Friday, February 6, 2015

Ever wondered what happens to stolen cars after they have been taken? ....then read this!!!

Hundreds of vehicle parts - some of which belong to 12 BMWs (right) - and five Land Rover Range Rovers were found alongside bikes (left) in containers bound for Kenya and Cyprus in the Port of Felixstowe, Suffolk. Officers have also arrested 84 people, including 16 on suspicion of motor vehicle theft, as part of a clampdown on criminals stealing keyless vehicles using a device which bypasses the electronics. They seized 222 vehicles yesterday across the country for offences including possession of offensive weapons, burglary, money laundering and driving while disqualified, pictured (inset) a white transit van is searched by police.

These are the least free countries in the world right now-see details inside

Freedom House has released its quinquennial status report on levels of freedom across the world and as their custom is,they've present to us this as the most accurate report about the world right now

what's on your mind concerning this?

The picture of Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe falling down a set of steps after holding a speech at Harare International Airport, has been turned into an internet meme. Using the hashtag 'Mugabe Falls', images showing the 90-year-old president in a series of funny situations began spreading online. The memes features a cut-out image of Mugabe in various imagined circumstances, such as part of Beyonce's Single Ladies choreography, surfing or running from security forces. Others show the ageing leader as an Olympic runner and with his hand on the infamous bottom of Kim Kardashian.does it tell you anything about these people?

Jordanian military vs Isis millitant :Do me I do you God no-go vex

The footage, which was released online today, shows members of the Jordanian military writing messages on plane-mounted missiles (top right) before the fighter jets are launched from the base (bottom right). The slickly-edited video also contains aerial shots that appear to show Jordanian strikes on Islamic State targets in Syria (left). The mission - dubbed Operation Martyr Moaz after the Jordanian pilot murdered by the terror group (inset) - is the latest show of force from Jordan, which has promised a 'harsh' war against the militants.

10 jobs in Britain that make people scared to go back to work

A new study has revealed that 22.9 million Britons suffer from “Sunday night fear” - feelings of angst about the working week ahead.
According to recruitment website, these are top 10 industries where workers fear Monday mornings

Good news! Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina is 'taken off life-support' - five days after she was found face-down in a bath tub

The life-support machine keeping Bobbi Kristina Brown alive at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta was turned off today, MailOnline has learned. Her father Bobby Brown (top right pictured today) is at the hospital with friends and relatives - today is his birthday. 'The plug on Bobbi Kristina has been pulled,' a police source with knowledge of her medical condition confirmed. The 21-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston was found face down in a bath-tub at the home she shared with husband Nick Gordon (together bottom right) five days ago. Houston died in a bathtub from an 'accidental' drug overdose almost exactly three years ago, in tragically similar circumstances...icon360entertainment wishes her a quick recovery!!!!

Things you didn't know happened to your sisters in South Korea-must read!!!!

while some of us were happy all throughout the christmas and new year till now to others its been pain upon pain even till the moment one of such is Ji-hyun Park (main picture)  who according to dailymail report broke down in tears as she spoke about life inside the brutal Chongjin labour camp, where she was separated from her family (top left) and forced to perform back-breaking manual work (bottom left). North Koreans suffered badly under the rule of Kim Jong-il (bottom right, pictured with son and current ruler Kim Jong-Un). Brave Ji-hyun has now spoken out about her ordeal to Amnesty International in a short film called 'The Other Interview'. for detailsfollow this link

Tears of a Queen as wife of Jordanaian pilot reveals she only found out about her husband's barbaric death on Facebook

Queen Rania of Jordan (main) consoled the grief-stricken wife of the pilot brutally murdered by Islamic State militants, who has spoken for the first time of the moment she learned of her husband's death. Anwar Tarawneh,(left with the Queen and above right in tears) who had been married to Moaz al-Kasasbeh (bottom right) for just five months when he was captured by ISIS, revealed she read a Facebook post that said: 'Rest in peace, Muath [Moaz]'. Her heart-wrenching story emerged on the same day she was comforted by Jordan's Queen Raina during the royal's visit to the Kasasbeh family home, near the southern town of Karak. In moving scenes the widow was pictured burying her head in the Queen's shoulder as the monarch fights back sad that we are in the world where all these evils are happening to good people,may his souls Rest in peace!