign.
It's 2029, and the human rebels still haven't given up their bloody resistance against the machines.
Watch the official trailer here:
Hard to believe they'd retread that same old story.

This is All that Jay Z & Beyonce Want for Xmas Is This Bev Hills Mansion!!

Jay Z and Beyonce -- the King and Queen of NYC -- could be California dreaming by Christmastime ... they're on the verge of closing a deal for an insane mansion, listed for $85 million.
According to TMZ's real estate sources Jay and Bey are the front runners in a bidding war on the 23,000 square foot palace in Beverly Hills -- and in the most UBER exclusive part of BH. 
We're told there are a total of

How naw!!...Sony Recent Hack Exposed 47,000 Social Security Numbers Security??

The recent hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment revealed more than 47,000 Social Security numbers, a security firm says, and some of them could belong to Hollywood celebrities.
According to report,Those SSNs appeared 1.1 million times in the 601 files posted by hackers, data security firm Identity Finder said Friday in a post on its website

Heavily Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian covers up her bump as she walks hand-in-hand with hubby

She's a hipster mom: Kourtney Kardashian was all about keeping it modest during her latest lunch date with longtime boyfriend Scott Disick in Beverly Hills on Friday

She caused quite the sensation by showing off her pregnant form by going nude in a magazine photo shoot and some of us didn't quite like the idea.
But Kourtney Kardashian was all about keeping it modest during a lunch date with longtime boyfriend Scott Disick in Beverly Hills on Friday.
The 35-year-old disguised her blossoming bump in a conservative black dress as she satisfied her cravings at Nate And Al's restaurant, with sister Kendall Jenner tagging along.
The mom-to-be is due in a few weeks and seemed in great spirits as she held hands with her main man.
When is she having this baby...hope is a boy?!

Time's ticking:Tic-tac-tic-tac.....And The Nominees For The 2015 Grammy Award's Album Of The Year Are…

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Want to find out if your favorite act made the cut?...then Stay with icon360blog!!...
The Grammys spent all day Friday announcing their nominees for 2015, with the exception of one major award.
But following CBS's A Very Grammy Christmas special,and  they have  finally announced who would be fighting it out for Album of the Year.
And the nominees are:

P Diddy 'misses out on $1.2 million Picasso painting' as it goes to hotelier at VIP Art Basel show

Art chic: The day of the VIP gallery at Art Basel Diddy posted a shot of his stylish look to his Instagram account

Lol looks like something I could draw!!!
P. Diddy had a disappointing time at a VIP art preview this week. 
At the Miami based Art Basel event, the 45-year-old music mogul was reportedly seen eyeing up a fresco piece, titled Venus at the booth of Zurich-based Galerie Gmurzynska.
Unfortunately for Diddy

Why is it that Taylor Swift Enjoys Being Alone as beautiful as she is?!... Find Out Why She Likes the SOLO life HERE!

Taylor Swift Likes Being Alone?!
We all feel thesame thing too Honey!!!...
Considering how many of her songs are based off hot hookups with some pretty famous celebrities, you would think that Taylor Swift loves being in a relationship.
However, according to the latest issue of Billboard Magazine, who crowned TayTay as "Woman of the Year," the 24-year-old professed that she actually likes being alone and when we listened to her we all felt thesame way too.
this is her word

Check out these Powerful photos which captured transgender men and women as they undergo sex changes amid fierce discrimination in Cuba

See me as my true self!!!
photographer Claudia González shot the series with hopes of empowering her subjects, who face a daily battle against Cuba's deeply entrenched discrimination against the LBGT community. Pictured, a selection of Ms González's subjects at varying stages of their transitions. Their stories and identities have not been revealed.
but for the sake of this post,we hereby present these few pictures as shown above just to let you have a clue of what these people look like before and after
C'mon do you feel about this...can you marry them being you a man or a woman???

Is it true that Kate's copying Diana as shown in this picture???

For Kate, who will one day inherit Diana's title of Princess of Wales but has yet to acquire her dazzling vitality,Mailonine has said... the next three days will be her toughest overseas trip yet, writes RICHARD KAY. According to its report today saturday 6th 2014,The Duchess's visit to Los Angeles and Hollywood three years ago (pictured left and top right with Michelle and Barack Obama) was a brilliant success. And by following in the footsteps of Diana in 1989 (second from left) and 1980 (bottom right with Prince Charles and the Reagans), she will give herself the best possible chance of making her visit a success.
Do you agree with the comparison between Kate and Diana? don't you think They were totally different from the get???..please tell us your view.... 

Meet America's Next Top Model who is said to be the First Ever Male Winner!

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It's kind of crazy to say this, but America's Next Top Model just finished its 21st season cycle!
funny enough, that's not even the biggest news at hand,the Big bYTE for is, the first time in the reality TV staple's history, a guy walked away with the crown and it turned out to be

Aww...see how Pele's thanking fans for their support after recovery from

Brazil legend Pele record a video message thanking fans for their support as he continues his recovery from a urinary infection.
Long live Legend.....pls stay,we still want you to stay and motivate the upcoming soccer stars!

Gone too soon!!!..Hundreds turn out for car crash teenager's funeral dressed in his trademark pink dressing gown to 'celebrate his sense of style'

Fashinista the left us so soon!...and we're grieved by just that...
Max Lewis (bottom right), 19, of Melksham in Wiltshire, died when the car driven by his friend Dan Palmer, 22, collided with a van. His grieving mother Nicola, 50, had asked mourners to wear something that showed her son's 'sense of style'. Dozens of friends donned pink hooded dressing gowns - one of the teenager's trademark outfits - including the pallbearers and even the reverend.
may his soul rest in peace