Thursday, February 26, 2015

Warning: Explicit lyrics!..Here's the full performance of Kanye west that ITV didn’t want you to hear.

If you’re likely to be offended, you probably shouldn’t watch this video!!!.
Then again, if you’re a Kanye West fan, the repeated use of expletives probably doesn’t faze you.
The US rapper took to the Brits stage last night with some of the UK’s most prominent grime artists to debut his new song “All Day”.
ITV muted large parts of the song (see Vine above), leading to confusion among viewers at home.

Here's What you need to know about the man called Jihadi John....

“Jihadi John”, the Isis militant who has been filmed on camera beheading numerous hostages....In an exclusive expose, the Washington Post reveals they have spoken to several of Emwazi’s friends and relatives who have confirmed his identity and has been named in reports as

see what happened to Madonna

While Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith won big awards at the Brits several hours ago, the moment everyone is talking about was Madonna

Take a look at the world's most expensive personalised number plates ever

A number plate expected to sell for more than £500,000 at auction yesterday failed to approach a record price according to i100independent,uk.
It was believed that the number “250 C” would appeal to owners of Ferrari’s 250 GT California Spyder supercar (above) and bidding would be fierce.
In the end, the successful bidder paid £21,500 for it at a DVLA auction in Nottingham. These are the licence plates that have managed to get drivers’ motors running over the years –and how much they were sold for