Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Why Are They Against Winner Miss Philippines?!.....Latina Miss Universe Contestants rallied!

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Will the drama ever end?!
Miss Universe is dealing with major blowback after Sunday night's controversial finish — and it ain't just about Steve Harvey making the mistake of a lifetime!
Sources are reporting that Latina contestants at the pageant — Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Costa Rica, Miss Mexico, and others — swarmed the fallen Miss Colombia after the controversial finish to console her.
What's interesting though is that the women were not blaming Harvey for the mistake — they allegedly said he was very gracious.
They were instead blaming… Miss Philippines?!
What did she do to deserve blame…?!
The contestants apparently couldn't come up with a good reason why Miss Philippines deserves the heat for this one!
Still, sources are saying that group all feels that Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach does not deserve the crown and have not been congratulating her on the victory — something Miss Germany would apparently back them up on.
Oh boy. Steve Messed Up His Lines Because…

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