Thursday, December 11, 2014

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Must watch Video!!!...My vision of Hell by Uebert

Imagine The heartbreaking and pitiful possessions found on the skeletal remains of those who died trying to cross into the US

According to US statistic report,Each year, Arizona's Pima County Medical Examiner's Office receives about 176 remains (ie dead bodies) found in the desert on the U.S-Mexico border. And we found out that,Most of the remains belong to undocumented immigrants who died of dehydration trying to cross into the sad!! Forensic anthropologists try to identify the remains to be repatriated to their home countries, but those that are unidentified are cremated. In addition to the remains, the medical examiner also sifts through the personal items found on the bodies,but for the very first time in history the following items were recovered from the remains of one of the immigrants who died trying to cross the US border

What is UN & UNICEF saying about this kInd of life style in Kenya????

Imagine how Young women  were dragged away from their village for a dowry of 20 goats and three camels in Kenay! this what marriage look like???....
Left to me,I'd say this lifestyle by some of the African countries should be vehemently opposed by either UN or UNICEF with immediate effect!..because they're destroying the reputation of what marriage is supposed to be like and the future of some of these innocent young girls in Africa

Is Kelvin Hart Truly a money whore according by Sony exec?..find out here!!!

....on top of the millions he already received -- for promoting his movie on social media,  but he's a whore"Sony exec groused!!!  ... this according to the latest in the Sony Leak.
According to Clint Culpepper, a studio exec, sent several emails to studio heads, complaining that Kevin made $3 million and then $4 million for his last 2 Sony flicks, yet when he was asked to tweet out a plug for "Think Like a Man Too," his agent balked because he felt Kevin's expertise in social media was worth additional money

Shiloh 2014 Special! “Faith, My Longest Partner In The Journey Of Life” …Dr. David Oyedepo

The president of the Living Faith Church worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo poured encomiums on his wife while ushering her to share God’s word with participants at the ongoing Shiloh 2014. Bishop Oyedepo told the mammoth crowd in a rare no-holds-barred introduction to the encounter nights service, that the wife of his youth has not given him occasion to regret marrying her once. He said their 38-year-old relationship has been the best thing in his life after God described her as a true reflection of HEAVEN ON EARTH over the last 32 years of their marital bliss

LMAO..Abeg help me read this!...soon to be replaced by robots.!!!..

Are an applicant and in dare need of a job,if yes,would you take up a job in this kind of place?....
here's one fantastic place you'll need to know about,its known as Asleep on the job place... by order of the boss all year long..
and the good thing about here is,every Chinese factory workers' given half hour nap after lunch breaks..isn't that interesting

Women pose naked in calendar to raise money for Prince William's air ambulance???

Is this supposed to be the right thing to do for the Royal prince?
According to Mailonline report,it says Fourteen women from Huntingdonshire aged 19 to 50 dared to bare in a number of poses in their usual surroundings claiming its was a Strip for a prince! Adding that, They plan to send Prince William a copy of the 'Country Ladies Uncovered' calendar, which will help raise money to fund the helicopter he flies.
what an irony...well that's how we see it...but do you think they're being honest about this initiatives or there's something more?...Let's have your views on this..

The Miracles of aviation history...Look!

According to how BBC put it,it says in January 1965, Alaska. A Fairchild C-82 was  flying above the Arctic Circle when it encounters trouble and crashed. it was reported that“The plane’s electric system failed and they crash-landed in the night in the tundra forest, cutting down many trees. But the amazing thing is,They survived at -45 degrees Celsius

Meet this one person who was sooo beautiful as a child that waitresses gave her free food'

Stunning: Monica Bellucci styled at 18-years-old by Piero Montanucci, the hairdresser who discovered her

Pouting into the camera with all the assurance of a teenage bombshell, these exclusive pictures show a teenage Monica Bellucci in some of her earliest shoots.
Taken an incredible 32 years before she was selected, aged 50, from among the world's most beautiful women, as the latest Bond girl - these images show how the remarkable Italian actress has remained virtually unchanged by time.
The raven-haired beauty will become officially the oldest-ever Bond girl when she appears in the new 007 film Spectre opposite Daniel Craig next year.
'Just look at her lips,' her father Pasquale Bellucci insists, as he opens the family archive for MailOnline.
'Everyone says she has had work done. But here is the proof. Her lips really were that full even at the very beginning. She's completely natural.'
as revealed in the pictures below...enjoy

Queen Latifah is ready to be a mother at 44??! true!...

Axed: It was announced last month that The Queen Latifah Show was canceled after its second season
Queen Latifah says she's ready to be a mom now that she's at 44…and this came after shock cancellation of talk show frees up schedule 
as we already knew,She’s a rapper, singer,also an Oscar-nominated actress and former talk show host.
But this time Queen Latifah says she wants to take on her most challenging role yet—that of a mother.
In her own word,this is what she said in an interview few hours ago