Monday, October 19, 2015

A Bride in Sacramento Cancelled Wedding,but Instead of discarding the already ordered food Turns it Into A Feast For Homeless in the US!...see photos

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Talk about making lemonade out of lemons!
A Sacramento bride-to-be was five days away from her dream wedding when she told her family that the ceremony was off!
Quinn Duane's fiance was having doubts, and the couple broke off their engagement before they tied the knot — without enough time to cancel the $35,000 reception they'd already paid for!
Instead of discarding the already ordered food, Quinn's mom Kari Duane decided to perform an act of total selflessness and turn the reception into a four-star feast for the homeless!
After the family reached out to several homeless shelters, over 90 adults and children arrived at Sacrament's Citizen Hotel and were treated to a lavish meal of salmon, tri-tip steak, and salad!
While Quinn understandably skipped out on the event, the newly single 27-year-old is still headed to Belize on her nonrefundable honeymoon, with her mom as her plus one.1
Our hearts go out to Quinn as she deals with this heartbreak, but we applaud the family for turing a devastating mess into such a good deed!

Can you tell us the name of this hot damsel?...she's a popular babe from one of the movie industries in West Africa

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Here's Bobby Brown's latest as he Opens Up About His deseased daughter Bobbi Kristina In a fresh Interview

Bobby reveals writing his memoir has helped him cope.

Bobby Brown may have lost his daughter Bobbi Kristina earlier this year, but he says she's always in his heart.
Over the weekend, the 46-year-old opened up about how he's able to cope with the 22-year-old's tragic passing. While at this year's Circle Of Sisters Expo, the famous father says that, even though BK is gone, she's still with him:
"I've gained another angel to carry me through. I'm really blessed with my children and everything that I have to do is about that."
He also admits that the support he's received from friends and family has gotten him through this terrible tragedy, adding:
"It's about love. I have a lot of love around me and have a lot of love that I give. It's about that."
The singer explained that working on his memoir, titled My Prerogative, has provided a good outlet for him, especially after such a sad situation:
"We've been working hard on it and I'm just trying to get all the cobwebs out and trying to be as honest as possible."
The tell-all is set to be released next summer. He reveals that he's not holding back when it comes to sharing his story

Hilarious: Biko can you tell us which celeb own this bag?..we just found Celebrity With The Giant Pumpkin In Her $2,000 Purse! (photo)

A Tom Ford bag is the perfect place for a pumpkin.
Most of us just carry our pumpkins in a reusable grocery bag…
But most of us aren't obscenely rich supermodels either!
This particular "Insta-famous" model and daughter of a reality star put all of our pumpkin-carrying satchels to shame by showing off her gourd in a pristine white Tom Ford handbag.
Even if the purse got dirty we're sure it's NBD because this 20-year-old has more Tom Ford accessories where this came from. She was the face of one of his fragrances after all!....Have you guessed who it is?

See what Christiano Ronaldo and his cute kid are taking for you like it???

Dinner soup with daddyšŸµšŸµ

Couple are given £15,000 towards their first home in new TV series - but the woman is left in tears over her partner's choice,so we're are asking,should he leave and go for the one his babe like?

Couple given £15,000 towards a first home in Honey, I Bought The House
Sophie Riding, 25, and her boyfriend of five years Paul Hopkins, 29, from Preston, star in tonight's Honey, I Bought The House on Watch. The social experiment - similar to Don't Tell The Bride - see couples separated for three weeks while the partner views suitable homes. Tonight sees Sophie hoping that Paul buys the house of her dreams. However, he finds himself torn between the three-bed detached £180,000 new-build top right) and two three-bed semis, one priced at £172,000 of which Sophie disliked but Paul went for anyway (bottom right), leaving her in tears (centre).
so we're asking should he leave the one he's already taken in order to please her babe?...let's have your views and comments below....thank you

Here's Recipe of the Day known as Croissant French Toast...see methods and key info below...

Recipe of the Day:to be part of this,here's the  Method and Key info....

Uhn!..see how Ghanaian artist drew Sinach's portrait and present it to her as a gift..isnt that awesome?

Thank you to this special artist from Ghana for this wonderful pencil drawing #Ghana

Ladies,How far with this designers bag??

Family of terminally ill company director who announced on LinkedIn he will die in Swiss suicide clinic TODAY post emotional tributes as he prepares to end his life(photos)

MND sufferer Simon Binner prepares to end his life in Swiss clinic today

Simon Binner, 57 (pictured with his wife Debbie), who has aggressive motor neurone disease, travelled to Basel over the weekend where he will die today at the Eternal Spirit clinic with his wife Debbie at his bedside. This morning, his daughter Hannah - who is due to take over her father's business - posted an emotional message above a photograph of her parents with the caption: 'My beautiful inspirations' (pictured inset). It came as other friends took to social media to bid farewell to Mr Binner, describing him as a 'brave' and 'courageous man'

Must read:The most important things in the world right now!!!!

Good morning! Here's what you need to know on Monday.

1. Chinese GDP grew by 6.9% during the third quarter, its slowest quarterly growth since 2009 despite beating expectations by 0.1%.
2. Typhoon Koppu is battering the Philippines for a second day, leaving two dead and thousands homeless.

Lamar is is now 'up, able to speak, send texts and has passed a vital swallow test' (photos)

Lamar Odom has left hospital bed as the Kardashians unite around him
...Lamar Odom has left his hospital bed: Athlete is 'up, able to speak, send texts and has passed a vital swallow test' as the Kardashians use private jet to visit hospital 
Since awakening from a three-day coma, Lamar Odom's health has been making a steady improvement as the Kardashian clan united around his bedside in a Las Vegas hospital over the weekend. A number of reports indicated that the former LA Lakers star, for the first time, could socialize and move around. According to reports, Odom was 'conversational,' able to speak sentences and send text messages, as he is able to breath on his own without a ventilator. The 35-year-old was also helped out of his bed and onto a chair Sunday. we are the Kardashian coming home this time??

former BBC journalist, 50, is found hanged in airport toilets after missing connecting flight to Iraq...was she killed or she committed suicide?...

Jacqueline Anne Sutton 'found hanged in toilets of Istanbul airport'Jacqueline Anne Sutton 'found hanged in toilets of Istanbul airport'
Former BBC journalist Jacky Sutton, 50, had travelled from London Heathrow to Istanbul's Ataturk Airport but is believed to have failed to make it onto her next plane to Erbil. She then appeared distressed after being told by airline staff that she would have to buy a new ticket - and was later found in the toilets by three Russian passengers, according to local media.the story is so short,but the end result is not good,because she was found dead with his body hung in the toilet..till this moment it is not clear if there was a fowl play or not as to whether she hanged herself or unknown enemy did that to her...investigation is on the way... right now,her Friends say it is 'impossible' she committed suicide and allege she was murdered.