Friday, April 15, 2016

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dreamers gist! Katy Perry Launches Line of Matte Lipsticks With CoverGirl

Katy Perry

So much more than a Teenage Dream! Katy Perry is launching her first CoverGirl makeup collection, the cosmetics company and "TGIF" singer announced on Friday, April 15.
Designed by Perry in collaboration with the brand, the Katy Kat Collection boasts 13 matte lipsticks (with Perry-perfect names like Crimson Cat, Purrsian Pink and Kitty Purry) and four mascaras, including the brand's first-ever electric blue mascara.

Not only did the Grammy-winning artist help to craft the products, she also had a hand in the packaging. The Katy Kat Matte Lipsticks, which are formulated to be more moisturizing than your average matte, are topped with white lids that read "Katy Kat Matte" on one side and "Katy Perry [hearts] CoverGirl" on the other. And if the collection's name isn't quite kitten-adoring enough for you, there's also a pair of white cat ears on the bottom of each tube.

...congrats to her...and lest i forget,my princess' food and fashion line is coming very soon so watchout!!

celebrity gist! Kourtney Kardashian Says Kim Used to Play With Bees: ‘They Were Like Her Friends’

 Kourtney Kardashian revealed that her once-fearless sister Kim Kardashian used to play with and enjoy the company of bees in a candid interview published on Friday, April 15.
The reality star, 36, who currently serves as the face of Manuka Doctor Honey, spoke with, touting the benefits of the bee byproduct-based beauty line. Asked if she is scared of the venomous insects, Kourtney ended up sharing a hilarious tidbit about her younger sibling Kim, 35.
“No, I am [scared of bees]! Although thankfully, I'm not allergic,” she began, before opening up about Kim’s peculiar childhood habit. “But you know who's not? Kim. When Kim was little, she used to hold bees and play with them.”
“Finally, she got stung and she stopped,” Kourt added. “But they were like her friends.”
While Kim learned the hard way that befriending bugs (especially ones with stingers!) may not be the best idea, Kourtney insisted to the fashion site that her sis still has a love for wildlife, despite a recent rumor that the Selfish author once set an animal ablaze.

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correct gist! These Hospitals Are Doing Something Shocking: Giving Refunds To Unhappy Patients

These Hospitals Are Doing Something Shocking: Giving Refunds To Unhappy Patients
Report reaching us from the US says,At Geisinger Health System in Pennsylvania, hospital officials have decided to keep their customers happy as such, when patients are upset about a long wait in the emergency department, or a doctor's brusque manner, or a meal that never arrived in a room, Geisinger is doing more than apologizing.
It's offering money back on their care, no questions asked.
The hospital system is the first in the country to adopt what has long been a basic tenet of retail business: customer refunds. This focus on customer satisfaction is a relatively new concept for health care, in which doctors have typically called the shots. And it's one that Geisinger's staff questioned when president and chief executive David Feinberg came up with the refund idea last fall

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anyhow gist here's knee-high boots Princess Kate has been wearing for over a decade during her gruelling six-hour hike with William in you think she should wear it still?

Kate appears in knee high boots she first wore over a decade ago in Bhutan
Today the Duchess of Cambridge, 34, recycled a pair of £475 Penelope Chilvers boots she's been wearing for more than a decade for a three-hour hike to the Tiger's Nest monastery in Bhutan. She first wore the boots to Game Fair at Blenheim Palace in August 2004 (right) and again to the Gatcombe Festival of Eventing in Gloucestershire a year later (centre) you think she should wear it till the end of 2016 still?..just asking...

anyhow gist! Parents share the hilarious reasons their children have been given detention after school

Parents share the hilarious reasons their children have been given detention after school
Parents have been sharing photos of the hilarious reasons that their children have been kept behind after school. Reasons include throwing sandwiches (top left) and shaving their beard in class (bottom left). Other students disappeared into the realms of fantasy with one using the Harry Potter insult 'muggle' (top right) when addressing a teacher, and another claiming to be the Messiah (bottom right). we've got to ask, is anything wrong in all these?

is it true that Paris Hilton is also one of the party girls?

Paris Hilton might be the first person to come to mind when thinking of the biggest party girls of all time -- and she's got the DUI to prove it!..but the question is Where Are They Now?.....maybe these and possibly.....

cool gist! Cameron & Ryan McCartan Are Officially Engaged!

dove cameron ryan mccartan engaged

On Thursday, it was revealed that Disney Channel darlings Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan are engaged. Too cute!
In fact, The Rocky Horror Picture Show star even took to Instagram to confirm his happy news. After sharing a paparazzi pic, the 22 year old wrote:
"Dedicating my 1,000th post to my fiancée. I can't believe I get to call you that. Thanks for saying yes."
Tissues, anyone? It's said that the young Hollywood stars first started dating back in August 2013 — my how time flies!

The Liv and Maddie actress also took to IG to comment on her upcoming nuptials, as she posted...and we are pleased with the whole thing here in we say Congratulations to them!