Sunday, September 27, 2015

strange news!: Women who have never been in a relationship paying £5,000 to get pregnant in UK!

....what is will their surname be called....bastard?
Dozens of young heterosexual women have had virgin births after undergoing IVF in Britain, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Ouch!.....rapist who disguised as his sister' and fled Uk is captured in Hong Kong honey trap

Dancing On Ice skater rapist Joseph Tsang captured in Hong Kong honey trap
Armed Interpol officers swooped on Joseph Tsang (bottom left in a mugshot, pictured in main image after his arrest) who has been on the run since mid-August. He was lured out of hiding with the promise of a date with a teenage girl on Friday night. This newspaper can also exclusively reveal that the 31-year-old claims he skipped Britain by disguising himself as sister Josephine Tsang (top right) and using his sister's passport, raising alarming questions about security at Heathrow Airport. Tsang is an accomplished skater who was on Dancing On Ice (circled bottom right) in 2009.

Unbelievable..this baby is celebration a year birthday today even though he's was born with out a skull!!!

Jaxon Emmett Buell, defies the odds after being born with only part of a brain and skull
....It's a miracle! How Jaxon, the baby given days to live when he was born with most of his skull missing, has defied the odds - and is celebrating his first birthday
Born with most of his brain and skull missing, baby Jaxon Emmett Buell was not expected to live. In fact his parents (pictured together, left) had been told to abort him when doctors discovered his condition. With the help of their Christian faith - they welcomed baby Jaxon into the world. The miracle baby, from Florida, has just celebrated his first birthday.

Here's a very special recipe from Pennsylvania,of which I and my Queen,Katie are going to enjoy together soonest! you care for some?

This special recipe called Lamagna Ricotta Cheese was Made with only three simple ingredients – never any additives or preservatives.,makers said,it was Made from the freshest Pennsylvania Milk.
All milk based-No whey,No stabilizers to bind water (gums, starch or Carrageenan).
it contains,New enclosed mixing and cooking vats to create a more consistent cheese.
for SERVING SUGGESTION,all you need it, Toast your favorite bread. Add a dollop of Lamagna Fresh Ricotta Cheese. Drizzle with honey. Sprinkle with strawberries and toasted hazelnuts..

Another deadly clash has erupted in Central African Republic!

A French army vehicle near Bangui
Deadly clashes broke out in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic (CAR), after a Muslim motorbike taxi driver was killed.
About 20 people have been killed with at least 100 others wounded in the violence.
UN peacekeepers took up positions as the fighting spread from the city's only Muslim neighbourhood to an area where many Christians reside.
CAR has experienced religious and ethnic unrest for more than two years.
The BBC's Max Allaroum in Bangui says Saturday's violence is some of the worst the city has experienced this year - with the largest death toll

US singer Chris Brown denied of visa to Australia because of his violent life style visa for you dude,we no want trouble-australia
The US singer Chris Brown has been told he is unlikely to be given a visa to perform in Australia because of his record of domestic violence.
The singer is scheduled to go on tour in Australia in December, and tickets are due to go on sale on Monday.
He now has 28 days to appeal.
In 2009, Chris Brown pleaded guilty to assaulting his then-girlfriend, the pop star Rihanna. He has toured Australia twice since, but the government is under pressure to refuse him this time

vanity upon vanity:Ruined by Operation Yewtree, the veteran comedian who's lost it all mourns his life

Freddie Star ruined by Operation Yewtree mourns his life as he hides in Spanish flat
....Freddie, the fallen Starr: Ruined by Operation Yewtree is Hiding from £1million debts in a squalid Spanish flat. Too ill to work, and utterly alone... the veteran comedian who's lost it all mourns his life....,people are saying...Whatever you might think of Freddie Starr, it is difficult not to feel some compassion for him. becuase

France has launched an air strike on

An undated handout picture provided by the Defense Audiovisual Communication and Production Unit (ECPAD) on 08 September 2015 shows Rafale fighter jets of the French Air Force
France has carried out its first air strikes against Islamic State militants in Syria couple of minutes ago.
According to report,The president's office said that French planes struck targets identified during reconnaissance missions conducted over the past fortnight.France co-ordinated with regional partners for the operation, a brief statement said.French jets have previously carried out air strikes against IS targets in neighbouring Iraq

Happy Birthday to Bishop David Oyedepo @ 61

Happy Birthday,president Living Faith WorldWide; Chancellor,Covenant and LandMark University,Dr David Oyedepo,Icon360blog rejoice with you today,the 27th of September,2015 as another glorious and wonderful year is added to your life of outstanding impact and tremendous accomplishments