Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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Sermon According to Pastor Basket Mouth-watch!

Voice your voice,is she hot or not?

make this good looking chick and her pinkish outlook for no lost,i just decide to use this pix of a splendid looking friend from ma  face book contact... using this medium to ask you guys on what you think about the look in this photo.....from what you're seeing here, is she hot or not, if yes, what will you do if she approaches you as a guy for a relationship instead of you asking her out?..try voice your voice and lets have your view.....yours may be the next on line....lol!

The 17-Year-Old! Kylie Jenner Doesn't really Care What Anyone Thinks About Her Scandalous Selfies! Here's Another One for your viewing!......

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At this point, we shouldn't really be surprised by any of the suggestive selfies Kylie Jenner shares on Instagram.
just that we're  going to have to do the usual freakout, since she's still underage…

Big Sean Denies 'Stealing' Rolex Watches From Ex-Fiancée Naya Rivera!

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As  reported last April, after Big Sean and Naya Rivera called off their wedding, the Glee star turned to Twitter and accused the rapper of stealing Rolex watches from her house. Remember When These Two Were Engaged?!
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Fast forward to now, the 26-year-old is finally addressing those claims to Complex magazine.
He said

9 Problems Only Women Who Wear Makeup Understand

If makeup is a regular part of your beauty routine, we’re guessing that you have kind of a love-hate relationship with it. Sure, it’s a great form of personal expression, can boost your confidence, and can make you look super gorgeous—but sometimes, it is definitely way more trouble than it's worth. These problems might just come with the territory, but that doesn’t mean they don’t suck:  
  No matter how careful you are, you can't help but stain your shirts around your collar when getting dressed

Here's icon360blog's 10 Most Important Things In The World Right Now

A survey of some 8,600 teens showed a shift from a survey earlier this year in which Facebook was preferred over Twitter by 33 to 30 percent.
Good morning,ekaro,ututu oma,inakwana my people! Here's what you need to know for Tuesday so that we wont missout of todays hottest bytes.

Amber Rose steps out with Nick Cannon wearing figure-hugging dress... as she insists they are nothing more than friends

Stunning: Amber stepped out in a similar dress to treat herself to a mani-pedi earlier on in the day 
She recently sent a message to her fans via Instagram on Saturday to insist that she and her manager Nick Cannon are nothing more than friends.
And Amber Rose headed out to a house party with her pal in Malibu on Sunday, pulling out all the stops in a very figure-hugging dress which showed off her curves.

Are you a lover of exercise?..if yes,then,These are the best songs to exercise to

Sports psychologist Costas Karageorghis thinks of music as a “legal drug” to help boost exercise.

In an interview with ESPN, he recommends looking for music with the right beat, emotive message and ones you associate with good things (the so-called “Rocky theme music effect”) that can also help you block out the pain of exercising.
Here is his January 2015 workout playlist

Hear what Kanye west is saying about Kim Kardashian

Important issues: Kanye addressed racism and interracial relationships in his speech on Saturday night  
Kanye West paid tribute to his wife Kim Kardashian in a speech about racism and interracial relationships at The BET Honors on Saturday evening, while accepting the Visionary Award at the event.
The rapper referenced a meeting with Louis Farrakhan Muhammad, Sr. - leader of the religious group Nation of Islam - where Kanye said it was 'groundbreaking' to see his reaction to his relationship with a woman 'not of color' reports Jezebel

Which president can YOU see in these pictures,Bush or Clinton?....

While both these images are the same, the optical illusion causes one to appear as though its George Bush and the other to look like Bill Clinton. The illusion was created by the University of Leicester. They believe that while neurons register an image of the outside world, they are also actively constructing the image based on its context.

So far,this is the best story about the Queen and King Abdullah you will read today

charlie hebdo attack
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia died yesterday aged 90, and there has been some controversy over the tributes paid by world leaders to the ruler of a repressive regime that carries out public beheadings and bans women from driving.
Amid debate over whether flags should be flying at half-mast from government buildings, and Westminster Abbey, out of respect for Abdullah, it turns out, however, that our very own Queen had nailed the best way to handle the Saudi ruler many years ago.
This story, taken from former Saudi ambassador Sherard Cowper-Coles’s memoir Ever the Diplomat, was widely shared on social media on Friday; mainly because it’s amazing

imagine what Christiano Ronaldo's ex is doing with Marc Anthony here!...

Doomed: Unsurprisingly, the model's romances with Marc and Romeo both end miserablyPlaying it safe: Just in case dancing in her underwear didn’t work, Irina later decides to catch the guys' attention by emerging from a pool soaking wet in nothing but a skimpy black bikini
Irina Shayk's personal life may have taken a tumble following her split from Cristiano Ronaldo.But on a brighter note, the 29-year-old's career seems to be stronger than ever.to know if that's the truth or not see details after the cut