Tuesday, January 12, 2016

So pathetic!..see how this 23-year-old girl shave her head to combat compulsive hair-pulling disorder

YouTube's Rebecca Brown shaves her head to combat hair-pulling disorder
When Rebecca Brown, 23, first appears on camera, she is sporting a stylish blonde pixie cut (top let). But, with tears in her eyes, she soon takes out an electric razor and begins to shave her hair off (top right, bottom left and right). Ms Brown, from Essex, explains she suffers from trichotillomania - a compulsive disorder that causes her to subconsciously pull out her own hair. She had previously shaved her head in 2011 and hoped that she wouldn't have to shave it again. However, Ms Brown said her hair has now suffered so much permanent damage, she either needs to shave her hair or risk losing it completely. 'For many people watching, they may think this is excessive or unnecessary - and it's not,' she said in the YouTube video. 'I'm not scared of shaving it off or being bald - that doesn't scare me;  I'm scared of what it symbolizes...what do you think,do you think its okay for her to go on with bare head as a woman?

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