Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Exclusive:Cristiano Ronaldo gave a guided tour of his plush £4.8million mansion in Spain..Take a look!!

 Real Madrid star want you to have  guided tour of his £4.8m mansion that includes seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms and some VERY questionable decor...
Fans of Cristiano Ronaldo were given the chance to see him at him close quarters with the release of his film last month and the Real Madrid superstar is at it again - opening his doors for a guided video tour of his expansive home.

Ronaldo's plush £4.8million mansion is situated in the La Finca part of Pozuelo de Alarcon - an elite neighbourhood 10km west of the Moncloa District of Madrid that is also home to Real team-mate Gareth Bale and France legend Zinedine Zidane nearby.for more details and unique photos pls join me after the jump

Cristiano Ronaldo gave a guided tour of his plush £4.8million mansion in SpainWith Unscriptd Sport cameramen for company, Ronaldo, who earns £288,000-a-week after tax at Real, gives viewers a peek at his bedroom, living room and garden, complete with mini goals where Cristiano Jnr can follow in his father's footsteps.
The Portugal captain describes his bedroom as one of the most important things in his life;the next stop on the tour is the living room before Ronaldo talks in depth about his dining facilities.
Red velvet added more than a splash of colour to this room before Ronaldo decided to make it his homeBoasting a swanky round table, the room is of significant importance for Real's No 7 - with diet and nutrition a key to his success,'The second or third most important place according to him is the place where h eat... that's where he has his his own word,CR7  said  most of the times I eat at home,' he says humorously that,

'his chefs cook unbelievably for him, this is why he look like that,' he also adds and light-heartedly points at his athletic figure.The 8,600-square-foot, one-story mansion is situated in the La Finca part of Pozuelo de Alarcon,The luxurious building in La Finca is 10km west of the Moncloa District of Madrid
Ronaldo's tour ends in the garden which has a swimming pool and hot tub. Beyond that is the mini-football pitch and there's also a Christmas tree.
'And here is where Cristiano plays football - the nets there. We also have a Christmas tree because soon it will be Christmas,' he adds.
'I wish everyone Merry Christmas, have a good year and be happy - which for me is the most important.'
In August, Ronaldo purchased this three-bedroom apartment in New York City for £11.8m ($18.5m)
In August, Ronaldo added to his proprety portfolio when he bought a luxury apartment in New York for a staggering £11.8m ($18.5m).
Is he trying to market and sell his house as he will be leaving Madrid in the near future? Lol!.....Nice Guy and Nice House, Good luck to the young man he deserves it!!

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