Monday, December 5, 2016

UK adopts new visa application procedures for Nigerians!

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Report has it that,Joe Abuku, the commission’s spokesperson, described the new process as a slight change in which “Visa staff now only need electronic versions of support documents.”
The new process, which  took effect from December 5 for customers applying for a UK visa in Lagos, Victoria Island and Ikeja, would bring applicants benefits from digital improvements to the UK visa application process

Madonna Is No longer interested To Be An American find out why!

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Madonna may have just been named Billboard's Woman of the Year, but that doesn't mean her 2016 played out exactly as she pictured it.
Not only did she lose a close friend in Prince over the course of the last 12 months… she says she actually experienced another death when Donald Trump somehow managed to win the Presidential election. 
In a sit-down interview with Elizabeth Banks for Billboard Magazine out Monday, Madonna singer opened up about

MMM Nigeria To Be Shut Down Before Christmas by FG,could this be true people??!...

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The Federal Government of Nigeria has initiated moves to shut down MMM operations in Nigeria. sadly enough its designed to take effect before christmas!!!See why in details Below.

Man U Fan or Chelsea?....Woman in crowd got tickets to wrong match... just take a look

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Does it really matter people?.....
It doesn't matter whether you prioritise style, warmth or fashion - the general rule is to try and at least avoid wearing any rival teams' colours. 
Which is why it came as quite a shock when one football fan was spotted on the live coverage of Everton's draw with Manchester United sporting a bright white jacket - with a big Chelsea logo stuck on it.
People on Twitter noticed it instantly and people seemed very confused,i hope you are.....
well emm...the the issue here is.... ,i think,the lady has forgotten that Mourinho has left chelsea for Man U and bcos love is blind,she went all the way to watch Man U match with Chelsea Jacket
.....better luck next time honey
by the way,what would you do if you find yourself in this type of situation during a wedding? send in your views please

catch the fever with EUBER ANGEL RIGHT NOW!!!

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Those who have questions on the whether or not God still show wonders please watch this and ...Catch the fever!!!