Friday, October 2, 2015

Kourtney Kardashian seriously pissed after Scott Disick was spotted Partying ALL Night with one babe!

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While both Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are getting on with their lives following their split, it seems one of them is moving on… romantically.
Yes, unsurprisingly, that would be Lord D.
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The 32-year-old is back to his old partying ways in NYC, reportedly out until 6 a.m., aka the wee hours of Thursday morning.
He wasn't alone though.
Scott was spotted with a leggy mystery blonde apparently throughout the entire night. First, they left the Trump Soho hotel on Wednesday afternoon, before going to a local bar (you can see a shot of them above) with a large group of friends, a house party, 1Oak nightclub, and eventually, Soho House.
It was at 1Oak that a source witnessed
"They were hanging out in

"My advice for every Nigerian youth is to imbibe the ‘Charlie Boy philosophy’-charlie boy!

Charlie Boy, on Thursday, urged Nigerian youths to imbibe self dependence and hard work as virtues to secure the change they so much desired.
According to him, after 55 years of independence, Nigeria as a nation is still economically and politically dependent, and this is reflecting in the youth’s attitude to life.
He said "it is now 55 years since we gained independence as a nation. My serious concern is the youth who are said to be the future leaders. They are yet to see life with the attitude of true independence.
"They still look on government, their parents and Nigeria for everything, and the change they so much desire cannot come that way

Video: All I want about gun law is 'Common Sense' Gun-Obama After Oregon School Shooting yesterday that left 10 people dead

We still cannot believe that there's been yet another mass shooting in America.
President Barack Obama addressed the nation Thursday afternoon after a 26-year-old gunman opened fire at Umpqua Community College leaving at least 10 dead.
In his speech

Here's a Snippet From Beyonce Show! ....see photos

Beyoncé just looooooooves doing things unannounced.
The pop powerhouse put on a secret show in Las Vegas on Wednesday night, and the internet lost its chill! The 34-year-old took the stage at the Palms Casino Resort for a private performance, and naturally she was ***Flawless!
Queen Bey did her thing for a tech event in Sin City, and rumor has it she pocketed a few million for the show-stopping set! Talk about shaking her moneymaker! LOL!

Read this story and see,you'll be shocked at what this woman did because of money!

How very Psycho of her…
A 60-year-old woman just admitted to keeping her 93-year-old mother's dead body for more than a year just to collect her Social Security checks!
Mary Kersting plead guilty in an Upstate New York court on Tuesday after Police say she kept over

photo of the day!

Wow! Rick Owens sends his models down like this?!

Leave it to Rick Owens to make Paris Fashion Week all about his own show. Again!
In case you don't remember, it was just at his menswear presentation this year that the designer sent flopping penises down the runway.
Yeah. Cue the jaw dropping!
This time though, his RTW Spring 2016 collection was way more suitable for work — except he decided it was a good idea to have models literally wearing other models as they hit the catwalk.
And if that wasn't weird enough, these models were being worn like backpacks with some strapped across the back, and some the front.
Either way, it was super distracting!
Were they going to fall? What happens when all the blood rushes to their heads??
Everything ended up being fine, but we'll forever have these images ingrained in our brains.

must watch video! one man that walks in the air like Jesus did when He walked on waters while on earth

He claims this footage is proof he can 'walk on air'Back on solid ground 
Seeing may be believing, but few would be fooled into thinking this video captures a miracle.
Controversial Zimbabwe prophet Shepherd Bushiri claims this footage is proof that he can 'walk on air.' 
The Christian preacher, who has 239,000 followers on Facebook and another 13,000 on Twitter, is part of the Enlightened Christian Gathering has been mocked in the past for several reasons,but this time,After previously being labeled a fake, he invited cameras into his home to prove he can float or walk on the air.The footage starts with Bushiri - his arms held aloft - walking down the staircase

War against ISIS:Iran and Hezbollah prepare major offensive in Syria with air support from Moscow's bombers

Vladimir Putin signs decree drafting 150,000 conscripts into the Russian military
The timing of the move, on the very day Russia entered the Syrian conflict yesterday, will raise suspicions the Russian President (top right) is planning a wider offensive to prop up his Syrian counterpart. It also comes after one of Putin's staunchest allies called on him to send in Muslim ground troops to defeat the Islamic State and other extremist groups

Back to Garden of Eden:Naked tennis players fight plans for apartment complex that would directly overlook their courts (photos)

Naturists fight plans for new homes overlooking their five-acre complex
The White House Club (bottom right) in Warlingham, Surrey, hosts 300 enthusiastic naturists (left and top right) including tennis players who love to knock-up in the nude. But they claims a proposed flat complex on a nearby road would make players perfectly visible - with even more startling views from the rooftop. The five-acre naturist paradise includes a dance floor, gym, bar and swimming pool. It even comes complete with a children's playground for nature-loving kids. The club has a membership ranging from

Man'shoots himself dead' at his country home over £5million debt

Charles Cole who built an 84 property lettings empire shoots himself dead
A businessman who was left £5million in debt after building up an 84-property lettings empire is believed to have shot himself dead at his country manor (pictured right). Charles Cole (left, with his wife Iona), 50, was found by police in the grounds of the family seat ten days ago after concerns were raised for his welfare. The father of four, was said to had been saddled with the debt following a disastrous overseas property investment in 2007, but had launched an upmarket camping business from the manor house earlier this year which appeared to be successful.

flashback:Here's Tony Blair's astonishing message during phone call to Colonel Gaddafi just before he was overthrown

Tony Blair's phonecall to Colonel Gaddafi just before he was overthrown
......'If you have a safe place to go, go there': Tony Blair's astonishing message during phone call to Colonel Gaddafi just before he was overthrown by Libyan rebels
He was a brutal dictator who executed his enemies and butchered his own people - but when Libya was about to be freed from the clutches of Muammar Gaddafi (pictured bottom right when he was captured by rebels), Tony Blair's surprising concern was the welfare of the tyrant (pictured left and top right). In an astonishing intervention, Mr Blair called Gaddafi and told him: 'If you have a safe place to go then you should go there'...unfortunately he couldnt make it