Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Join us now else you'll be abducted!....ISIS threatening winner of Miss Iraq 2015 beauty pergeant

Miss Iraq 2015, Shaymaa Qasim has been warned by terrorist group ISIS in
a spine chilling phone call that she will be abducted unless she joins
According to the Jerusalem Post and Kuwaiti daily al-Watan, Student
Shaymaa, who is Iraqi’s first beauty queen since 1972 was told to join
the caliphate or face being kidnapped. But Shaymaa says she’s not scared
of the threat…Currently,Qassim is set to represent Iraq in the Miss Universe contest to be held in Thailand in March 2016. The competition finale was held in a Baghdad hotel and featured eight contestants in evening dresses. It was the only part of the competition opened to media. According to Reuters, at least two young women had pulled out of the contest after receiving death threats.

Excuse me Ma'am & Sirs, I have a question....concerning The Kardashian Family's 2015 Christmas Card have you noticed Two Major Things are missing HERE?...Take a look once more

Here's one observation I'd like us to have a second look at, Firstly,This year, I noticed,the Kardashians decided to make a major tweak to their traditional Christmas card -- they didn't include any Kardashians.
Secondly,while surfing the net earlier today,i discovered,Kim Kardashian posted the family's 2015 Christmas card on her Instagram, and it features only the littlest ones! North West and Mason, Penelope and Reign Disick are seen in the photo wearing all-black everything and looking absolutely adorable. 
But who else is missing from the pic?....more after the jump,including Kardashians family cards since 1995 till date

See The Official But Deleted Statement of Miss Germany to Miss Colombia,Do YOU think Miss Germany is really sorry?

Without any atom of doubt,you'll all agree with me that,This year's Miss Universe pageant sure brought a ton of controversy from Steve Harvey's announcement blunder, to the beauty pageant contestants shading the REAL winner, Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.But no one dissed Wurtzbach more than Miss Germany Sarah-Lorraine Riek who claimed none of the contestants voted for her! Not only that, but she called the situation a "nightmare" and said she thought it could be "the worst thing to have ever happened in [Miss Gutierrez's] life"!Well it seems that Riek is realizing how harsh her words were as a statement was issued on Tuesday on the Miss Universe Germany Facebook page — which has now been made "unavailable" — that attempts to apologize for Sarah-Lorraine's words.The statement reads

Wow! Ludacris is such a nice man see how much joy he's brought into Atlanta’s Children’s Hospital!

Ludacris spreads the holiday spirit!
 By merely looking at the picture,you'll agree with me that,Ludacris' definitely brought the holiday spirit to Atlanta's Children's Hospital!
The rapper slash actor paid a visit to all the sweet kids on Tuesday, bringing both gifts and cheer!
Considering he just welcomed a baby girl six months ago, we're sure this trip meant so much to him, especially since he also captured some of the beautiful moments and shared them with his fans on Instagram.
The 36-year-old captioned one shot:
"Back at the Childrens Hospital Atlanta GA like I do about this time every year giving out gifts and visiting the kids! Wit my bro @ryanseacrest radio#givingback #merryludacrismas"
Looks like the Furious 7 star brightened a few faces to say the least!

Uhn!...Here comes the big project for Kanye and Kim, we've just been told that the couple is Renovating a Vineyard to Make Their Own Wine at Home

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have grape expectations for their estate in Hidden Hills, California.
A source reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly that the pair, who are renovating the French château–style mansion, are also rehabbing a vineyard on the 3-acre property.
“They consulted experts to get it operable again,” says the source.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Sweetest PDA Moments
West, 38, is definitely in good spirits about the project — he’s name-dropped Moscato in his rhymes and once rapped about drinking “wine like Communion.”
“Kanye loves wine, and he’s really excited about this,” the source continues. “He even joked about having a Yeezus Wine!”
It will be a rare vintage: Kardashian, 35, and West do not intend to sell the vino in the vein of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Pitt’s Miraval Rosé. Says the source, “They just want to make their own wine at home.”
The vineyard is just another addition to the $20 million estate that they’ve been working on since August 2014....stay with us for more after the jump

Take a look at Drake's new tattoo below. Feeling it?

Drake's added some more OVO-approved ink to his body.As we near Christmas, things slow down both in the real world and online. Even these e-streets. That being said, we'd probably post this news regardless of whether or not it was slow, so yeah, there's that. Drake has been spending time out in Los Angeles, and while there, he's decided to add some ink to his growing collection of tattoos. Last we heard in the Drake Tattoo Developments, Drizzy got a "Boy Better Know" tattoo, paying homage to Skepta's crew. This latest ink is all OVO. Drake enlisted Dr. Woo to tattoo the words ""Oktober Lejonhjärta" which in Swedish means, "October Lionheart."

This is photo news on the situation of things right now in FESTACT Lagos-must read!!!

 Following the ongoing fuel scarcity in Lagos and other neighbouring states, icon360blog crew took to the street,Avenues and the Roads within Amuwo-Odofin and found out there appears to be no respite as the scarcity bites harder in FESTAC such that Many stations were put under lock while few other stations with fuel were crowded as occupants of the town were all out with jerrycans  in search of fuel for both cars and generator use,part of our coverage includes the following as reported by Jayzill of icon360blg,see more photos after the jump.....

Here's a very fantastic video on How to Choose Colors to Flatter Your Skin Tone....must watch!!!

This is Christmas period,and i know you've done a lot of shopping,just that,The lipstick you just bought looked so divine on the celebrity walking the red carpet, but it makes you look like you're from another a result icon360blog decides to bless you with this amazing tips,the one you can Get the most flattering hues  with....
Step 1: Assess skin tone
Assess your skin tone as either cool or warm. Hold a white sheet of paper up to your face to identify the main color you see in your skin. If you're still confused, put on a white blouse and then a cream-colored blouse. If you look better in the white, you're likely cool-skinned and if the cream one is more flattering, you have a warm skin tone.
See which jewelry tone is most flattering. Silver jewelry will look best against cool-toned skin, while gold jewelry will make warm tones glow.
Step 2,watch this amazing video for more after the cut


Chris Brown had another unwanted guest on his property who made her way in, refused to leave and ended up in cuffs!!! 
According to report,Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, it happened at 5 PM Tuesday at Chris' Woodland Hills mansion ... the same place where home invaders held his aunt at gunpoint and stole $50k. 
This time around report has it that, a 27-year-old woman waited at the electric gate in front until someone left, and then drove onto the property.  
Security ordered her to leave but she refused, and cops were called. They arrested her for criminal trespass.
funny enough,Chris was at home but never came out.   
We're told security had seen the woman in the past but she was never this aggressive. 

What do you think of Steve Harvey returning to host Miss Universe Pageant next year?! cos Miss Universe Executive 'Definitely' Wants Him to Host Again!!!

no title
whether you like it or not Miss Universe Executive 'Definitely' Wants Steve Harvey to Host Again!....
No doubt,we're all aware Steve Harvey made a MASSIVE mistake on Sunday when he announced the wrong winner of the Miss Universe contest.
Thankfully, the comedian corrected his mistake, but it couldn't repair all the damage he'd done.
Since Harvey's blunder, a lot of people have spoken out about what went down — including his wife who is supporting him, to the other contestants who are blaming the real winner, and Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach too!
However, what matters most is that the Miss Universe Pageant has forgiven the 58-year-old for the EPIC gaffe.
and the big gist is,Mark Shapiro, the chief content officer of WME IMG — the owner of the Miss Universe Organization — opened up about the controversy on the Jim Rome Show and actually said

Good News! reports says Adamawa Assembly is Rehabilitating Insurgency Affected Areas in Adamawa State

Adamawa State House of Assembly has enacted a law establishing an agency that will oversee the rehabilitation and reconstruction of areas bedeviled by Boko Haram insurgency.
The agency which will be funded by the state government will also oversee the rehabilitation of persons traumatised by the Boko Haram insurgents.
In the wake of the insurrection of the insurgents, seven local government areas of the state were affected by the Boko Haram insurgency which the law sought to rehabilitate.
The affected local government areas comprised

Too much money! this is a shout-out to the gladiators of a different era Floyd Mayweather!....find out the latest about Him HERE!

Floyd Mayweather, one of boxing’s all-time greats, has made an insane amount of money over the course of his career. He had earned some $420 million before 2015 even started, according to Forbes. By the time his total haul was tallied this year, he took in another $300 million to easily top the previous record for earnings by an athlete of $115 million, held by Tiger Woods.that's just small to what we have for you here,stay with us after the jump for the latest about Mayweather's spending details

"Memba Him?....Damilola Taylor's father reveals how Star Wars actor John Boyega was boy seen in CCTV moments before his son was stabbed 15 years ago

Damilola Taylor was friends with Star Wars 7 actor John Boyega in Peckham
....flash back!
Damilola's father, Richard Taylor (pictured right), has revealed actor John Boyega (left) and his sister Grace were the two children seen on CCTV with Damilola (inset) just moments before his death in November 2000. The youngsters grew up on the same tough estate in Peckham, south east London, and the siblings were the last people to see Damilola alive before he was attacked with a broken bottle. remember the story?

Here's a Shocking footage which shows racist woman's rant at KFC staff as she is dragged out of restaurant with a threat of killing the black girl...are there no human rights out there?

Video of woman's racist rant against KFC staff in Ashton-under-Lyne
A woman has been caught on camera delivering a tirade of foul-mouthed and racist abuse against staff at a KFC in Greater Manchester. The blonde is seen speaking to a woman at the counter of the restaurant in Ashton-under-Lyne before suddenly bursting into a rage and throwing what appears to be napkins at her (pictured). She is heard shouting 'I'll kill you' in the direction of the woman while other workers try to calm her down, and later shouts 'you f****** little black b****'.that was one of it among so many of such cases all over the world,but the question is...

This a miracle! Reports says a Chinese man was found alive under the rubble after 67 hours still breathing..isn't this a miracle?!...

china landslidechina landslide
surprisingly,A survivor has been pulled alive from rubble 67 hours after a landslide hit Shenzen, China!!!..
Squeezed into a narrow room under piles of debris for more than 60 hours, a young man was saved and hindered by a door that trapped his foot and gave him the space to survive. Rescuers on Wednesday pulled him from the massive mudslide that hit part of a major manufacturing city in southern China.
In a feeble voice migrant worker Tian Zeming, 21, told rescuers his name and that another person was buried near him, according to authorities

Why Are They Against Winner Miss Philippines?!.....Latina Miss Universe Contestants rallied!

no title
Will the drama ever end?!
Miss Universe is dealing with major blowback after Sunday night's controversial finish — and it ain't just about Steve Harvey making the mistake of a lifetime!
Sources are reporting that Latina contestants at the pageant — Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Costa Rica, Miss Mexico, and others — swarmed the fallen Miss Colombia after the controversial finish to console her.
What's interesting though is that the women were not blaming Harvey for the mistake — they allegedly said he was very gracious.
They were instead blaming… Miss Philippines?!
What did she do to deserve blame…?!
The contestants apparently couldn't come up with a good reason why Miss Philippines deserves the heat for this one!
Still, sources are saying that group all feels that Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach does not deserve the crown and have not been congratulating her on the victory — something Miss Germany would apparently back them up on.
Oh boy. Steve Messed Up His Lines Because…

Exclusive:Cristiano Ronaldo gave a guided tour of his plush £4.8million mansion in Spain..Take a look!!

 Real Madrid star want you to have  guided tour of his £4.8m mansion that includes seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms and some VERY questionable decor...
Fans of Cristiano Ronaldo were given the chance to see him at him close quarters with the release of his film last month and the Real Madrid superstar is at it again - opening his doors for a guided video tour of his expansive home.

Ronaldo's plush £4.8million mansion is situated in the La Finca part of Pozuelo de Alarcon - an elite neighbourhood 10km west of the Moncloa District of Madrid that is also home to Real team-mate Gareth Bale and France legend Zinedine Zidane nearby.for more details and unique photos pls join me after the jump

what are u packagaing for your bae or boo this christmas season? whell,here's a proven Mathematical way on How to wrap that Christmas Toblerone

Katie Steckles reveals the science behind wrapping Christmas presents
have you been there???...maybe from this you'll understand what am talking about!
It's one of the toughest tasks every year at Christmas that causes inevitable struggles - wrapping up odd-shaped presents. Luckily, mathematician Katie Steckles has stepped up to help out with a video tutorial showing how all of us can tackle those tough-to-wrap gifts using simple numbers and fractions. The wrapping genius, armed with snazzy paper and suitably adorned in a Christmas jumper, reveals the secrets to covering all shapes and sizes, from square ends to cylinders (pictured). In the video posted on YouTube, she demonstrates how to take on the most difficult challenges and even successfully wraps a video after the jump

Nigerian music star Yemi Alade in a stunning fresh faced photos that remind us the uniqueness of Chrismas-Take a look!!!

Here's your darling Nigeria hot musician Yemi Alade in a new face photo shoot,of course as you can see both her hair,colour of shirt even her face pointed out clearly that,more is coming after Christmas,cos Yemi is coming out with something superb and i want you all to be on the look out for her!
..see all the changes coming from her as arranged by the following pics

Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutiérrez Speaks Out After Miss Universe Snafu: ''I Was Able to Bring Happiness to My Country

Awww! That is so sweet!
what an eventful couple of days it has been for Ariadna Gutiérrez!
As we told U earlier, Steve Harvey accidentally announced Miss Colombia as the winner of the Miss Universe pageant, when the top prize was truly meant for Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach!
While the runner-up is disappointed she didn't nab first place, the 21-year-old only has positive things to say about her experience.
On Tuesday, she took her Instagram handle to finally speak her mind.
 In an honest way,The model say

2016 New year resolution tips on how to loose weight in a 5-simple but very effective the first to know!!!

All too often I talk to women who have had some success with diets, cleanses and detoxes. Yet inevitably, they all fell off the wagon at some point. Why?
Is it the dieter's fault? Or is it that the diet itself that failed?
I think it's the latter.
When a student friend by the name Fatima was trying to lose weight years ago, she did silly things, like skipping meals, extreme cardio, along with depriving herself of the foods she really wanted to eat, like chocolate, and carbs and all those CU yummy.
The net result were: hunger, anger, resentment, and no weight loss. she kept focusing on lack and deprivation, so that's what she got in return.
Then in 2015 she decided to give herself permission to eat. she  focused on eating whole foods that gave her vitality and energy. she started tuning into her body and better-managing her stress.
The next thing was, she lost 60 pounds and kept it off.
my point here in a nutshell  is following a short-term diet mentality versus a long-term lifestyle shift.
Diets focus on temporary fixes. And once the weight-loss goal is reached, many people end up over-indulging after the fact because they've deprived themselves for so long. The end result is gaining all of that weight right back.
For example, let's say you want to lose 10 pounds for an upcoming vacation. So you deprive yourself for weeks leading up to it and manage to lose the weight.  But then you somehow end up eating the entire buffet table at the hotel.before you know,weight is back on and then some. Enter increased guilt, shame and negative self image. and now i want to ask so that you can add this to your new year resolution why answering  my question
 Do you Desire results in 2016?....
If you're ready to get off the diet wagon and lose weight, without having to make as much of an effort or deprive yourself here are five tips that work like magic

Public officials banned from first class travel in Ghana-see details HERE!

Going by a new agenda for change and In a renewed effort to cut wasteful spending,Ghanaian  President John Mahama has banned public officials from first class air travel
According to reports,The Ghanaian authority said on Tuesday that the ban has come into effect as the country implements her IMF aid deal to revive the state the nation's finances.
The presidency issued the directive this week asking all ministers and other top officials to avoid “unwarranted” foreign trips on the
public purse, 
This was officially communicated by Edward Omane Boamah Communications Minister