Sunday, November 1, 2015

What's the difference between these two species?!

Denrere Edun[Nigeria]                                               Caitlyn Jenner[United States]

Exclusive:India is now world's 7th most valued 'nation brand'..see details HERE!

 India has moved up one position to become the world's seventh most valued 'nation brand', with an increase of 32 per cent in its brand value to USD 2.1 billion.
     according to a news report,The US remains on the top with a valuation of USD 19.7 billion, followed by China and Germany at the second and the third positions respectively, as per the annual report on world's most valuable nation brands compiled by Brand Finance.for the rest of the rankings,join us after the jump

Hello CU.,Its ELECTION TIME,who will be your new Leader this time? wisely!

Are you a Fan of these determined Leaders? then vote either AZU or FAD as your new Leader ... Fill in your details below...lolz! 
... well,icon360blog is just using this medium to appreciate these eminent young leaders who has served in their great capacity as Dean of student affairs and Registrar,Covenant University Canaanland Nigeria,it may interest you to know that,the institution just had its 14th Matriculation on Friday,October 2015 with over 2000,undergraduates post graduates respectively,currently,the institution is looking forward to becoming number 10 in the world by 2022!

What Is Wrong With This PHOTO?!...

for those who doesn't know,this is Denrele Edun,Denrele, is a Nigerian television presenter for Channel O. He was also a TV presenter for Soundcity,Born June 13, 1983 (age 32) in Hamburg Germany,graduated from University of Lagos and his Parents are Anita Dhuwantee Atwaroo Edun, Alaba Edun...
...Having given you his data and info,we now want to ask,is it a "SHE" or a "HE"?...has He or She gone for transgender,if yes what's the currrent status,MALE or FEMALE?....pls air your views on Denrele.

Breaking News! something very dangerous is going on at Ibafo,Ogun state right now....Task force pls take note!

 This is currently happening at Mowe, Ibafo in Ogun state right now,and unless task force do something about it,Nigerian may again suffer another devastation to oil explosion. in the news icon360blog gathered that,A fuel tanker suddenly fell early this morning sunday September 1st and residents of Ibafo in Ogu State took to the accident arena to scoop fuel, risking their lives.we're now appealing to JTF to please do something before this community lost their lives.....

see how Prophet T.B Joshua predicted the crash of Russian Plane(video)

Inspirational:97-Year-Old Michigan Woman Finally Gets Her Secondary School Certificates (photos)

...What an inspiring story!!!
According to this amazing report from  the US,A 97-year-old woman has received an honorary diploma from a high school in Michigan, 79 yearsafter she was forced to drop out to care for her sick mother.
Margaret Thome Bekema who would have walked with the Catholic Central High School class of 1936 in Grand Rapids, had to drop out in her junior year to care of her cancer-afflicted mother.
Over the summer, her family contacted the school and shared her story, 'Time' reported

Here's icon360blog's Best food recipe for the month of November...

Roasted Beer-Brined Turkey with Onion Gravy and Bacon

As we already know,Adding Guinness, or any dark wine, to the brine gives the turkey a toasty flavor and helps give the skin a dark brown such icon360blog want to launch you into this sweet month of November with some unique,thus bring to you a special recipe called Roasted Wine-Brined Turkey with Onion Gravy and Bacon,to help you do it at home,we've added ingredients to be used and cooking instructions for your jollification,stay with us for details after the jump...

Chelsea players fight for Mou, but it seems Blues boss is still losing his battle

Mourinho was said to be facing a dismissal if his Blues side lost to Liverpool on Saturday at Stamford Bridge.
unfortunately,Chelsea lost the match 3-1, and now the Daily Mirror says the club are set to swing the axe and get rid of the Special One-Mou!
The paper adds that the only decision left to made is when Roman Abramovich will do it, with some sources suggesting it it’s likely to be before Wednesday’s Champions League clash with Dynamo Kiev.
Mourinho only signed a new contract in August but it includes a clause that says he will get £9.5millon – 12 months salary – if he is sacked by the club. we're asking where is he going after leaving Chelsea?...

Facebook Strives to Bring Cheap Wi-Fi to Rural India

In a bid to boost the government's ambitious 'Digital India' drive, social media giant Facebook has come forward to facilitate state-run BSNL in setting up 100 wi-fi sites in rural areas of western and southern India.
Facebook will spend Rs 5 crore per annum for sponsoring these 100 wi-fi hotspots in the country.
According to editor's report,"Facebook has partnered with BNL to sponsor 100 wi-fi hotspots in villages across west and southern India. They will pay Rs 5 lakh for BSNL bandwidth for each hotspot per annum," BSNL Chairman & MD Anupam Shrivastava told PTI.
According to a recent report,icon360blog learnt the hotspots are being set up by BSNL selected vendor Quad Zen...
"We have already set up 25 hotspots under the agreement. Facebook is only sponsoring them and not taking any revenue share. Quad Zen will set up these hotspots and handle sales. and that,There is revenue share model between BSNL and Quad Zen," Shrivastava said

Awww..that's so nice,see how Sonny Bill Williams gives a beaming fan his world cup winner's medal after the boy was rugby tackled by a security guard for running on the pitch during lap of honour

Sonny Bill Williams gives boy his Rugby World Cup medal after he was tackled
New Zealand star Sonny Bill Williams made a special day for a young fan unforgettable as he approached the boy placing the priceless winning gold medal on his shoulders and engulfing him in a hug (top right). Charlie's eyes are seen to go wide with astonishment (left) as photographers snapped the celebrations after New Zealand's Rugby World Cup victory.
...isn't it inspiring friends?

Beckham sell £3m French villa to help pay for £27m Cotswolds estate(photo)

David and Victoria Beckham sell £3m French villa to pay for £27m Cotswolds estate 
It was an extravagant impulse buy even by Victoria Beckham's standards - snapping up a 200-acre French estate after falling in love with it at first sight. But she and her husband David are rarely seen at the Domaine Saint-Vincent mansion (top right) - and have now decided to put it on the market for £3 million. The couple, pictured (left) in Los Angeles in 2013, made the decision after buying a sprawling £27 million country estate in the Cotswolds (bottom right).
...we love the mansion okay,but try reachout for the needy too....God bless you!

A loving father's life destroyed by child sex abuse lies peddled by his own DAUGHTER,and only freed when his wife turned detective to prove his innocence!!!

Father's life destroyed by child sex abuse lies peddled by his own DAUGHTER
....does it mean the issues about Bill Cosby's rape is also a lie peeps?...cos this is similar!
Five years ago, Geoff Long's (left in right picture) world came crashing down when he found himself standing in the dock at a Crown Court listening to shocking accusations of sexual abuse (inset). And, to his utter disbelief, they were being made by Tina (left), the daughter he had doted on. The evidence seemed so flimsy as to be practically non-existent, yet in 2010 Geoff was convicted and jailed for five years for sexually abusing Tina from the age of eight until she was 16. Only this year was he finally exonerated. His story is one of unfathomable betrayal - it was only when Tina finally confessed in court in January that she had lied that the injustice of his conviction was revealed....
does this look like all that's been said about Bill Cosby is a lie too?...please air your views!

is it true the Russian Boeing was actually shot down by ISIS?...find out here!

Is this video proof ISIS shot down Russian plane killing all 224 on board?
Is this proof ISIS shot down Russian plane killing all 224 on board? Terror group releases chilling video as experts say jet did NOT lodge SOS call or have 'any faults' that would have caused crash...
According to source,the Russian jet which crashed in Sinai killing all 224 people on board did not lodge an SOS call before it hit the ground, it has emerged. Egypt's civil aviation minister Hossam Kamal said there was also not believed to be any faults with the aircraft prior to the crash taking place. It came as harrowing images of the mangled wreckage (centre) were released by the office of Egyptian Prime Minister Sharif Ismail, who visited the crash site in the Sinai Peninsula. Pictures have also emerged of some of those who lost their lives, including Yury Shein with his daughter Anastasia (bottom right), and Tatiana Gromov and her husband Aleksei (top right). Meanwhile, officials have recovered the Airbus A321's black box, which is now being examined by experts to determine the cause of the disaster. The Islamic State group affiliate in Egypt has claimed it downed the aircraft, but has not said how it might have done so, they also released a video claiming to be of the moment the plane was shot down (left) but it cannot be verified.(mailonline)

Videos:Welcome To Sweet November!

Yayyy!!! November is here! Happy New Month Guys…May this be the beginning of the best days of your life..our advice to a cherish viewers like you is to; Forget about the days and night, ups and downs, good and bad of the previous month. Its time to go on and hope for the best.Always look forward towards your future. Fill your eyes and heart with motivation, Push yourself and boosts your capabilities to achieve what you want, May your will gain confidence and believe in what you do,May new month becomes one of the most blessed and happy months for you. In this beautiful month, May its shining lights up every dark corner of our heart, May our all prejudices against each other disappears, May God give us the strength to follow His orders, May peace transcend the earth.
incase you havent,icon360 suggest you watch this movie to see how sweet "NOVEMBER"  really is