Wednesday, September 30, 2015

15 years old girl reportedly set herself on fire after being dumped by her boyfriend

Schoolgirl distraught after being dumped by boyfriend made a shrine of tea lights and setSchoolgirl distraught after being dumped by boyfriend made a shrine of tea lights and set
Rebecca Berry, 15, was inconsolable after her partner of seven months split up with her, and in her despair made a shrine out of tea lights at the bottom of her garden, which would later kill her. A hearing at Bournemouth Coroners' Court was told how she covered herself in a flammable liquid, set herself on fire while kneeling in a circle of tea lights, and died after inhaling toxic gases released by the flames.'...and now we are asking,is that guy the only one on earth that she can have as a boyfriend?...

For Her Unborn child,Kim say she's not sure of the name Easton...and what's the meaning of that name?

kimye baby no 2 name
It's all baby blabber for Kim Kardashian West!3
This week it seems the reality TV star can't escape talking about the bun cooking in her oven — especially when it comes to the little one's potential name and the cravings he's causing. LOLz!10
On Tuesday, the brunette beauty took to Instagram to share some baby updates to her legion of followers, which included some serious Cheetos love! LOVES it!
HIGHlarious! Still, despite her desire for this junk food, we feel that Kimmy Kakes has been totally SLAYING this pregnancy.
But that wasn't the only the bit of baby news the KUWTK celeb shared this week, as she recently sat down with Ellen DeGeneres and chatted about her unborn baby's future moniker.
In a clip for Wednesday's episode, she revealed

'We Have To Raise Our Own Bars' Michelle Obama & Charlize Theron,Advice To Young Girls

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Charlize Theron and Michelle Obama teamed up to deliver some amazing advice at Glamour's The Power of an Educated Girl event in New York. Considering the two are both strong women and have daughters, we think they were the perfect choice for the speaking engagement!
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The inspiring duo, who both aim to increase young girls access to education, strongly advised the audience to forgo a boy's attention for personal empowerment

Breaking news! Senate President Bukola Saraki said he has Received the List of Ministers!

Senate President Bukola Saraki this evening via Twitter admit being in possession of the list of ministers sent to him by President Muhammadu Buhari.
stay with us for more details shortly!!

Syria crisis: Putin's jets are targeting non-ISIS positions

Russian Su-24 fighter-bomber (file photo)Russia begins air strikes against ISIS in Syria
The areas blitzed by Putin are controlled by an array of rebel groups including those operating under the banner of the Free Syrian Army who are backed by the U.S-led coalition, according to activists, locals and rebels. But none of the sources named the Islamic State as one of the groups operating in the areas hit. A U.S. official also earlier said the Russian air strikes so far did not appear to be targeting ISIS-held territory. The reports came as video emerged that claimed to show Russian fighter jets bombing targets in the province of Hama, which is controlled by moderate rebels and not the Islamic State, while pictures showed the aftermath of an attack on the town of Talbisseh (bottom) in Homs.(mailonline)

Stars including Little Mix, Miley Cyrus and Keira Knightly adopt new look on the red carpet(photos)

Duck face is out and 'fish gape' is in!
The 'fish gape' - cheeks sucked in and lips ever so slightly parted - has been seen on stars including, pictured from top left, Miley Cyrus, Keira Knightly, Jennifer Lopez, Perrie Edwards, Myleene Klass and Abbie Clancy. Unlike the exaggerated smooch effect of the duck face, the look takes a more subtle approach, and naturally draws the cheeks in and the chin down, giving the illusion of a slimmer face
....are they not looking fishy?..lolz!...anyway,we like their looks,what about you?

spain and Australia top on the list 20 countries that eat the most fat

America may be the world's leader in the obesity epidemic, but it's not the leader in the amount of fat we eat.
In terms of overall fat consumption, US was ranked twelfth in a list of the top 20 countries who eat the most fat, according to a recent research note from Credit Suisse on dietary fat consumption and its health and market implications.
Here’s the list of the top countries who eat the most fat, ranked by the amount of calories they get from fat

CAF :Nigerian fined $5,000 for fan misconduct

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has ordered Nigeria to pay a $5,000 fine, for fans’ misconduct during their 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Chad on July 13.
CAF announced this decision via its official website on Tuesday.
The continent’s football governing body revealed that it reached the verdict at its disciplinary board meeting on September 20.
Nigerian fans rushed into the pitch of the Ahmadu Bello Stadium in Kaduna after the Super Eagles scored their second goal in the game.
The Eagles won the match 2-0

This is America's Got Talent Judgment Week,take a look (comedy)

 Here's a funny Comedic magician performs ridiculously funny magic acts. See a special expression of patriotism during his card trick!

Here's a unique Iraqi Kidney Bean Tashrib recipe,check it out!!!

This meal is popular in Iraq. It is very tasty, very simple and eaten mostly on weekends--for breakfast or lunch with fried eggs and green onions on the side. A very important note is that this recipe is made with RED kidney beans only which is mandatory. You can eat it with your fingers or with a fork; it is really up to you,INGREDIENTS  and Nutrition

Iam the new Petroleum Resources minister, Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari says he will head the Ministry of Petroleum Resources in the new cabinet.
Addressing some select reporters in New York on Tuesday, after addressing a Global Leaders' Summit on Countering ISIL and Violent Extremism, he said: "I wil remain Minister of Petroleum.
"I will appoint a minister of State for Petroleum''.
According to him, this step is being taken as part of efforts to sanitise Nigeria’s oil industry which is said to be plagued by corruption, massive fraud, and crude oil theft.
Buhari restated his determination to sanitise Nigeria's oil industry and free it from corruption and shady deals.
He said that the first step in this direction had already been taken with the appointment of a new management for the NNPC and its subsequent reorganisation.
The President said that the prosecution of those who misappropriated NNPC's revenue under past administrations would soon commence.
On Corruption, he pledged that the federal government will fight corruption, because it has been identified as the root of all problems hindering Nigeria as a nation.

what a sad news! The Pope Couldn't Stop This woman From Being Executed in the US!!!

Protesters outside the Georgia Diagnostic Prison in Georgia, 30 September 2015
A woman in the US state of Georgia has been executed despite a number of last-ditch appeals, including one by the Pope, to try to block her execution.
Kelly Gissendaner, 47, was the first woman put to death in the southern US state in 70 years.
According to report,Lawyers filed at least three appeals with the US Supreme Court to try to delay the sentence hours before she died.
Gissendaner planned but did not carry out her husband's murder in 1997.
Her former lover, Gregory Owen, who killed Douglas Gissendaner, was given life in prison as part of a plea bargain.
Pope Francis, who was recently on a US tour, urged the review board to reconsider;But

iPhone 6s': Angry lefties blast Apple for favouring right-handed users

Following on from the launch of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, left-handed users have been complaining on Twitter about the fact the phones don't have a mirroring tool to suit their needs. Others have criticised the location of the dock when the larger models are orientated in Landscape mode 

If Taylor Swift were left-handed, would iPhone 6S dock be so hard to reach for lefties in landscape mode? I rest my case.

Ever since the iPhone 4 dropped signal when held in a left hand, Apple has come under fire for not doing more to support its left-handed users. 
Following on from the launch of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus on Friday, this issue has reared its ugly head again as annoyed lefties have taken to Twitter to complain.
Some bemoan the fact the phones don't have a mirroring tool, while others criticise the location of the dock in Landscape mode.
The issue was first spotted by Sophie Kleeman at news site Mic.
One of her colleagues noticed that when the larger Plus model is turned on its side

London based Asian woman receives £41,000 compensation, after campaign of bullying that saw her demoted

Noordan Jaumdally, 46, became one of only 16 female 'Centurion' managers when she was promoted in 2010 and put in charge of 135 staffNoordan Jaumdally, 46, became one of only 16 female 'Centurion' managers when she was promoted in 2010 and put in charge of 135 staff

London Underground's most senior Asian female manager has won £41,000 compensation after she was demoted after being falsely accused of bullying by RMT union boss.
Noordan Jaumdally, 46, became one of only 16 female 'Centurion' managers when she was promoted in 2010 and put in charge of 135 staff.
She was in control of workers at Cannon Street, Tower Hill, Aldgate East, Whitechapel and Bromley-by-Bow

Star Jax Taylor Is Suing A Clothing Brand For Failing To Pay Him For Wearing Their Shoes

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Jax Taylor may be in some legal trouble of his own thanks to his shoplifting case in Hawaii, but now he's got another lawsuit on his hands — only this time, he's the one looking to get paid

here's new pictures showing inside the cabin of an Air Canada plane that crash-landed on the Halifax Stanfield International Airport's runway

Pictured: Inside the Air Canada plane that crash-landed at Halifax Airport after smashing
Oxygen masks dangle from the ceiling, debris litters the aisles and parts of the floor are completely ripped up. These new pictures show inside the cabin of an Air Canada plane that crash-landed on the Halifax Stanfield International Airport's runway (pictured inset) earlier this year. The Airbus 320 crashed into a power line on landing and then skidded off the runway in March - sending 25 people to the hospital with injuries. The Transportation Safety Board, who released the images of the interior, attribute the damage to the floor punctures from 'aircraft structure' (right). The flight was headed to Halifax, Nova Scotia, from Toronto on March 29 when it touched down 1,100 feet (335 meters) short of the runway during a snowstorm at around 12.30am local time.

take a look at this heartbreaking 'goodbye' note from a six-year-old boy before his death

Leland Shoemake's parents find his 'goodbye' note after he died from a brain infection
Leland Shoemake (main) died in Atlanta on Friday from an infection caused by the amoeba Balamuthia mandrillaris after being hospitalized in a critical condition two weeks ago. Doctors do not know how he came to contract the infection. Leland's mother, Amber Shoemake, posted to a Facebook page set up for her son that her and her husband returned home from the hospital after he died to find a 'goodbye note' in the living room (inset). They do not know when their son wrote the note, but described him as incredibly smart, funny and loving.
..may his innocent  soul rest in peace

The Brits are known for their wacky senses of humor,checkout their latest prank with BBC Radio1

no title
What a good sport!
The Brits are known for their wacky senses of humor, and Demi Lovato's latest prank with BBC Radio 1 is simply HIGHlarious! video after the jump