Monday, January 5, 2015

Ladies fashion:Here's the Top trends for 2015...Dont be leftout

Believe it or not 2015 is our year of heaven on earth and of couse fashion in not left out of it,cos purely for all the fashioners and fashionistas!!
As such clues and what you need concerning All of the most best fashion trends for the year are here courtesy icon360Entertainment world..... Everything from fun sequins with denim jackets to a tailored tuxedo jacket. Big, bold flower prints and daring dots will be popular this year while seasoned favourite monochrome is as popular as ever. Usually a summer staple, the gladiator sandal has has a winter revamp with soaring heels and lacing up to the knee becoming a popular look.
Tailored tuxedos

see all the horror as migrants left to freeze in squalor while traffickers abandoned ship and set vessel on autopilot course for Italy

This grainy photograph - taken on board freighter Blue Sky M - reveals how 796 migrants including women and children were packed together in squalor on the freezing metal floor. It was taken by a 35-year-old Syrian, who claims he paid human traffickers almost £11,000 for himself and his pregnant wife to make the journey from Turkey to Croatia. The nearly 800 migrants had been packed onto the Moldovan-flagged Blue Sky M which was then abandoned at sea by its crew after one of the passengers called emergency services about the horrible conditions on board.According to report, The crew set the ship on autopilot and fled, letting the Italian coastguard pick it up off the coast of Gallipoli

As far as this world is concern, This is the best country in the world to retire to...must read!

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