Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bursted!...Amber Rose Denies Eric Andre Dating Rumors saying its just a random rumour

Amber and Eric Andre
Amber Rose has been rumored to be dating comedian Eric Andre, but the blonde bombshell is dismissing those reports calling them false.
The rumors started when both Rose and Andre posted photos of them together on their Instagram page.
“My f***in bae,” Amber captioned the pic, while the actor wrote “Amber Rose & I are starting a band. I carve all my lyrics into wood.”
He also posted a photo of her as his woman crush Wednesday last week. “My #wcw is the lovely, the beautiful @amberrose,” he wrote.
Seems that may all be a publicity stunt or just them playing around because sourcing are saying that they are working on a upcoming film project and are not dati“No they are not dating,” sources said. “I think every guy that Amber Rose takes a pic with she automatically starts dating them. So it’s just some random rumor all because of a Instagram photo. No they are not dating.”(urbanisland).

Diddy& Lil Wayne Reportedly Involved In Confrontation At LIV

Lil Wayne and Diddy were reportedly "thissssss" close to duking it out at Club LIV.
Whenever rapper beef goes down, chances are it's going down at Club LIV in Miami. The famed (or infamous) club has been the spot of many a brawl, so much so we did a list on it. The latest beef, or should we say, almost-beef, involved Diddy and Lil Wayne.

From iPhones To Automobiles: Apple Car Reportedly Ready soon-Tim Cook

The likelihood of the Apple Car is becoming a bit more probable, as Apple CEO Tim Cook said he believes a "massive change" is coming to the automotive industry.
Speaking with the Wall Street Journal on Monday night, Cook said, "When I look at the automobile, what I see is that software becomes an increasingly

what do you think about this kylie Jenner's outfit??!

HTC has unveiled new version of new 'One' smartphone...and its finer than iPhone 6!..see photos

HTC has unveiled the latest version of its One smartphone, touting its combination of sleek design with the latest Android software.
The HTC One A9 goes on sale globally in early November and offers an all-metal and glass design with smooth curves. In addition to the traditional smartphone colors of gray, sliver and gold, it also comes in garnet red.
The phone is the first outside of Google's own Nexus line to feature that company's Marshmallow software at launch. And it's the first regular-sized HTC phone to have a fingerprint sensor — a feature already standard on phones made my larger rivals Apple and Samsung....check it out after the jump....

Here's Christina Milan having a nice time with Kids....aren't they looking cute to you?

Photos:'No other leader in the world is as sexy' and as unique as this Canada's new Prime Minister....first for landslide victory... and VERY good looks

Canada's new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau causes global stir
Justin Trudeau, 43, whose father Pierre was one of Canada's best-loved prime ministers, was elected to the post after his Liberal Party won 184 of the 338 seats - ending the Conservatives reign. Following his victory he kissed his wife Sophie Gregoire (bottom right) before taking to the stage (left) to declare: 'Tonight Canada is becoming the country it was before.' Trudeau has spent his life in the political spotlight after being born to Pierre when he was PM in 1971 (the pair are pictured together, inset, in 1974). He has also earned a reputation as a heart-throb after stripping down to shorts and a singlet to defeat Canadian Conservative Sen. Patrick Brazeau in a charity boxing match in 2012 (top right). After Monday night's election victory, social media was abuzz with women declaring that Justin was 'the sexiest politician in the world'.
.....isnt he sexy?????

'Incredible Strides Have Been Made' as Khloe Kardashian Releases Official Statement and thanks Everyone for Showing Lamar Love...must read!

This was a great message to read!
Khloe Kardashian just posted a note of thanks on her official website, showing her appreciation to fans and friends worldwide for their support of both her and Lamar Odom during what has been an unbelievably difficult period in their lives.Here's The note, posted early Tuesday afternoon, reads in full

Couple obsessed with Barbie and Ken splash £200,000 on cosmetic surgery to look like the dolls (but now she wants her ears reshaped and he wants pec implants)

Barbie and Ken obsessed couple spend £200k on cosmetic surgery to look like them
Anastasia Reskoss, 20, and Quentin Dehar, 23, (left and right) have spent thousands to look like Barbie and Ken dolls. The couple, from Marseille, France, admit that they still want more surgery after having 15 procedures in total. Anastasia (below centre before surgery) is happy to show the results of her surgery which includes buttock implants and a boob job while Quentin has boosted his lips with lip fillers and has regular Botox (bottom right before surgery)
...dont you thinks they two need to go for Rehab?! 

Are you within Malaysia and its environs, just shout yeah!..yeah!!! cos Paris Hilton is coming for the music festival....don't just miss it for any reason!

See this Celebs Wey no dey wear shoe ..is he a member of Cele?????

no title
Celebs Who LOVE To Go Barefoot!
Shoes are so overrated! Just ask these celebs!
From Liam Hemsworth going barefoot into a liquor store in Australia to Kristen Stewart kicking off her heels at the 2015 Venice Film Festival, A-listers love to let their dogs breathe!
And we don't blame them...maybe because they are members of "CELE" or their grandfathers were killed by shoe makers...lolz!
... and if that's not enough then....i don't know why...do you?
....and on a serious note,are these guys "CELE" MEMBERS or CELEBRITISH?

Apple is currently removing apps that collected users' private data from its app store!....must read!!

The researchers said they found 256 apps with an estimated one million downloads that have a version of Youmi that violates user privacy.
American electronic giant Apple is currently kicking out applications that collect personal data in violation of the company's privacy policies from its online store, the tech giant has revealed.
The iPhone maker made the announcement a day after researchers discovered hundreds of apps using Chinese advertising software that extracts 'personally identifiable user information.'It is believed over 250 apps are affected.
Apple confirmed that discovery Monday saying....

Oprah don hammer!!!...as makes $70M in one day from Weight Watchers deal!

Oprah Winfrey has made $45million in just one day after she bought shares in Weight Watchers - as she reveals ,she said the diet plan is key to her shedding the pounds.in a recent account,Weight Watchers stock prices more than doubled after the former talk show host bought a ten per cent stake in the company for $43.2 million.
Winfrey, whose weight has famously yo-yoed over the years, said she had decided to invest after she found success following the diet plan. TV host said in a statement. 'I believe in the program so much I decided to invest in the company and partner in its evolution.'
The five-year deal will allow the weight loss firm to use Winfrey's name, image, likeness and endorsement for the company, its programs, products and services, subject to her approval.

What's for Breakfast?...because we love you we want you to have this delicious "Cunjun Chicken Pasta" for today's breakfast...enjoy!

long story short,here's the cooking instruction plus the ingredient required

'MEMBA HIM?..Here's detail info about that devilish male escort who 'fatally poisoned four men he met on gay dating app Grindr' (photos)

Male escort Stephen Port 'fatally poisoned four men with party drug GHB'
The man Stephen Port allegedly invited the men back to his flat in Barking, East London, where he gave them fatal doses of the party drug GHB, known as liquid ecstasy. The softly-spoken 40-year-old is accused of having sex with the victims while they were unconscious before dumping their bodies near his flat. All four met their deaths in the early hours of the morning over a 15-month period (bottom left). Police had previously ruled out foul play on two of the men, found dead within a month of each other in the same East London churchyard. Detectives began the hunt for a serial killer only last week after they finally linked the deaths. Port is pictured in two childhood photographs (top left and centre) and in a pose posted online (right).

ladies check out this photo does any of these look like what you want to have before December??

Report says Lamar Odom is released from Vegas hospital and transferred to rehab facility in LA for further treatment

Lamar Odom released from hospital in Las Vegas and transferred to LA rehab facility
Odom was discharged from Sunrise hospital in Las Vegas and taken to a rehab center in Los Angeles to continue treatment, with Khloe riding in the helicopter with her husband. Odom was previously prohibited from being airlifted because of his condition. He is 'making fast progress' and can now move his arms and legs. However he has been unable to stand up, even with assistance, according to the report. CNN reported Monday that, after waking from his coma, Odom managed to muster the strength to tell Khloe: 'I love you.'

'Queen of China' arrives at Airport in UK for an audience and a crucial meeting with the Queen of England(photos)

China's Xi Jinping lands in UK ahead of week-long state visit
Chinese president Xi Jinping has touched down in the UK as Britain rolled out the red carpet for the four-day state visit. Mr Xi and his wife Peng Liyuan will stay as guests of the Queen at Buckingham Palace, attend a glittering state banquet and dine with Prime Minister David Cameron at Chequers during their high profile stay. The Chinese president landed at Heathrow where he was presented with a bouquet of flowers by the welcoming party, which included Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond.

Demonic:Family 'beat teenage girl to death after forcing her to live under regime of fear

Shahena Uddin's family 'beat teen to death after forcing her to lick toilet bowl'
Shahena Uddin (left), 19, who was one of eight siblings, was 'regularly punished' by her brothers and sisters, for 'crimes' such as eating at the wrong speed. Punishments would allegedly include being force-fed rice and paper and being made to stand for long periods staring into a toilet bowl. She was even banned from using the toilet at their home in Watford but would be punished further if she attempted to use the sink, St Albans Crown Court was told. But the violence is alleged to have plumbed new depths of depravity last October when she was found beaten to death on her bathroom floor after choking on her own vomit the night before. The court heard how, when she was found the following day, the teenager had endured 'several beatings' - including with weapons. Ambulance staff, who were called to the house by the family, were told she was sick and fainted. By then, her four brothers, a sister and her two sisters-in-law had attempted to cover their tracks, the court was told. Pictured: but to their amazement,Forensic investigators (top right) and police officers (bottom right) at the family home after her death revealed she was turtured to death by her family members.(mailonline)
...hope they are not occult

Odom passed out on brothel bed hours before his sordid overdose on cocktail of drink and drugs

Lamar Odom pictured passed out on brothel bed hours before he overdosed
The pictures were taken the night before Odom, 35, was found unconscious in the VIP suite of a Nevada brothel where he had gone on a $79,000 sex-and-drugs bender. They show him in the bed where he was found last Tuesday. On the bedside cabinet are what appear to be a copy of the brothel owner's memoir Pimp, a sex toy and baby oil, circled. He was also photographed looking disheveled (left). Today his condition was said to be improving in hospital in Las Vegas, where his estranged wife Khloe Kardashian is at his bedside. Love Ranch sources say the images were taken by one of the two prostitutes who Lamar picked out of a line-up when he arrived at the remote sex den in Crystal, Nevada, on Saturday. Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe visited him as often as six times a day for 'private party sessions' before entering his room and finding him unconscious at around 2:30pm Tuesday