Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hmmm, something doesn't quite sound right! coz Disick's New 18-Year-Old Lady Says He's NOT Her Boyfriend

scott disick lindsay vrckovnik canadian model 18 years old new york party not dating relationship

Last week it broke that Scott Disick was out all night in New York partying with a "mystery blonde" — 18-year-old Canadian model Lindsay Vrckovnik.
Following multiple reports and photos, there have been all kinds of wild rumors about what's really going on between Disick and his new lady. And apparently Lindsay wants to clear the air on what the REAL sitch is!

Shocking moment a drug-fuelled arsonist poured a gallon of petrol on to the house of a deaf family sleeping inside before setting it on fire

Michael Douglas poured a gallon of petrol onto ta house and set it on fire
Michael Douglas was paid £1,600 to target the victims by pouring petrol onto their house and then setting it alight in the early hours of the morning. The family CCTV's cameras pictured Douglas, who is profoundly deaf himself, and an accomplice running up to the house in Bradford, West Yorkshire, emptying a gallon of fuel and setting it alight before making their escape. Bradford Crown Court heard that the arsonist was drunk and high on cocaine and cannabis when he carried out the attack at 5am on May 26. He has been jailed for five years and three months after pleading guilty to arson being reckless as to whether life was endangered as well as a variety of motoring offences.

Apple to begin sales of iPad Pro in November Alongside the Pencil and Smart Keyboard!

On September 9th, Apple announced a couple of pretty amazing devices like the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and the huge 12.9-inch iPad Pro tablet. While the phones are already available to buy, the tablet is still unlisted or present in the stores. However, some reports from Japan are suggesting that Apple will start selling the new slate in

Warning graphic image! deadly blast rocks hotel with government officials In Yemen killing dozens!!

Smoke rises following an explosion that hit Hotel al-Qasr where Cabinet members and other government officials are staying, in the southern port city of Aden, Yemen, Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015. Security officials, who work for Yemen's internationally recognized government said three explosions have hit Aden and there are casualties in Tuesday's explosions but they had no specifics or details. (AP Photo/Wael Qubady)

 News reaching us from SANAA, Yemen  says Three explosions struck Yemen's port city of Aden this morning killing dozens, including a blast at a hotel that is home to Cabinet members of the country's exiled government, security officials said. The explosions caused casualties, the officials said but could not provide any precise figures.
The blasts in Aden also targeted troops from the United Arab Emirates, which is part of a Saudi-led coalition battling Yemen's Shiite rebels.
Details were sketchy and there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attacks

Tech news:Benz's self-driving semitruck is now on public roads,soon to be in Lagos high ways!!!

Thanks to Mercedes-Benz, long-haul trucking jobs are about to get real cushy.
Daimler's semitruck, called the Mercedes-Benz Actros, is now making autonomous journeys across Germany's public motorways with its "Highway Autopilot" system, becoming the first series production truck to do so.
If a self-driving truck sounds like the beginning of a sequel to the 1978 film Convoy, don't worry; a person has to remain behind the wheel. However, they will be a very relaxed person.
That's because

Rihanna vow to love Chris Brown till death....could this be true?

....'I'll care about him till the day I die': Rihanna poses for stunning Vanity Fair cover as she reveals she thought she could change Chris Brown,
Rihanna  spoke about how she decided to get back together with rapper Chris Brown after he assaulted her because she thought she could

Meet Covenant Univesity student who is said to be related to Kim Kardashian....could this be true?

Whoa Monalisa! What have you done now?... The star of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ once again debuted a very different facial look in Africa's most popular nation Nigeria,and icon360 is happy to bring it to your notice...like it huh?...sincerely speaking She looks just like the American celeb Kim! What’s going on,MONA?
We cannot get over how much Monalisa, a Covenant University undergraduate student resembles Kim Kardashian, with all sincerity we're still confused and are left with much wonder,our team tried to get intouch with her few days ago,but  all to no avail as she wouldn't want to chat with icon360 crew,but have identified her as "Monalisa"…so we want to ask.....is there more going on here,is she Kim's younger  sister then decided to study in the best School in West Africa or are they cousins or what!?...to get the real gist,pls...

Mother who lost five babies creates heartbreaking and brutally honest documentary about the sheer agony of losing a child

Mother Lisa Nand filmed her miscarriages for National Baby Loss Awareness Day
On what should have been her 12-week scan, Lisa Nand and her husband David, were given the devastating news she had miscarried. The horror of the situation promoted Lisa, then 37, from London, to explore what had happened to her - and why miscarriage is still such a taboo issue. The result is First Heartbeat - a heartbreaking self-filmed documentary about the couple's multiple miscarriages and their roller coaster journey to have a baby. Airing this month, the very personal film follows the pair as they embark on an emotional five-year journey to have a child. Today, they have two beautiful sons - Elliot, 10 months, and three-year-old Sebastian - but it took seven pregnancies and five miscarriages to reach that milestone. The candid documentary follows some of the most upsetting moments that anyone who has suffered one - or multiple - miscarriages can identify with: the agony of living from scan to scan, hoping there is still a heartbeat at each one - and the fear of jinxing everything with thoughts of holding a real, live, baby.
...our heart goes out to her...but we suggest she visit:www.davidoyedepoministries.org this wednesday 6pmCAT for an end to all issues on mis carriages.

Kylie Jenner And Caitlyn Jenner Enjoy An Adorable Early Dinner!..

no title
Just in time for the early bird special!
Even though Caitlyn Jenner lives in Malibu and Kylie Jenner lives in Calabasas, the father and daughter still find time to break bread.
On Monday, the famous pouter posted the (above) pic on Instagram of her and the famed athlete enjoying some lovely one-on-one time!
Both the 18-year-old and the 65-year-old accessorized their chic outfits with big-framed glasses!1
But why did Ky wear blue lipstick?!
She explains in the caption :
"Wearing blue lips today in honor of world bullying prevention. #BlueShirtDay2015#WorldBullyingPreventionDay wear blue and post a pic with the hashtags! Spread love & you will receive. Nothing can be done if we don't do it together!"
We totally support this!
As we reported, the fashion designer says she was bullied ever since she was nine. However, she now uses her celebrity status to bring awareness to these issues, and she tells her millions of followers to spread love, not hate.

...but hey is it supposed to be father and daughter or mother and daughter....you know what i mean??!

Children of PC murdered by burglars in hit-and-run are inconsolable after being told their daddy has 'gone to heaven'

PC David Phillips 'didn't stand a chance' as burglars drove at him in Merseyside
Police constable David Phillips' wife Jennifer and two daughters (above left) have been left devastated after he was run over and killed trying to stop burglars escaping in a stolen car in Wallasey, Merseyside. Abigail, seven, burst into tears after learning her Daddy had gone to heaven, while Sophie, three, is too young to understand what has happened. The 34-year-oldwas described as a tower of strength and a real gentleman by neighbours. While colleagues, who paid their respects at the scene (above, bottom right), said he was a rock and a mentor to young recruits. The chief constable of Merseyside Police said Mr Phillips stood no chance when the Mitsubishi pick-up was driven directly at him in the early hours yesterday.
..may his soul rest in peace.