Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Take a look at Inside the Italian sex den where murdered American artist spent her final hours

Ashley Olsen last seen alive in Montecarla club known for drugs and violence
Ashley Olsen (pictured inset), the 35-year-old American woman found strangled to death in Florence, Italy, was last seen alive inside a seedy club known for drugs, sex and violence, Daily Mail Online can reveal. On Thursday night, after an evening of hard drinking in various bars in Oltre Arno - one of Florence's trendiest districts - Olsen headed to the Montecarla club (pictured), an insalubrious members-only establishment owned by Jovo Vukelic, a Serbian known for his long, dark hair and white jackets. The dimly-lit club, which spans two floors and is open only to members and those known to the proprietor, has reclining areas that are almost like beds, strewn with leopard-print cushions and velour drapes. According to source,its a place where Waitresses dress in provocative, leather costumes!

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