Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Take a look at Inside the Italian sex den where murdered American artist spent her final hours

Ashley Olsen last seen alive in Montecarla club known for drugs and violence
Ashley Olsen (pictured inset), the 35-year-old American woman found strangled to death in Florence, Italy, was last seen alive inside a seedy club known for drugs, sex and violence, Daily Mail Online can reveal. On Thursday night, after an evening of hard drinking in various bars in Oltre Arno - one of Florence's trendiest districts - Olsen headed to the Montecarla club (pictured), an insalubrious members-only establishment owned by Jovo Vukelic, a Serbian known for his long, dark hair and white jackets. The dimly-lit club, which spans two floors and is open only to members and those known to the proprietor, has reclining areas that are almost like beds, strewn with leopard-print cushions and velour drapes. According to source,its a place where Waitresses dress in provocative, leather costumes!

Woman becomes internet star after hilarious TV interview about her apartment catching fire(videos)

Michelle Dobyne becomes a star after interview about her apartment catching fire
Michelle Dobyne, from Tulsa, Oklahoma was forced to flee her home after a fire in the apartment block but gave a hilarious interview to a TV channel where she remained upbeat about her ordeal. She explained how she was on the phone to a friend while cooking breakfast when she heard a popping noise. And after realising that her apartment block was on fire, she told the TV reporter: 'got my three kids and we bounced out, ah-ha. We ain't going to be in no fire, not today.'...watch video for complete story after the jump

How the pizza chain's founder established Ave Maria, a Florida community called a 'Catholic's paradise'...must read!

How Domino's Pizza chain's founder established Ave Maria in Florida
Ave Maria Town (main) - a planned community outside of Naples built by Domino's founder Tom Monaghan (top right) - is wholly religious-centric and unconstitutional, critics say. In announcing his plans for the town in 2004, Monaghan, a one-time seminarian, said: 'There is not going to be any pornographic television in Ave Maria Town. If you go to the drug store and you want to buy the pill or the condoms or contraception, you won't be able to get that in Ave Maria Town.' While Monaghan took back the statements as the town took shape - after he donated $250 million to the cause - the now-fully-functional remote hamlet says it is open to all, but still appears to practice what Monaghan preached. According to Business Insider, the town's only OB/GYN reportedly refuses to prescribe contraception to women, and there are no pharmacies in where birth control can be purchased.

Man asks his friend to harass women with vulgar pick-up lines so he can swoop in and prove that playing the 'hero' gets him a date...see details in photos

YouTube's Joey Salads asks friend to harass women so he can swoop in in video
YouTube star Joey Salads, 22, teamed up with his friend Mike for the offensive social experiment. The video, which is shared on his YouTube channel, sees Mike using sexually explicit come-ons to hit on women in the street (top left) before Joey intervenes (bottom left). After Mike walks away, Joey asks the grateful girls out on a date (right), so he can prove that not all guys are bad.
....smart guys is it?...but hey, we want to ask...do you think its okay to do this and if you get to find out its pre planned would you still go on dating the guy?...air your views pls...

So pathetic!..see how this 23-year-old girl shave her head to combat compulsive hair-pulling disorder

YouTube's Rebecca Brown shaves her head to combat hair-pulling disorder
When Rebecca Brown, 23, first appears on camera, she is sporting a stylish blonde pixie cut (top let). But, with tears in her eyes, she soon takes out an electric razor and begins to shave her hair off (top right, bottom left and right). Ms Brown, from Essex, explains she suffers from trichotillomania - a compulsive disorder that causes her to subconsciously pull out her own hair. She had previously shaved her head in 2011 and hoped that she wouldn't have to shave it again. However, Ms Brown said her hair has now suffered so much permanent damage, she either needs to shave her hair or risk losing it completely. 'For many people watching, they may think this is excessive or unnecessary - and it's not,' she said in the YouTube video. 'I'm not scared of shaving it off or being bald - that doesn't scare me;  I'm scared of what it symbolizes...what do you think,do you think its okay for her to go on with bare head as a woman?

No way! this can't be Moses cos the Israelite are no more in Egypt,beside this very one happened in Malaysia...find out the whole truth about this story HERE!

Baby found in a drain in Malaysia after is cry mistaken for trapped kitten
...Horrified churchgoers discover new-born baby dumped in a drain in Malaysia after mistaking its cries for a trapped kitten 
According to mailonline report,Concerned churchgoers who reported a kitten caught in a drain were horrified when they discovered it was a new-born baby that had been dumped there in a plastic bag...stay with us for complete story after the jump

Here's world's most amazing home of all time....but cost £160,000 and 1,000 hours to make it habitable!... take a look!!

Angelo Mastropietro finishes project to turn 250-million-year-old cave into a home
After £160,000 and 1,000 hours breaking, cutting and burrowing through 70 to 80 tonnes of rock, Angelo Mastropietro (top left) has finished transforming an ancient cave into his dream home. The former head of a recruitment company in Australia, Mr Mastropietro was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2007, which made him rethink his priorities. After a fateful look through property listings in Worcestershire, the 38-year-old bought the cave and got to work. Pictured, a fully outfitted kitchen complete with an Aga range cooker (top right), a cascading pebble-walled shower (bottom left), and a cozy bedroom (bottom right) with textured stone walls and a rounded doorway...
..amazing isnt it?....now we want to ask,what would your answer be if you're offered a place like this a a wedding gift by your best friend,would you take it?