Sunday, September 27, 2015

vanity upon vanity:Ruined by Operation Yewtree, the veteran comedian who's lost it all mourns his life

Freddie Star ruined by Operation Yewtree mourns his life as he hides in Spanish flat
....Freddie, the fallen Starr: Ruined by Operation Yewtree is Hiding from £1million debts in a squalid Spanish flat. Too ill to work, and utterly alone... the veteran comedian who's lost it all mourns his life....,people are saying...Whatever you might think of Freddie Starr, it is difficult not to feel some compassion for him. becuase

The comedian was arrested four times during Operation Yewtree, the wide-ranging investigation into historic child abuse, but released without charge. Desperate to clear his name, he launched a libel claim against the woman who had pointed the finger at him. Karin Ward, a victim of serial sex offender Jimmy Savile, claimed Starr (pictured right during his 80s heyday and left as he is today) shoved his hand up her skirt when she appeared on TV in 1974 at the age of just 15. Starr accused Ms Ward of lying and sought £300,000 for alleged slander and libel in interviews she gave to the BBC and ITV. But he lost. Now, overweight, beaten and broke, he is hiding out in an apartment on the Costa del Sol (inset) which has become, he says, a prison.

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