Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Vixen Amber Rose is putting her publicized beefs on the back burner this week and, instead, reportedly searching for a new home in California.
According to reports, cameras caught Rose doing some house-hunting in Los Angeles this week.
But the 31-year-old model appeared to be moving on – quite literally – as she was spotted browsing a selection of luxury properties for the sale in West Hollywood, California, on Monday. The buxom beauty was sure to take on the task in typical eye-catching style, showing off her endless curves in a form-fitting black tank top with matching leggings and towering peep-toe heels. (Daily Mail)
Check out the war

Binge drinker?..see the reason why you should stop drinking it!

Researchers have linked binge drinking to low intelligence.

Scientists at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm analysed data from 49,321 Swedish men born between 1949-1951, who had been conscripted in the army between 1969-1971.
After examining IQ tests from their conscriptions and data on their total alcohol use, they found that lower results in IQ tests were associated with higher consumption of

Hollywood actors with the most Academy Award nominations but no wins


Leonardo DiCaprio is not alone.
Julianne Moore nearly joined this Statista list of celebrities with Oscar nominations with no wins, which uses data from Business Insider. The actress had been nominated without winning four times before 2015.

Why sex is much more complicated than male and female...be the first to know!....

Identifying people as simply ‘male’ or ‘female’ has its limitations, as a recent article in Nature magazine which examines how increasingly complicated sex-determination can be highlights.
A typical male has XY chromosomes and a female has XX but not everyone fits so neatly into these categories. Scientists already know that people can have sex chromosomes that don’t match their sexual anatomy but genetics can push the boundaries of sexual identity even further.
A closer look at individual cells can give rise to some astonishing results

These are the most obese countries in the world right now including your country...take a look

A recent study showed that 700m people across the world are obese. These maps show obesity levels around the world - with red showing countries with the highest proportion of people classified as obese and green having the lowest proportion.
The graphics were created by Clinic Compare using data from the CIA’s World Factbook and show that obesity is a problem affecting every continent.
Interestingly, although countries in North America and Europe appear prominent on the global map owing to their size, the countries with the biggest obesity problems are almost exclusively found in the Pacific Islands