Sunday, December 28, 2014

Here's A to Z about Geneveive Nnaji’s chieftancy the first to know!!...

if you didn't know,better  better know now!...and for your information,henceforth never you call her Genevieve Nnaji without adding ‘Chief’ to it :)...else!

What a painful moment as Agonizing relatives are waiting to hear what became of loved ones

new bann
The massive search and rescue operation for the missing Air Asia flight bound for Singapore from Indonesia (bottom left) which lost contact with air traffic control after flying through bad weather has been halted until tomorrow due to fading light

Referee should be ashamed on Fabregas penalty saga -Mourinho

From the match,we find out that Fabregas  was booked for diving in the penalty box... but was it a penalty?....please lets have your views on that... 

Shocking moment disillusioned 14-year-old recruit has bomb vest removed after handing himself in to guards rather than blowing up Baghdad mosque

This is the dramatic moment a Syrian boy escaped from Isis  - by volunteering as a suicide bomber and then handing himself in at the mosque he was meant to blow up.
Now we know that not all those under treats loses out ..just like this guy did....
all the way from mailonline came this report about this chap who's said shown extreme level of braveness.....see more details after the cut...

check out the bizarre goings-on at Richard Branson’s idyllic Necker Island, where guests paid £40,000 a night

Staff have revealed the bizarre goings-on at Richard Branson’s idyllic Necker Island, where guests paid £40,000 a nightNecker Island promises A-listers privacy and discretion, as well as the sort of unparalleled luxury that £40,000 a night buys
It is the exclusive Caribbean playground of the ultra-wealthy – a real-life fantasy island where nothing is too much trouble for its elite guests.
Richard Branson’s idyllic Necker Island promises A-listers privacy and discretion, as well as the sort of unparalleled luxury that £40,000 a night buys. But now some of the secrets of the Virgin Islands paradise hideaway can be revealed, including the bizarre lengths staff go to in ensuring that their moneyed guests’ every whim is satisfied

Meet the the man who ruined Christmas for our kids!!! 'Hacker' appears on TV and claims his group is responsible for upsetting millions of kids by bringing down Xbox Live and Playstation networks


In a brazen television interview, the man (pictured), who went by the name 'Ryan', said he and a small group launched the Christmas Day cyber attack on computer games consoles. He claimed that the group he was part of carried out the hack partly for amusement - and to expose poor security. December 25 was ruined for children across the country who were forced to abandon plans to spend the holidays in a virtual world playing on their new Playstation or Xbox games systems due to internet hackers.

AirAsia flight carrying 162 people from Indonesia to Singapore has be confirmed missing!

Malaysia Airlines, who has lost two carrier engines this year, released a tweet in support of Air Asia
picking this up sunday morning,news reaching us reveals that
An AirAsia flight from Surabaya in Indonesia to Singapore has disappeared after losing contact with air traffic controllers. Flight QZ8501 was meant to land at Changi Airport in Singapore about 8.30am local time but could not be contacted by Indonesian officials from 7.24am local time