Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Man asks his friend to harass women with vulgar pick-up lines so he can swoop in and prove that playing the 'hero' gets him a date...see details in photos

YouTube's Joey Salads asks friend to harass women so he can swoop in in video
YouTube star Joey Salads, 22, teamed up with his friend Mike for the offensive social experiment. The video, which is shared on his YouTube channel, sees Mike using sexually explicit come-ons to hit on women in the street (top left) before Joey intervenes (bottom left). After Mike walks away, Joey asks the grateful girls out on a date (right), so he can prove that not all guys are bad.
....smart guys is it?...but hey, we want to ask...do you think its okay to do this and if you get to find out its pre planned would you still go on dating the guy?...air your views pls...

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