Monday, December 28, 2015

Here's a must read news for all Nigerians,male or female.....READ!!!!

I know you've probably heard or read this new before, as such there's no point compelling you to look at it,just that i feel you should just take a glance through meditatively and imagine how many lives  would have been lost if Nigerian security force were not working,as such i'd like us to revisit this and in the end show appreciation to God and to our security men in this country for averting what would have become a major blow to this country Nigeria...cos the beauty and growth we need in this country would only come when the citizens are alive and think on that as we introduce you to how many times intended attacks on the innocent civilians have been averted by our security men in Nigeria. 
 in the news earlier reported by the Nigerian sun,it says SOLDIERS have once again arrested  about seven members of Boko Haram who planned to carry out an attack on Ka­duna, during the Christmas celebrations.
The terrorists, who are also said to be experts, were arrested after a planned surveillance

Uhn!...see how North West rode on Kanye's shoulder in Calabasas....don't you think,having a kid is a good thing?

Kanye West is a fun dad, at least if you ask North West.
North had a big grin as she rode on Kanye's shoulders after a meal in Calabasas.
Kim was nowhere in sight ... probably because she's got a new kid...see more pics after the jump

Here's a unique video on How to Open A Champagne Bottle This New Year’s Eve With Just A Spoon...must watch!!

This New Year’s Eve, look like you’ve got some idea what you’re doing around liquor by incorporating the Saber technique to open a champagne bottle.
This video explains the simple technique and demonstrates with a spoon and a butter knife. Opt for the spoon. No reason to add more danger to an already tricky maneuver.
It’s one thing to pop a stranger in the face with a cork but it’s a whole other level of fail if you accidentally stab the guy in the eye too.!

Inspirational: find out how much money best-selling author David Sedaris makes per day even though he found his success relatively late in life!

David Sedaris, the best-selling humorist, revealed he earns $2 million per year. 
Sedaris made the revelation on a podcast hosted by comedian Michael Ian Black. Sedaris is the best-selling author of 8 books, writes for The New Yorker, and does speaking tours around the country. 
During the podcast, Sedaris talked about doing book signings, and at his signings he gives people a lot of attention, talking to them about their lives. He asks somewhat invasive questions like how much they make, or how much they paid for their homes, because he thinks it's amusing.
Black used that as an opportunity to ask him how much he makes in a year,to our greatest surprise here's what he said plus how he turned millionaire by doing a very simple thing in a big way,stay with us for full details after the cut

I never thought about being pop and R&B and all these different categories. I just wanted to be music and wanted everybody to love my music. I don’t care what color they are.coz I didn’t write my music for no particular color.”-R.kelly

With his latest album not selling as much as you would think, R. Kelly is appealing to fans to support him while touching on the issue of them not supporting his musical endeavors.The singer’s situation comes amid news of him walking out of an interview he did with HuffPost Live after he was questioned about past allegations of sexual assault. As a result, Kelly became a trending topic nationwide on Twitter on Monday (Dec. 21).
unfortunately,his walkout apparently didn’t do him any favors... this is because,The entertainer’s 13th studio effort, “The Buffet,” is having a rough time commercially since it’s release on Dec. 11 as sales have been slow compared to his 2013 album “Black Panties.”
With that, Kelly took to Facebook recently in an effort to get music fans to invest in “The Buffet.”....and its kinda funny!....get the full details plus how frustrated he's become after the jump

Exclusive:I certainly want to comply with the word....Bishop T.D Jakes responded to his critics over wearing of Ripped jeans to Church

Every preacher has his or her fair share of people waiting for him or her to slip up...And Bishop T.D. Jakes is no exception as he personally responded to a “critic” who questioned a ripped jeans he wore in one of his Instagram photos.
Taking to Jakes’ Instagram page, provided the following commentary....
Bishop TD Jakes was in church yesterday in this ripped jeans.
Only for a ‘concerned’ fan to lash out at him, after Bishop posted the
photos on Instagram, that he is supposed to be leading by example and
not wearing ripped jeans to the altar as it is worldly. Do you see
anything wrong with Bishop Jakes’ attire? Here's how he replied the fan...
of which we assumed he shouldn't have responded,all the same find out his complete statement after the jump