Monday, November 10, 2014

check out this £46 leggings that 'destroy cellulite'

Cellulite Crusher leggings should be worn for at least 30 to 60 minutes every day, and claims they work while cycling, running, doing yoga – or even just sitting on the sofaThe £46 leggings, by Cellulite Crushers, contain 1,200 wooden beads that massage your legs to banish cellulite

A mother has invented a pair of leggings to combat cellulite.
The £46 leggings contain 1,200 wooden beads that massage your legs – which, it is claimed, can remove and prevent the unsightly dimpling of the skin.
Beba, a mother-of-two who struggled with cellulite on her legs for years, created the first pair and wore them to the gym. 
The £46 leggings, by Cellulite Crushersis  is believed to contain 1,200 wooden beads that massage your legs to banish cellulit

ISIS terror chief 'believed dead': Iraqi military confirm warlord WAS injured in US-led airstrike

Wounded? Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader the so-called Islamic State, is said to be among those targetedAir strikes: The reports say that U.S. warplanes dropped bombs on the town of al-Qaim in Iraq. Pictured is an earlier strike against ISIS in Kobani, on the Turkey-Syria border

Speculation is mounting that the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was indeed killed in a US led airstrike on Friday.
is it true???

Air Canada plane crash lands into female passenger's HEAD???

An Air Canada passenger was rushed to hospital after a propeller broke loose, sliced through the cabin and smashed into her head. Christina Kurylo was aboard a flight from Calgary to Grand Prairie that was forced to crash-land after a tire burst during take-off on Thursday night. As the Jazz Aviation craft hit the ground in nearby Edmonton, the landing gear collapsed on the right side, sending one of five propellers through the wall of the plane. Treated for bruising and concussion, Ms Kurylo said she is lucky to be alive.
thank God for the grace!

check out Tom Cruise's latest Mission Impossible


in his latest mission impossible,One member of staff was left red-faced after he failed to recognise the Hollywood star and asked him if he had a loyalty card. The 52-year-old, who had been in the Cambridgeshire city to film his next Mission Impossible movie (top right), was reportedly eating breakfast when the waiter made the blunder. His security-conscious team checked in for five nights under the name Operation Fromage, which is French for cheese, after the close-by village of Stilton.
but the good thing is this new mission impossible has powerful clips that supass the previous one,as such a must watch movie of all times!..thumbs up for Tom!!!

Ignorance gone on rampage! I'd sacrifice my children a hundred times for Allah, said ISIS suicide-bomb Briton

Former care worker and father-of-three Kabir Ahmed, 30, from Derby, reportedly killed eight people and injured 15 others after blowing himself up in Iraq on Friday. In one interview available online, the jihadi said he was 'craving martyrdom'. 'This is more important that my family. I would sacrifice my children 100 times for the sake of Allah,' he said. Yesterday, Ahmed's family told the Mail that authorities in the UK could have stopped him murdering innocents by arresting him at the airport as he left for Syria 16 months ago.mailonline

Woman celebrates her 100th birthday by going skydiving!

Eleanor Cunningham from Howes Cave, New York spent the day after her 100th birthday taking to the skies to do a birthday jump at Saratoga Skydiving in Gansevoort. But it turns out that Cunningham is an experienced professional at this kind of jump, because it was her third in as many years, after taking up the sport at age 90.
what a celebration!....congrats gran ma!!!!