Wednesday, December 23, 2015

what are u packagaing for your bae or boo this christmas season? whell,here's a proven Mathematical way on How to wrap that Christmas Toblerone

Katie Steckles reveals the science behind wrapping Christmas presents
have you been there???...maybe from this you'll understand what am talking about!
It's one of the toughest tasks every year at Christmas that causes inevitable struggles - wrapping up odd-shaped presents. Luckily, mathematician Katie Steckles has stepped up to help out with a video tutorial showing how all of us can tackle those tough-to-wrap gifts using simple numbers and fractions. The wrapping genius, armed with snazzy paper and suitably adorned in a Christmas jumper, reveals the secrets to covering all shapes and sizes, from square ends to cylinders (pictured). In the video posted on YouTube, she demonstrates how to take on the most difficult challenges and even successfully wraps a video after the jump

i hope with this  tutorial you too can put smile on people's face this festive period.

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