Friday, February 6, 2015

Tears of a Queen as wife of Jordanaian pilot reveals she only found out about her husband's barbaric death on Facebook

Queen Rania of Jordan (main) consoled the grief-stricken wife of the pilot brutally murdered by Islamic State militants, who has spoken for the first time of the moment she learned of her husband's death. Anwar Tarawneh,(left with the Queen and above right in tears) who had been married to Moaz al-Kasasbeh (bottom right) for just five months when he was captured by ISIS, revealed she read a Facebook post that said: 'Rest in peace, Muath [Moaz]'. Her heart-wrenching story emerged on the same day she was comforted by Jordan's Queen Raina during the royal's visit to the Kasasbeh family home, near the southern town of Karak. In moving scenes the widow was pictured burying her head in the Queen's shoulder as the monarch fights back sad that we are in the world where all these evils are happening to good people,may his souls Rest in peace!

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