Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mou Looks Up For Help!!

The Premier League champions have endured a terrible start to the new season, but the Portuguese coach insists there is no reason to draw meaningful conclusions in October saying....Don't judge Chelsea until December...Can we still have faith in him?

How Bad Do You Want This?...Can U Cross the Red Sea For this??!

Meet this my gorgeous Portuguese Model friend..isn't she good looking?

This could be that moment your sister's being waiting for,so support now!!

8 days more to find out whether your  favourite contestant will be the next Malaika Queen.....we can't wait...👩😘👑

uhn!! See how excited Paris Hilton was in the midst of her Malaysian fans in her recent visit to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Hehe! see this adorable photo of Sinach and Yolanda Adams....isn't it cool?

All tired from flying, I met Minister @yolandaadams in a Nigerian airport some few years ago. In the midst of my super exciting screams and all, she was kind enough to give me this picture.. she is amazing


If u enjoy music like "Rumba Style" "Under Pressure" many many years ago then u go gbadun this ogbonge legend musician . Ras Kimono yarn on Wazobia Tv where him dey since and how music dey be those!

Young boys beat themselves with blades on the streets of Baghdad to 'mourn the death of the Prophet Muhammad's grandson' (photos)

Young boys in Baghdad mourn the death of the Prophet Muhammad's grandson
Every year, Shi'ite Muslims all over the world take part in these bloody self-flagellation ceremonies to mourn the death of the Prophet Muhammad's grandson. Photographs show young boys parading down the streets of Iraq's capital Baghdad (pictured) with blood dripping from their wounded heads and onto their white robes. They are flanked by their mothers dressed entirely in black. Some Muslims commemorate the day by carrying out brutal acts of self-flagellation, others slap their chests and chant, and some take part in 'street plays'. The Day of Ashura has become a national holiday in some predominantly Muslim countries including Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain and Pakistan.(mailonline)

Michael Jackson's doctor and sperm donor who fathered children Paris and Prince - dies aged 70

Dr. Arnold Klein (above with Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor) passed away Thursday night in California aged 70
Michael Jackson's longtime physician passed away in California.
Dr. Arnold Klein, who was Jackson's dermatologist, was pronounced dead shortly before 8pm on Thursday night.
Klein, who was 70-years-old, was also suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and confined to a wheelchair at the time of his death. He was at one time Hollywood's biggest dermatologist, but that all changed following Michael's death when he came under fire for his treatment of the pop star and began speaking publicly about the singer's personal life. 
Michael met his future wife and the biological mother of his children Debbie Rowe (above with the singer in 1996) through KleinMichael met his future wife and the biological mother of his children Debbie Rowe (above with the singer in 1996) through Klein
Dr. Klein also strongly hinted on multiple occasions that he was the biological father of Michael's two oldest children, Prince and Paris.
...will they celebrate him?

78 yearld Goldfinger Bond girl Shirley Eaton recreates her most famous look (photos)

Still gleaming! Half a century on, Goldfinger Bond girl Shirley Eaton recreates her most
These are the amazing images as actress Shirley Eaton defied more than 50 years to strip off and recreate her iconic photoshoot for the 1964 Bond movie Goldfinger -- despite being 78. Miss Eaton was painted gold for the cover of the US magazine Life, to help promote the movie starring Sean Connery as James Bond. Miss Eaton said taking her clothes off after more than 50 years was 'a challenge' and there were a few more wrinkles. She said she wanted to repeat her pose 'for the older ladies'.
...are the older ladies ready for this?(mailonline)

Daniel Craig aka James Bond reveals He's left battered with a knee injury during 007 filming fight scene

007 has left me so battered I need a knee op says Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig, 47 (right), has revealed that just because the daring escapades he portrays on screen are fictional, it does not mean he is safe from injury. He said it yesterday how he is set to go under the knife yet again because of a knee injury he picked up while filming a fight scene for Spectre (pictured inset) with the hulking villain Mr Hinx. And this is far from the first time Craig had taken a beating in the line of duty

Revealed: RiRi's Publicist finally admits To Starting Jay Z Cheating Rumors That Supposedly Caused Beyoncé To Break Up With Him!

And finally the truth comes out!
On Friday, Rihanna's ex-publicist, Jonathan Hay, finally put the rumors that Jay Z once cheated on Beyoncé with the Barbadian beauty to rest… because he says he started them!
RiRi's former rep decided to come clean after J. Randy Taraborrelli announced he's releasing an unauthorized Bey biography, in which he claims the cheating stories caused the power couple to split up for a year.
In the book, he also names Jonathan as the source of the speculation! And now, the man-in-question has admitted that the whole thing was made up, saying...

Why DO so many black stars want whiter skin? MICA PARIS poses question as Beyonce tones her skin like the rest (photos)

As Beyonce steps out in her palest shade yet MICA PARIS asks why do black stars want
When Beyonce stepped out in New York this week in a revealing pink dress, she looked different. Closer inspection confirmed the reason - her skin paler than ever. With her tumbling blonde hair, the world's highest-paid black music star of all time looked more Caucasian (second from left). Not only does it send the message that she is not good enough as she is, it also suggests that Queen Bee (pictured left in 2004) thinks she must alter the very fabric of her being to make herself more palatable to the masses. So why do all these women want to be whiter? Because the beauty ideal they all aspire to is blonde, blue-eyed; Aryan, no less. Pictured: Michael Jackson's sister Janet in 1980 (top row, second from right) and looking very different in 2013 (top right) and Rihanna at a Grammys party in 2007 (bottom row, second from right) and sporting a blonde hairstyle in 2012 (bottom right).
..we are asking why???