Sunday, September 27, 2015

Here's a very special recipe from Pennsylvania,of which I and my Queen,Katie are going to enjoy together soonest! you care for some?

This special recipe called Lamagna Ricotta Cheese was Made with only three simple ingredients – never any additives or preservatives.,makers said,it was Made from the freshest Pennsylvania Milk.
All milk based-No whey,No stabilizers to bind water (gums, starch or Carrageenan).
it contains,New enclosed mixing and cooking vats to create a more consistent cheese.
for SERVING SUGGESTION,all you need it, Toast your favorite bread. Add a dollop of Lamagna Fresh Ricotta Cheese. Drizzle with honey. Sprinkle with strawberries and toasted hazelnuts..
Delicious fresh Lamagna Ricotta Cheese comes in:
46 oz. Container – 23 servings per container
24 oz. Container – 12 servings per container

15 oz. Container – 7.5 servings per container
The South Beach Diet recommends Part Skim Ricotta Cheese and, because of its sweet flavor, is a great ingredient in dessert recipe.
....prodly made in pennysilvania,the home of my Queen,Katie....hey Ketie,prince Loves you!

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